Portal 2
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Metzger Ben | GER 2012. nov. 16., 0:26 
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. nov. 12., 6:57 
Glad you enjoyed it. This is still my favorite map (of my own maps). Thanks for testing!
Innocentive 2012. nov. 12., 6:53 
Quality puzzle here. Loved the fizzler part in the end. Thanks a lot for this map!
Leo 2012. okt. 19., 12:08 
I did not change much at the concept, 99% is in order to make it more comfortable and therefore fun. I watched many first-try demos from different players and adjusted so many little details again and again. =) And often I have improvements in mind before I fall asleep, which I work in the next day hehe.
Geneosis 2012. okt. 19., 9:54 
Yeah... I use to think my maps a lot before building them, so there is usually only a few changes (exploit fixes) to do after that ;)
There is only 1 map that I completely redisigned like 3 times, but some recent update completely broke the mechanism I used in it ^^"
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 19., 9:32 
:P I guess it depends on how many times you change your mind about things :D
Geneosis 2012. okt. 19., 3:59 
Lol, my map with the most high number of revisions is only like 10... If you don't count the reupload without modifications in order to fix some workshop bug :p
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 19., 2:12 
Hehe, maybe 15 is not so bad then :P
Leo 2012. okt. 19., 1:57 
Haha I am at revision #35 for my franken map ^^ (at the moment)
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 18., 15:14 
Fixed. The wall is no longer white! Wow, Revision nr 15! I have changed this map too many times :P But I think it is finished now! Until I think of something else to change...
Geneosis 2012. okt. 18., 14:28 
Agree for the white wall : I used the fizzler both time in fact :p

And about franken cubes... Well I suppose you will hate my map Franken Temple XD
(But I'm not sure this map is still alive... Seems that some workshop bugs broke it...)

PS : Added Leo's map to my list, will play it later cause it's late for me now :p
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 18., 14:23 
Thank you, I'm happy you liked it.

Leo: I think that franken cubes are evil and should be imprisoned at all times! (Your map had nice franken cubes though, I guess they are not all evil)
You are right, that was/is kind of a funny element. I will make it non-portable again.

Geneosis: Exactly what I always was aiming for, cleverness is key for this map, not skill.
Leo 2012. okt. 18., 14:07 
Loved the improvements! It is so transparent now and the jumps are much easier to execute. Very good map now, nice focus on thinking-challange, I can highly recommend it. :)

However... well.... I felt a bit sorry for the Franken-cubes xD

In front of the final fizzler you could remove the wall portable face again, because I think it was quite nice that you had to remove your portal with the fizzler in order to place the cube on the portable face on the floor. But you can just keep it as it ist. Great! 10/10
Geneosis 2012. okt. 18., 14:05 
Ok, did it ^^ So the portal twists were a bit more tricky than before :p I got it quickly because I already played the first version of the map so I had part of the idea, but I suppose it may be harder at first try ;)
Oh and as the old shortly times solution is no longer there, there is no more skill problem in this map :p Only clever thinking with momentum!
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 18., 11:29 
Hehe ok :P then get to it and tell me what you think. This should at least make it a medium+
Geneosis 2012. okt. 18., 11:08 
Hem I din't even tried the map again XD I just wanted to be sure that I understood what you tried to do in the map ;)
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 18., 9:39 
And yes sure. I think it's more challanging without the timer.
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 18., 9:12 
Yes hmm sounds like I made a mistake when you said it like that.
It should add at least 2 steps to the solution.
Geneosis 2012. okt. 18., 8:42 
Well so the last version is supposed to be more challenging right?
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 17., 17:12 
Revision 12. Just made it a little better.
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 17., 16:57 
I can not believe I added that stupid timer button. That completely ruined my whole idea for this map :P I just started to make changes and lost my mind. Temporary insanity.
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 17., 16:47 
Now I rebuilt this map again (revision 11). I had completly ruined my original idea which was beautiful. Thank you Geneosis for helping me realize what I had turned this map into.

Now this map is back on track. Please try it again.
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 17., 12:46 
You are right, the more I think about it I realize that this map is definitly a medium. There is no real twist that makes it hard.
Geneosis 2012. okt. 17., 12:09 
If you talk about placing a cube on a normal button to keep it activated, yeah I consider that as basic X) And for the rest it was just some regular logic : understand what is linked to what, understand what you should do first, think about a way to place your portals where you need them, etc...
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 17., 11:53 
I see your point, cube on button deactivates fizzler, it is kind of basic :P
Geneosis 2012. okt. 17., 11:51 
Hmmm, with my level of knowlege in Portal 2 I think it was medium level, so you need to think about it a bit but nothing is really hard to find ^^
Anyway, for a newcommer, this may be a hard map as you need to understand exactly how works momentum conservation through portals ;)
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 17., 11:41 
Yes that is exactly the solution that I intended. You are right, you have to be quick. I could add 1 sec or 2. I'll think about it.

How long did it take you to solve it? Would you say that it is medium or hard? I would love it if you said hard but I have no idea, since I built it I cant tell how difficult it is.
Geneosis 2012. okt. 17., 11:35 
Hmmm, maybe I did it wrong? My solution was :
After placing the 2 cubes on the 2 buttons that open the exit, activate the pedestal button with the timer to off the fizzler, place a portal on the floor and the other at the bottom of the pit, fly through to reach the floor button linked to the second fizzler, walk on it and fire the portal that is not in the pit on the floor surface the most close to the exit, run and jump in the pit again from where you are, then you have enough height to portal on the wall of the exit ;)
NiclO (- - )  [készítő] 2012. okt. 17., 11:28 
Thank you! Yes I had it longer at first but when you know what to do you dont need more than 7 sec :D
Geneosis 2012. okt. 17., 11:09 
Nice momentum conservation map ^^ The timer linked to the fizzler was really really short to perform the last jump X) But I did it anyway ;)
Leo 2012. szept. 15., 9:25 
good map!