Portal 2
Greedo Slime 004
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(IC) Greedo 2  [autor] 13 lipca 2013 o 6:01 
"I saw you could just portal up!"

Yeah, that spot has always been a flaw in this test chamber. I've only avoided fixing it because it happens so early in the map and it's almost as quick to get past that part doing it the legit way as it is to glitch it. That being said, your grating idea was perfect! I went ahead and added a grate there, did some playtesting, and decided it works as inteded now. Thanks for the idea!
EvilHeavy™ 12 lipca 2013 o 23:51 
Oh greedo you know how to push my buttons! (waitwhat!?) Anyways, the first blue goo puzzle, might wanna modify that slightly. I saw you could just portal up! Perhaps some grating there...
(IC) Greedo 2  [autor] 2 stycznia 2013 o 19:09 
Porco Rosso 2 stycznia 2013 o 18:40 
Vraiment original !, ça vaut le coup :D
Avatar 10 października 2012 o 17:32 
Good job. I built one using the painting technique call "Paint your House". These are fun to do.
mausilibaer 9 października 2012 o 4:59 
Nice and easy one. Thanks.
DocWibbleyWobbley 9 października 2012 o 1:57 
I'm not sure about the solution you intended but i used momentum to get to the cube in the white gel room. As always nice work.
(IC) Greedo 2  [autor] 7 października 2012 o 19:30 
Sorry about that. One of the reasons I make maps that are easy or intermediate is because I hate it when I'm playing someone else's puzzle and I can't figure it out and it feels like it's broken and I'm wasting my time. I don't want any of my maps to annoy people. I like maps that are funny or creative or clever, not frustrating.

Some help with the white goo room : walk around the room and hit each button. Take note as to which panel that button activates (I angled them so you'll be facing in the correct direction when you hit the button). If you do them in order, it will get you in position to portal to the room in the upper corner with the cube. The only tricky one is the button that's on the platform just out of reach. Send some white paint up there so you can get up there to hit that button and you're good.
Jacktj 7 października 2012 o 19:14 
Sorry I did not like this test only because of the room with the white gel never could get to the room at the top played for about 3 hours so i nocliped it.