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Revalopod 2017. ápr. 10., 5:40 
I vote yes
Chosen bearer of the Ashen curse 2015. júl. 31., 21:26 
У игрушки one finger death punch скоро появится весомый конкурент. Не любить кримсон невозможно.
kick 2014. nov. 6., 3:17 
Hey guys, can i get invitation for this awesomegame?
_sijubahmerah_ 2014. júl. 3., 10:58 
can someone give the invitation for this game? :D
|l|U† 2014. júl. 2., 21:23 
Valve Выпустите игру, 10 tons обещали, если выйдет игра в steam, будет 2 часть игры crimsonland!!!
psymin 2014. jún. 27., 8:37 
Local co-op and SteamOS? Count me in!
Marky_Mark 2014. jún. 16., 20:27 
I can't pass The Gathering (Last Quest) on Hardcore been trying for 5 hours now. Any hints. I thought I'd tried everything but I can't pass it.
Marky_Mark 2014. jún. 12., 19:30 
Awesome job 10tons you have produced an excellent game. Love the extras. Well done.
St. Dimas 2014. jún. 11., 10:52 
Just awesome. Nice work 10tons!
Your Sergal 2014. jún. 8., 4:37 
Illus 2014. jún. 5., 8:49 
6/11? For sure?! Yessssssssssssssss!
Metalizer 2014. jún. 4., 5:51 
Release date: June 11.

Red Eclipse 2014. máj. 30., 7:27 
This takes me back...

What will the price be?
EXU_SKULLY 2014. máj. 28., 17:32 
Howy 2014. máj. 28., 6:06 
Been a while since I had internet. This is the first thing I checked up on as soon as I got connected. :)
Stuball1992 2014. máj. 20., 10:49 
Wait, are you being serious? Potential discount or free key for classic buyers? I've still got the flipping receipt in my email inbox from 2009! Haha.
def1nt 2014. máj. 19., 7:31 
There should be an achievement to beat hardcore campaign with blowtorch.
Eager to burn something :3
Marky_Mark 2014. máj. 15., 21:27 
Just played the demo version. It's still an awesome game. I have bought Crimsonland at least 5 times over the years (due to new computers and lost the keys). I still think you should release this on steam as is. Then later have the updated version on a different tab or launch. This is where Leisure Suit Larry lacked because I actually liked the original version better than the new.
[CN]Qtbui159 2014. máj. 15., 9:35 
10tons  [készítő] 2014. máj. 14., 6:10 
Oh yeah, and the old Crimsonland trailer can be found at http://youtu.be/59H3o-q-zkE (it's not actually that old, as it's from 2011, but still)
10tons  [készítő] 2014. máj. 13., 23:35 
SteveJK: I don't know about fancy, but we're looking into providing Crimsonland classic buyers a discount or a free Steam key. We'll announce this as soon as we nail down what it'll be.
www.CrimsonGame.ru : We probably will support translations at some point, but not sure if we'll be able to do it for the first version of the remastered game.
Air to surface jet dildo: There'll be Steam leaderboards for all highscore gamemodes, including Survival.
Captain Hungover 2014. máj. 13., 11:38 
Oh, you guys made me cum. Will there be a top 100 survival?
Illus 2014. máj. 12., 12:14 
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yessssssssssssss!
Baleful 2014. máj. 12., 8:51 
Oh, that's just awesome! Can't wait!
$LEp()y 2014. máj. 10., 15:18 
Where I can find old 1.9 trailer, that was published there before? Thanks.
$LEp()y 2014. máj. 10., 15:12 
Please, make it translateble to other languages wia some file?
SteveJK 2014. máj. 9., 17:39 
Will the old buyers get some fancy things?
10tons  [készítő] 2014. máj. 7., 1:30 
1 - Remains to be seen!
2 - No idea, probably not. The Trooper is tiny!

UraniumVodka: We've updated the content now. We're working as fast as we can, and there's a lot to do!
St. Dimas 2014. máj. 6., 12:16 
Why u not upload new gamplay video here?
edokan 2014. máj. 6., 4:02 
Two questions
1- What is on May 12, 2014 17:00 ?
2- Will you provide HEV Suit skin and/or HL creatures for Steam version ?

You know that people are expecting this game to turn water to wine. You will of course fail this task, but we will still be there for you.
Sniper_Wolf- 2014. máj. 5., 21:38 
10tons  [készítő] 2014. máj. 5., 5:49 
Check out http://www.crimsonland.com for first info on the new version! We'll try and find time for updating the site and this Greenlight item in the coming days and weeks.
Mr President 2014. máj. 3., 7:31 
I have been waiting about a decade for this. This is AWESOME news. I'd like to echo what UnheillgeBug had to say. 'Shut up and take my money'
sakuramboo 2014. ápr. 30., 7:41 
Why not on Saturday so that way we would have the entire weekend to play!? Why torture us like this!?
SgtImrak93 2014. ápr. 30., 7:25 
Main website updated again! 5 days to go!
Illus 2014. ápr. 24., 13:47 
any update info?
UnheiligeBug 2014. ápr. 23., 14:14 
shut up and take my money
dangerice 2014. ápr. 21., 12:48 
You guys should consider making the old crimsonland freeware and maybe get some buzz going by doing so before the release of the new crimsonland
def1nt 2014. ápr. 20., 12:57 
I accomplished like almost everything in Crimsonland, but I still want it in my Steam library.
kds71 2014. ápr. 16., 12:12 
Is there any further info about development available? I checked today and crimsonland.com seems to be down... Is this project still alive? I love this game and I can't wait for it to be on Steam!
Krzysztof Nalewajka 2014. ápr. 16., 7:57 
Hey, just wondering is there any closer indication of release date than "Q2". I'm getting married in 9 days and it would be quite a cool wedding gift from my brother - years ago we've spend ages playing it... Please? <grinning insanely>
Kaspeyskis 2014. ápr. 9., 9:02 
Simple but fun game.
soulburner 2014. ápr. 6., 10:46 
Great! Like this game! Remember getting about 1.3 mln points!
X_x 2014. márc. 30., 12:47 
My face when I was proud getting 44500pts and then I saw online best results around 1,5 million...and asking my self HOW they made that?
lexder 2014. márc. 26., 22:41 
voted some time ago, waiting for it!
Howy 2014. márc. 25., 4:11 
Thanks! :)
BloodyEyeX 2014. márc. 22., 14:58 
I still have the old Crimsonland on my Pc <3
Awesome game.
Howy is totally right. Take your time and make CL even more awesome.
I trust you 10tons.
Howy 2014. márc. 17., 8:12 
I think I speak for the rest of the superfans when I say that we appreciate the hard work, and quality is more important than speed. We have waited this long with fond memories to hold s over, a little while longer wont kill us.
10tons  [készítő] 2014. márc. 17., 1:13 
Howry: April? May? Thereabouts. The work on the game itself is progressing well. After we're done with that it's time to dive into the Steam SDK and publishing process. Those are new to us, so we're not really sure how long it'll take to do what we need to do with those.
scovron 2014. márc. 17., 0:52 
:D all that hours with type o shooter !