Este jogo recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

O Greenlight está chegando ao fim. Para mais informações sobre a nova maneira de enviar jogos para o Steam, acesse este artigo no blog.
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FiekMa 6/jul/2017 às 7:58 
me too
bR.Serginho 6/jul/2017 às 7:28 
O que está faltando para steam colocar " True Combat -Elite" ?? na sua biblioteca de jogos um dos melhores jogo para se divertir com os amigos. gostaria de ver esse jogo no Steam.
The Renegadist 11/mai/2017 às 13:59 
Nah, I don't use FaceBook and the ping I get on the server makes it unplayable for me.
FiekMa 10/mai/2017 às 3:25 
Did you join to fb group?
FiekMa 10/mai/2017 às 3:25 
I have 2 servers. About his server play on it if you want but its not fair. These gays are anoying.
The Renegadist 9/mai/2017 às 19:12 
If anyone still plays this feel free to add me so we can possibly get more people on. Also add me if you can start up and host a dericated server as I'm currently​ working on a TCE Discord server and it would be nice to have our own official host.
The Renegadist 9/mai/2017 às 14:36 
Well, there's never anyone on except for my friend and myself so we never have to worry about cheating. It's also the server where I have the lowest latency so unless someone opens up a server close to me I'll be sticking to that one. I just wish there was a good bot server with a good ping and infinite amount​ turned off.
FiekMa 9/mai/2017 às 7:47 
DAD's bf made this server and they are cheating together also more players cheat in this game... sadly
FiekMa 9/mai/2017 às 7:46 
Oh, its cheater's server. He made it for cheating. Pb off etc...
you remember DAD?
The Renegadist 9/mai/2017 às 0:22 
I play on TCE Forever's servers with my friend. Mostly BC unless we get enough people to do Obj.
FiekMa 7/mai/2017 às 11:40 
I think its not going to be at steam. But we are talking with creators of famous servers and they will live. You can play some. What was your nick?
The Renegadist 7/mai/2017 às 10:16 
Yeah, I've been playing it since 07' but what was the point of all this if they weren't going to bring it to Steam?
FiekMa 7/mai/2017 às 3:08 
The Renegadist I think it isnt going to be on steam. 0 anticheats etc. But you can play this game with out steam. You can check your group at facebook where is installer and tutorial. You can look also at official page
The Renegadist 7/mai/2017 às 0:43 
What's going on with this? This was Greenlit back in 2014 and it's now almost midway through 2017, an article or discussion or even an edit to the description telling us what is going on would be cool for all of us who have been waiting for this game to come on Steam for years.
g0dhand 4/fev/2017 às 18:38 
Nostalgia. Used to be a part of AtF. Good crew.

Old handle: avarice aka ayfahnoob
FiekMa 3/dez/2016 às 1:25 
Arson propably never ;(
Arsøn 2/dez/2016 às 21:46 
When will this be released?
ppl 28/set/2016 às 16:29 
Chuckie_NL 18/jul/2016 às 6:03 
Porting this for Steam is no deal. they only need to setup the files in correct way upload it so people have no hassle installing it. In the old days it could be a pain for some people to install it. Steam makes it only easier. I think the problems lays within Activision. They still have the copyright of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory which is needed for this mod. They need to upload Wolf ET to steam first in order that this mod also can be released on steam.
Me_again 18/jul/2016 às 2:30 
Any progress?
D4rKmAn13 23/jun/2016 às 9:35 
Indeed, don't know what they are waiting :'( I guess some work is needed in order to work well with steam, but if they were not able to do it why did they put it on greenlight in the first place ? :/
Chuckie_NL 22/jun/2016 às 16:21 
Don't know they are allowed to get the game into steam so why are they waiting? If they push it thru it will probably get a activity boost since alot of people uses Steam
Division Wiking 16/abr/2016 às 5:44 
Any progress?
PIO79EK 30/jan/2016 às 8:41 
The worst thing that's happened to TCE is Coroner :steamsad:
Pops 28/jan/2016 às 12:40 
Is it money you need or is the passion just gone for you?
PIO79EK 30/dez/2015 às 12:56 
I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening.
HellsWind 30/dez/2015 às 6:01 
bring it out, we'll play. the Damage model in this game is sort of like unmatched , looking forward when/*if* it comes out, that'd be great
Blyatstreet Boyz 24/dez/2015 às 8:26 
i installed it on windows like this: wolfensitine -> wolfensten patch -> tce -> tce patch.. then it worked
Blyatstreet Boyz 24/dez/2015 às 8:25 
one of the best MP shooting game ive ever played
lnxpnk 19/dez/2015 às 13:46 
The game is playable if you install it from the website, but I tried and failed terribly (need to install Wolfstein ET first, but when I did trough playdeb it woudn't recognize the MOD). Any dumb proof guides for that (I'm in ubuntu)?
lnxpnk 6/dez/2015 às 14:08 
Please bring this to steam. I tried to install in ubuntu and failed terribly.
famas100 2/dez/2015 às 9:56 
True Combat is an action packed realism mod where big jumps, fancy strafing and fantasy weapons are no where to be seen.

dual wielding isnt realistic and really ineffective *facepalm*
NB2 25/nov/2015 às 20:11 
Don't give up on this. Please.
NoFace 24/nov/2015 às 17:45 
bring this to steammmmmmmm =( miss that times
PIO79EK 22/nov/2015 às 10:28 
If this game was on steam I would definitely play again. I miss shooting hohol :(
D4rKmAn13 21/nov/2015 às 10:12 
same here hope I can play it again on Steam one day.
Chuckie_NL 19/nov/2015 às 16:13 
hope they will revive this game, such a shame and sadness that this game died real quick while it was pretty fun all the time.
profetalucard 16/nov/2015 às 18:19 
bueno y que pasa ps con este juego q aun no a salido en steam cual es la demora ps:steamhappy::steamhappy:
Sake 16/nov/2015 às 4:12 
pls come back!
VortexV 18/out/2015 às 3:15 
Pops 9/out/2015 às 10:30 
Sir Nicholas Fury 8/out/2015 às 13:09 
Oh man, this was my favorite shooter back in the day.
Panzer Commander 30/set/2015 às 23:17 
As soon as i seen the dual hand guns this game lost all credibility to be realistic...
nappalan 7/set/2015 às 10:10 
Perfect- waiting so long - hopefully it will not need so long time
BobbyJSanders 31/ago/2015 às 15:55 
Oh shit, this is what I've been waiting for.
Corrozion 26/ago/2015 às 13:50 
This game is great, I used to play it in 2010-2011 when the community was still alive and it was great. Thanks for this great game Team Terminator. You should make a new version on CryEngine. I would buy it even 60€ if you do this.
Disney Pepe 9/ago/2015 às 5:30 
Waiting for this good game!
gamer(themovie) 27/jul/2015 às 20:35 
mr frogerinho 10/jul/2015 às 14:07 
Give me this!
BrandeX 5/jul/2015 às 0:18 
Yea, keep waiting. This game was greenlit a year and a half ago. Apparently the guys behind it abandoned the Steam release.