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Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
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428 megjegyzés
Play Day 2 (CZ) 2016. máj. 30., 4:45 
CoS 2016. márc. 29., 9:15 
Awesome game :O
Donia <3 2015. márc. 26., 10:34 
gz :)
Lightninman 2014. jan. 22., 20:10 
Yes. Just yes. Buying it as soon as I can.
sayler_ 2013. nov. 19., 10:49 
awesome! its one store now. i bought it on Groupees Be Mine 9 so hope we'll get steam keys soon.
Muffel 2013. nov. 19., 10:11 
Weeee, congrats!
Invader_Sigma 2013. nov. 14., 14:02 
Hot damn, congratulations you guys! You really deserve it!! :)
Dead_Parrot 2013. nov. 9., 8:17 
So glad this game finally got Greenlit, congrats guys I look forward to release.
tyr 2013. nov. 1., 13:36 
Great news. Congratulations. :)
Kalandir 2013. okt. 30., 16:23 
There aren't enough words and phrases in English to say, "congratulations," as many times and in as many ways as you deserve this. Your game is excellent, and your post launch support has been strong. Good luck with your new audience!
sɹɐʎA xɘlA 2013. okt. 29., 20:22 
Congrats E.C.!
Troll 2013. okt. 29., 13:29 
Congratulations on getting greenlit, the game deserves it.
bar.pys 2013. okt. 29., 12:35 
congratulations!!! :D
Azrael 2013. okt. 29., 12:33 
Congrats! :D:
Kidpanda 2013. okt. 27., 16:59 
Awesome game!
crypto-moon 2013. okt. 27., 5:16 
Come on get green lighted!
bun 2013. okt. 24., 10:00 
is it possible for humble store purchases to get the novel or ost
Black007pl 2013. okt. 22., 1:49 
Space RPG, what else need to be said?
Dragonorder18 2013. okt. 20., 13:55 
This is one of the games I've been waiting for and watching for, ever since I used to play Escape Velocity. I hope they can get it to steam so I can download and play with friends!
memoz 2013. okt. 19., 21:59 
Very promising story arc and gameplay! I like it when every shooting has it's own meaning. There may be a lot of shooting, but it doesn't feel repetitive. I've just finished the campaign and 3/4 through the novel. @Nero has been an adorable and indispensable companion(my favourite character). You guys should really be proud of yourselves. Keep it up! Eagerly looking forward to what happens next. Oh, and I forgot to mention the you-don't-want-to-miss OST.
Frank Wuggles 2013. okt. 18., 20:45 
This game does basically everything right.
bun 2013. okt. 18., 5:35 
add me to friend list if u want to do multiplayer
triplebtitles  [készítő] 2013. okt. 16., 14:37 
@Hellcat Unfortunately, some of the advanced shaders used in the game don't play well with older integrated video cards. We might be able to help you if you come over to our technical forums: http://ringrunner.forumotion.com/f4-technical-support

Hope we can help you and get you exploring the stars soon! :)
Nero 2013. okt. 16., 13:11 

Really sorry to hear that you are having problems with the installer. If you would swing by our technical support forums, we will gladly try to help get the problem resolved. Unfortunately, if your computer fails to meet the minimum requirements for the XNA framework, it isn't a problem we can fix. It is almost certainly due to the video card and could possibly have a workaround depending on other variables.
The Real HELLCAT 2013. okt. 16., 12:43 
What this game needs is to actually beeing made working.
Got it off IndieGameStand and payed way above average because I thought the devs deserve it.
What I got? An installer that complains about XNA HiDef not beeing supported while every other game I have works perfectly fine. Money perfectly wasted, taking back my vote.
Yogofu 2013. okt. 16., 10:43 
it needs to be on steam! gogogogo :D
Katphood 2013. okt. 16., 0:55 
Got this awesome game from IGS. Hope it will be greenlit soon. Also, achievements aren't necessary but they will be a great addition to this game.
default_loser 2013. okt. 15., 18:06 
Just got this from IGS, and I'm really impressed. Everything in it just oozes effort, love, and polish. This totally deserves the exposure Steam would get you. Best of luck!
Ego Tempest 2013. okt. 15., 17:17 
Got mine on Groupees a while ago....but yeah saw it on Indi Gamestand, pitty would have liked it in my game wallet.:postcardf::postcardb:
hjwarnes 2013. okt. 15., 10:29 
Just got this game on Indiegamestand- well worth the money and please help greenlight it!:D:
~VVG~Shinjorai 2013. okt. 15., 10:13 
Been playing this a while, really great game. The storys great and the games a lot of fun as well. Do yourself a favor, vote yes and check the game out. This game more than deserves to be on steam.
Kruez 2013. okt. 15., 9:20 
game is on indiegamestand at the moment, just bought it - well worth the money
spider wisdom 2013. okt. 15., 7:37 
Don't know how I missed the Kickstarter, and in my town to boot! I'm on board with this.
DaHeiRenX 2013. okt. 15., 6:38 
It's gotta be said, the BGM in the trailer is damned good,
Katphood 2013. okt. 15., 1:38 
Now is the chance ya'll! :)
okeeee 2013. okt. 14., 11:58 
Played this in its alpha and was immersed immediately. Lots of depth in story and gamesplay. Something I've never witnessed in a spaceshooter. I love the rpg elements that are woven in!
bun 2013. okt. 14., 7:59 
i will like to say thank you to the 2 developers for this game after my one week of play.
I am a fan of Macross, Gundam. Its a dream come true game.

I also hope we could control a crusier size ship, each player with one turret. Maybe i have not unlock that ship yet because i have 40% more to go for the campaign.
Local coop max 2 player?
4 players with a large size ship is cool.
Thumbs up. anyone looking for multiplayer pls add me to friend list.
Thx also for supporting drm-free.
triplebtitles  [készítő] 2013. okt. 13., 16:27 
@Phil Thanks for the fantastic comment! Really glad we could turn you on to some of the fun of space shooters! ;)
Phil'd With Malice 2013. okt. 12., 20:57 
I've been playing this from my Desura version. Oh my word is this awesome. I'm not a big fan of this style space shooter, but this game made me a convert. The design and the level of polish here is staggering. I cannot recommend this title enough even if you have to buy it through Desura.

If it hits Steam, I'll most likely buy it a second time as the devs have made a game worthy of me buying a copy for each gaming capable computer I own.
haekel 2013. okt. 11., 12:00 
Looks interesting and polished! Will wait for a linux version though.
Nanako =^.^= 2013. okt. 10., 7:35 
i find the fighter controls to be quite unique and memorable. Fighterships get a barrel roll button for instant direction changing, a shortrange blink for dodging stuff, and an instant stop/brake.
triplebtitles  [készítő] 2013. okt. 9., 11:27 
@bun Thanks for the kind words! This is the first game my brother and I make, so it's been tough getting the word out, but hopefully we'll be Greenlit in a couple of months. ;)
bun 2013. okt. 9., 11:23 
why isnt this game get greenlight yet? i guess not many pple know about yr game. i only get to know it when i search the humble store gamelist.
bun 2013. okt. 9., 11:18 
this is one of the best space games that have tons of features. Been playing alot but still cant find anyone online even in different regions
jongizombie 2013. okt. 7., 10:53 
Looks amazing
Shady Yoga Instructor 2013. okt. 5., 21:19 
ITS INCREDIBLE <33333333333333333
The writing is witty and fun while the combat is slick and quick.
Not to mention the range of options is cray cray ^o^
Адиль Жалелов 2013. okt. 3., 21:36 
looks so unusual and interesting, seems to be a nice game
Invader_Sigma 2013. okt. 3., 1:26 
I heard about the not-on-steam sale earlier today and was idly wondering if you guys had gotten in on that action. I'm glad to hear you did -- here's to hoping it was a real boost to your sales!
Atari Adam 2013. okt. 3., 0:27 
I like the idea of customizing your ship to your play style. The single player campaign and local co-op interest me the most. Good Luck!
metalders 2013. okt. 2., 21:39 
Personally I don't really like MOBAs, but the Single Campaign part caught me. :B1: