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DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale
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Komentarzy: 110
Brian_Farnet 23 stycznia 2015 o 5:13 
This is the best game that DIDN'T get the greenlight
Zowieanna Zanthia 8 stycznia 2015 o 19:21 
Voted yes, Goodluck :luck::violettOK:
foofaraw 8 stycznia 2015 o 16:16 
People I respect say this is exceptional, and I like the type. If the price is fair, i WILL buy. THANKS!
httpERROR404 27 listopada 2014 o 11:45 
hola hola get ebola 15 października 2014 o 6:05 
WanderRook 🅷🆀 24 września 2014 o 12:32 
Voted +1 yes, want this game ;) :DSABarbarianSword:
danalyze 18 września 2014 o 17:05 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through Groupees's ShinyLoot Bundle 7.Best wishes!
WFeszter 6 sierpnia 2014 o 3:57 
Choper 25 lipca 2014 o 17:53 
Brian_Farnet 18 lipca 2014 o 3:05 
It's crazy that this hasn't been Greenlit already.
AdrianG 27 czerwca 2014 o 16:46 
I'm not compelled to buy it, but wanted to post feedback as I'm very much a fan of independant publishing in general. I'd never heard of "DROD" before and didn't get much of a feeling for what the appeal and challenge is after looking through the stills on Steam, or the content on the web site linked to at the end of the game description. I'm intrigued enough that I might try to find a lets-play vid of an earlier DROD game but wanted to post comment without 3rd party influence yet. I'd recommend adding a video with a few minutes of consecutive game play that better demonstrates what a "resource management" game is.
alexxx19 21 czerwca 2014 o 2:26 
it seems very fun!
Axein Daskull 20 czerwca 2014 o 18:25 
not my cup of tea but hey to all who want it go ahead and vote yeah =p
Kitona 7 czerwca 2014 o 22:50 
Classic and also looks like fun!
X Marks The Spot 4 maja 2014 o 13:34 
Greenlight it!
dathompson 4 maja 2014 o 2:27 
Weakest DROD game but still fun.
kalirion 18 kwietnia 2014 o 14:38 
Wait, how did I not vote for this game yet???
Brian_Farnet 9 kwietnia 2014 o 11:35 
It's insane that this hasn't got the green light yet.
ginokill 8 marca 2014 o 5:16 
8 bit forever
`paNix 8 lutego 2014 o 17:39 
Krasses ding
fJkE 5 lutego 2014 o 14:56 
good game
Nolanski1 1 lutego 2014 o 17:52 
Simple, yet brain testing, I want it.
WarWick 14 stycznia 2014 o 4:35 
This looks like it was made in gamemaker
Grandmaster Ruckus 30 grudnia 2013 o 16:19 
Looks cool
Hippo[히포] 29 grudnia 2013 o 19:50 
umm i like it!
Fluttervi 21 grudnia 2013 o 16:43 
Have always been a fan of their games and think they are very original and brain taxing, I love them.
mertalo 11 grudnia 2013 o 20:42 
Одна из лучших игр-головоломок. И совсем не рпг кстати!
russonc 10 grudnia 2013 o 18:35 
Own most of the series direct...great fun and would love to add them to Steam
42 6 grudnia 2013 o 11:06 
что такое с мечом главного героя???? почему на картинке с права он похож на столовый нож для сыра (привет Хоббит), а в ире он наверное длинее чем сам герой.
разработчик, ты хоть видел как он орудует мечом, да там даже нету никакой анимации, просто звуки и кровь.
а так очень забавная штука, желаю разработчику удачи!!! :d2puck:
RibsGrowBack 17 listopada 2013 o 8:52 
looks like the old pokemon and worse im giving this a pass sry other game look so much better like the old pokemon
syky_finisher 9 listopada 2013 o 16:03 
I think, DROD is worth it!
Tommy 9 listopada 2013 o 2:45 
This game is totally have to be on Steam too!!
desolation0 3 listopada 2013 o 17:13 
I'd be more interested if the character art for the main guy didn't look so terrible. Gunthro sold me on the gameplay, that it's done well and thoughtfully, and I voted for that game. I'm still not voting for this version even though I realize it would be an easy mod to fix. I'd have voted for either a long while ago, but honestly the box art on this one kept me from even looking at them closely. If my attitude is common, it may be a contributing factor to why neither has gotten through Greenlight yet, though hardly much to do about it at this point. Fugly shade of yellow.
Whiterabbit-uk 24 października 2013 o 21:23 
All of the DROD games should be on Steam. Can't believe they aren't already. Been playing some these games since I purchased them several years ago via the now defunct Direct to Drive (bought out by GameFly) and the more recent once I purchased via IGS. :happymeat:
Brian_Farnet 13 października 2013 o 11:03 
If you put this game on Desura and told Desura buyers they'd get a Steam key if the game gets Greenlit, you'd get a bunch of sales and a boatload of Greenlight votes. Just sayin'
Jellypox 7 października 2013 o 19:22 
SO GOOD. ^0^
Geomancer 7 października 2013 o 16:00 
I think I
IceGuru 21 sierpnia 2013 o 1:29 
Please upvote! I already purchased.
Kargaros 15 sierpnia 2013 o 22:42 
DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale is at IndieGameStand: http://indiegamestand.com/ . If you pay more than the average, you receive DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder as well. Both games are really good, so buy them :-)
Elder Gamer 14 sierpnia 2013 o 7:23 
2D doesn't interest me.
Muffins 12 sierpnia 2013 o 2:27 
You can get the first DROD game for free at Caravel's website!
Riskbreaker 8 sierpnia 2013 o 9:08 
"...and his pet roach." ahUAuaUAHuahUAHUAAHuahUHUauAUau THUMBS UP 4 THIS GAME!
CHEESE ASS CHRIST 28 lipca 2013 o 21:53 
Slomik 11 lipca 2013 o 22:10 
Looks Good)
Sammer 11 lipca 2013 o 0:44 
looks like a good game
leshache 7 lipca 2013 o 5:28 
Zhidkaya mish 29 maja 2013 o 4:58 
Good game!
Gus™ 20 maja 2013 o 8:29 
FizzPuff 13 kwietnia 2013 o 18:06 
The title card character reminds me of the guy from dragons lair, even the pose is similar.
DeathClaw 24 marca 2013 o 17:51 
Up vote.