Portal 2
The Secret Level
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Petutski 18 бер о 2:48 
Great map! For a while I really thought it was impossible. But then wham! I it is really simple to get the first cube into the second room with a momentum leap. From then on tricky but fun! Thanks! Took the secret companion cube to the exit to be fizzled.
Spaceminnow 18 жов 2015 о 19:01 
I found the secret level :) Lots of space for one companion cube.
bigmontana 2 вер 2015 о 12:41 
Ok so by secret level you mean the room with the companion cube? It took me a while to figure out the key was based on reflexes, unlike your other maps. It was a bit fustrating that I had to keep restarting the level if I didn't do the 2 cubes in the second room just right
SkyRoots 23 лис 2012 о 0:24 
I completely agree with [GWJ] kexx!

I loved the puzzle-in-puzzle decision! Just knowing that there is a secret room allows the player to work backwards (like I did) to eventually find it. I actually enjoyed the secret room logic backtracking.

After dropping to the second room, the toughest part for me was getting the first cube again after realizing that I needed it to eventually get to the secret room .

Oh, and I really loved the puzzle in the large exit room with the reflection cubes! Awesome!

Why does this level only have 25 ratings? More people should play this one!
Kexx 11 жов 2012 о 23:40 
This is what I call an easter egg. Very nicely done, man! Yes, the puzzles to solve the chamber are simple and straight forward, but the puzzles to get the secret room are hard and complex. You truly have hidden a puzzle within a puzzle, and I commend you for that. I've toyed with easter eggs before, but this is a nice approach to it. Definitely a great map.

Ignore those who think the map is incomplete or with unnecessary elements. They believe so because they, obviously, haven't found the secret room. You need all elements to find it. Nicely done man. I'm favoriting this one.
NyanNyanKoneko 11 жов 2012 о 15:11 
Well, it's a good map, but unnecessary puzzles are a bit confounding.
Barbos  [автор] 3 жов 2012 о 10:31 
Well i see there was not a good decision to hide "puzzle in puzzle", or maybe not so good realization..
triplekill 17 вер 2012 о 17:10 
good puzzle, nice map design
rini 15 вер 2012 о 13:26 
Ok last part of the test was hard but you got a lot extra stuff there that it is so easy if you see it. You give the test taker 3 cubes when only on is need. that last part just tells me this test is not finished. props on abuesing the propertys of the portle the test just has to many loose end for me to fully see it as good.
rini 15 вер 2012 о 12:59 
I take it this level is not complet not becuase of the extra test but becuase you can loose prat of the test-the 2nd cube. pro test man would like to see the full thing. so going to play the holething. I like test that are hard keep them coming.
beltran63 15 вер 2012 о 11:49 
Got it, thanks. Amazing level.
Barbos  [автор] 14 вер 2012 о 21:58 
2 belttran63
i don't wan't player to solve ALL the puzzles in this chamber, because i think they are too hard. That's why i left the door unlocked :) But if you solve them, u will be rewarded.

2 mikemoody
u solve it as it was intended, try to solve all the puzzles and find the secret :)
beltran63 14 вер 2012 о 21:15 
The door isent locked. Once you get into the tractor beam after the light bridge you can just take it all the way in.
mikemoody 14 вер 2012 о 20:49 
Easy to get the cube and kill the turrent. After shooting a portal for the laser emitter, then a portal at the light bridge, I just climbed across the light bridge and shot a portal for the laser catcher and jumped in the tractor beam. HOOAH I was there. Nice one. I think I did it an easy way, tell me if I did. The map looks bigger.