The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Crimes against Nature 5.1.1
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Nerd Boi 17 czerwca o 17:42 
Tabby (Sunquad Quitib) 16 czerwca o 16:16
Blazer Fury 3 czerwca o 7:53

for the pony fans i managed to find this
Sonicexededgod 2 czerwca o 20:46 
김딱직 2 czerwca o 0:39 
Spacecoretardis 25 maja o 18:28 
What ever happened to the Vault-tec balloon mod?
Blazer Fury 14 maja o 16:43 
is it possible to take the bat-pony wings, apply them to the unfortunate khajiit, and make a bat race?
Dashie~ 27 kwietnia o 18:04 
I supposes I should ask as well; Do the pony model meshes support skelital scaleing?
Dashie~ 26 kwietnia o 19:13 
Hey man
Love the mod

I just want to note a few small sugestions--- please dont feel obligated, like their "demands"-- their just things I'd enjoy seeing implimented, if you agree on their idea (all are related to pony race)

1 so far you have a lot of the main pony races; Have you considered adding Changelings too?

2 mane/tail color customization is semi limited; is it possable to maybe allow us to pick multipul colors; instead of the current 1?

3 (this is more of a personal pet peve)- the tail appears to be comming out of the ass; instead of from the tail bone- its also limp with minimal form. I hope we can get a more "pony-like" tail going soon

Please lemme know what you think, And thank you again for the mod.
happypandaman101010 16 marca o 21:34 
pls help
happypandaman101010 16 marca o 21:34 
this didnt work i disd everything but no new races popped up
FOOTBALL (Mannco.Trade) 2 marca o 5:06 
whoever made this is a god
FancyPants  [autor] 6 lutego o 16:04 
The vanilla skeletons plugin is no longer supported or necessary.
Caralamelia 5 lutego o 20:17 
What happened to the practical skeletons addon for this?, cant find it anywere
Goodra 31 stycznia o 0:49 
do you plan on adding the princesses and chrysalis to the pony race?
Blazer Fury 24 stycznia o 18:38 
nvm, i was stupid. its working now, i like the new update too, i love the flat hair style for the ponies by the way.
FancyPants  [autor] 24 stycznia o 17:08 
Yeah, you totally need to pay. No money? No download. So pay up, scrub.
rooiy 22 stycznia o 2:35 
what happened to obama clone
Monster Energy 18 stycznia o 22:11 
Best mod to ever exist, just ever, this is truly the peak of gaming. We have reached a new high in gaming technology. This is some cutting edge shit we're talking here, this will change your life for the better in every way.
York 18 stycznia o 8:38 
This is fucking incredible.
LazyDew 17 stycznia o 17:26 
Ok thanks Fancydick.
FancyPants  [autor] 17 stycznia o 14:45 
No, this won't run on your shitty no-name brand BlackBerry. Get a beefy desktop rig you scrub.
LazyDew 16 stycznia o 7:21 
Will this mod run on a GPD Win?
Iamskri [durex condom] 4 stycznia o 13:59 
wtf is that pony thing on the profile jesus fuck
monkeymantis00 29 grudnia 2017 o 8:37 
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 12:40 
it did work. thank you! and happy early new year!
FancyPants  [autor] 27 grudnia 2017 o 12:36 
Yes, or beg him to fix them.
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 12:29 
so just remove all of his mods?
FancyPants  [autor] 27 grudnia 2017 o 12:19 
Then that's the cause. That dingus needs to pack up his mods properly.
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 12:15 
ya im using all of his i think
FancyPants  [autor] 27 grudnia 2017 o 12:13 
Those are definitely the old textures. The UV doesn't match the new mesh. Are you using any of flamerunner's mods? He's a bit of an idiot and packs old versions of this mod's files into his own plugins.
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 11:50 
ok its in my screen shots. i dont know if thats clear enough if not ill take another
FancyPants  [autor] 27 grudnia 2017 o 11:47 
Your character, in-game.
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 11:47 
of my char right or the files XD
FancyPants  [autor] 27 grudnia 2017 o 11:37 
Try taking a screenshot, I'll have a better idea of what's going on.
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 11:29 
the 1 custom file isnt there. CAN is outside the tex and mesh folders. i tried too redownload them earlier off of nexus and get red of the one on steam too see if anything would change but only my char has a messed up nose.
FancyPants  [autor] 27 grudnia 2017 o 11:17 
Delete everything in theses two folders:
Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\1Custom\Crimes Against Nature\
Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Textures\1Custom\Crimes Against Nature\
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 10:43 
and where would i go about finding all these files?
FancyPants  [autor] 27 grudnia 2017 o 10:34 
You probably have loose files from before 5.0. The head mesh was changed significantly since then. You'll need to delete them.
CyberLyra 27 grudnia 2017 o 9:45 
ok my ponies nose is off center is there something im doing wrong?
waterworrier 21 grudnia 2017 o 8:52 
@Merry. Kind of interesting considering there's someone complaining about it still happening just yesterday. I had already edited the version I downloaded from the Nexus to remove that anyway, so I don't even have to bother with the steam version.
LazyDew 21 grudnia 2017 o 2:50 
@waterworrier Yeah he did. Now you can worry about water again.
waterworrier 20 grudnia 2017 o 19:02 
@Merry. Oh? So he actually did remove the collapsing and shitting everywhere thing from the normal ponies? Since I never had or cared about Pony Scrolls, that means nothing to me.
LazyDew 20 grudnia 2017 o 18:56 
@waterworrier The Pony race is still available in the menu. The Phony is just an additional race in 5.0. There aren't any false impressions there, just a broken Pony mod that just got unbroken.
waterworrier 20 grudnia 2017 o 18:13 
All the more reason for everyone that is here for the ponies to simply abandon this mod. Unsubscribe and downvote it since it's giving a false impression that this is a good mod to any newcomer looking for a pony character.
FancyPants  [autor] 20 grudnia 2017 o 17:46 
Gray 20 grudnia 2017 o 2:10 
DeadLoyalty 19 grudnia 2017 o 2:35 
So when does this stop being a troll mod btw?
FancyPants  [autor] 16 grudnia 2017 o 19:19 
Update 5.1.1
A pre-emptive update for the Pony Scrolls fix. You might have to swap your race using the customizer again.
Elliot 14 grudnia 2017 o 20:48