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Mugen Ken 17 de fev às 15:11 
The Elsword Revival Association server is an Elsword dedicated Discord server, made for players to easily connect to one another. Whether you're looking for people to party up with for dungeons, have long discussions about in-game systems or lore, being meme-y, or just having a friendly conversation with others, ERA is just the place for all of it. The management of the server is welcoming every kind of player to join and just have some fun.

We currently have over 500 members in our Discord server and we have a Steam group that's also 500+ members! Once we become stronger as a community and gain influence + popularity in the NA Els community, we will all advocate for new changes to the game from petitions to discussions with the GMs of Els!

Interested? Just use this link to get started!
And this is our Steam group:
Leinah 16/mai/2017 às 22:43 
Not available on Philippines
Too bad the region isn't the same. :steamsalty::steamsalty::steamsalty::steamsalty:
[PKMN] Colress 7/mar/2016 às 10:39 
what region can i use to play this?
Red 3/mar/2016 às 14:13 
a doomed hound 25/fev/2016 às 18:16 
Elsword, Eve, Rena, Chung, Elesis, Aisha, Add, Lu/Ciel, Rose, Raven, and Ara
face ツ back 8/jan/2016 às 13:19 
☻NicK3_ 3/jan/2016 às 17:07 
oohhhhh shi :steamhappy:
Negan 24/set/2015 às 10:29 
if only it was on SEA
Demonicbaron 4/jul/2015 às 10:24 
game devs = money makers
LunaAlone 1/jul/2015 às 21:57 
The games good but the prices for clothes after your promotions clothes expire are bloody pricey
✪ Stanca 18/jun/2015 às 6:29 
Best game ever :)
DevilNeverCry 22/mai/2015 às 15:09 
türk varsa eklesn DevilHunt3r
LunaAlone 14/abr/2015 às 20:16 
Lol they should probs update their trailer
JWaterflame 14/abr/2015 às 10:47 
Lydon 17/fev/2015 às 9:38 
Region blocked also in Europe? Is it blocked anywhere except Japan and Korean or what?
No matter, I will just install in their main site.
K-MELE 9/dez/2014 às 5:14 
me too..., but this game's really cool!
Henk 1/set/2014 às 3:58 
#ThePowerPuffs - You can download it from the main website

ThePowerPuffs 11/ago/2014 às 22:34 
not available in my region :( this sucks
Cha de cornos 29/jul/2014 às 14:59 
Man elsword na is losing some players, and if lose players also lose money, and also the payment mode for diferents zones, help to lose more money, i hope KOG rethink about this... in my case, i wanna buy some stuff from cash shop but i cant get kching, only with credit card... ffs
LimitedBullet 26/jul/2014 às 14:31 
I just wanted to link my account onto steam and i find out im region blocked.
If you guys have the same problem you can just download the game from the website to play from anywhere, thanks steam
sagadeva 20/jul/2014 às 9:32 
Indonesia got blocked hufft
MissKaiiu 13/jul/2014 às 13:28 
Ugh when will this game be available on steam in the UK again? I thought this game was region restriction free
Starsworn 6/jul/2014 às 13:26 
Region blocked in the UK? Really? Thats ridiculous.
Rajunah 3/jul/2014 às 4:53 
I got region block.....could the dev take a look at that..i'm in Brazil
DarkDragon5202 26/jun/2014 às 16:09 
Want to play game, not compatible with mac. D:
Chrono 8/jun/2014 às 4:24 
I'm too( thats strange.
Blueraid 8/jun/2014 às 3:01 
eep region blockkia siel tääl ei oikeen voi vähempää kiinnostaa kun tulee pelattua muuten vain :D
Rein_РгоМo 3/jun/2014 às 18:20 
I want to play this game
but block this region

Ultra instinct Vegeta 7/mai/2014 às 15:54 
BlackMocgiCow 20/abr/2014 às 19:48 
중간에 한국말 자체 하자는 분있는데 한국어가 부끄러우면 쓰지마세요 왜 좋은 한국말 두고 영어로 말해야됨?
xxxxxx 16/abr/2014 às 7:10 
Enkidu 11/abr/2014 às 4:20 
Henry David Thoreau 9/mar/2014 às 1:32 
Lisa su 7/mar/2014 às 4:35 
怪盗 セイント•テール 7/fev/2014 às 20:40 
Soboro 2/fev/2014 às 23:02 
foooooork 25/jan/2014 às 1:06 
초딩때 재미있게 했지.... 물논 지금도 핰핰 남캐더상향좀여
JoySon 20/jan/2014 às 6:07 
And... they block the korean server. AWESOME NEXON
JoySon 20/jan/2014 às 6:04 
I dont know why this game is on greenlight. this game is not a indie game. should already on the free game. NOT ON GREENLIGHT
Tsukunea 6/jan/2014 às 20:21 
Bottom Line the best
Wistifysho 2/jan/2014 às 4:15 
Amazin game! :)
NickLionheart 22/dez/2013 às 14:07 
Best game ever
Mobsiul 21/dez/2013 às 5:08 
foda D++
Leby 6/dez/2013 às 5:58 
아 젠장 넥슨에서 뭐같은 ActiveX 설치하면서 엘소드하기 싫은데 스팀도 한국서버좀 개방해주지... 그리고 넥슨에서 접속하는 유저들이랑도 플레이 가능하게
Kineticfetus 5/dez/2013 às 19:05 
순순 21/nov/2013 às 1:13 
god like
KerelayN 4/nov/2013 às 21:00 
Charming Autocrat March Hare 31/out/2013 às 0:33 
OMG It' good for you!!
[BOT] 24/out/2013 às 6:29