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7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡╬ξrร 2017. jan. 14., 13:40 
What about multiplayer? To compete with the free/open source light cycle games I feel this would really need it.
R3B0rn 2016. okt. 18., 8:18 
I just checked back on this and noticed that the relase date is near. Is this going to be the real deal? I am hyped if it is.
Retroburn  [készítő] 2016. febr. 24., 4:32 
Yeah, I'm creating some cards for the game too. I just couldn't publish the store page without them being complete.. but will have them in for launch :)
Kiro 2016. febr. 23., 9:49 
Well I'm pleased :happy_creep: any thoughts on adding cards?
R3B0rn 2016. febr. 22., 20:25 
It's Finally Here Yay!:blissful_creep: I can't wait. :balloon:
Retroburn  [készítő] 2016. febr. 22., 15:48 
The game's store page is now live. Releasing on March 17th :) Thanks for everyone that helped get the game greenlit and all those who've commented and followed on social media; http://store.steampowered.com/app/374780
Kiro 2015. jún. 21., 5:50 
I kinda have been looking forward to this game for quite some time now.
The annoying part is that I don't know when it's gonna be released and the creater doesn't know it either.
You shouldn't say that Positron will be released soon and just make up a release date that you won't stick to.
Because honestly you have told us that the Positron will be released soon for years now. Seriously years...
Now with the last comment "Hoping to make a big announcement very soon". Yeah that's probably not gonna happen.

So be somewhat realistic and don't make promises you can't keep. It's just annoying for everyone and sure way to loose fans. :angry_creep:
R3B0rn 2015. máj. 20., 12:42 
I am ready and waiting. :clementineelf:
Wider™ 2015. máj. 17., 16:16 
Retroburn  [készítő] 2015. ápr. 17., 5:00 
Not dead, just very busy. I work full time for a game studio and work on this in my spare time so it's been hard finding time to get it finished. Hoping to make some big announcements very soon :)
Tronnus 2015. márc. 4., 14:45 
The last update is from 2014? Is this game dead?
7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡╬ξrร 2015. febr. 22., 1:38 
You'll have my vote if this is multiplayer online.
R͞e͞gi̡na͡l̵d̨ C̢o̷lt 2014. nov. 13., 14:45 
Looks amazing! As a fan of the Tron lightcycles, this pretty much sattisfies me in various levels! I hope this gets released! Good luck!
Rick Deckard 2014. szept. 30., 13:22 
want this game
Lyrrad Skynyrd 2014. szept. 30., 6:13 
Hey guys :) Uglydogstudio here sorry im late for voting ...already greenlit by the community nice <3
NeKz 2014. szept. 10., 6:57 
YES! Tron <3
Bytrix  [készítő] 2014. szept. 4., 8:02 
Been super busy lately getting this all ready for release. Lots of work has been done and still some to do. I'll be demoing the game at GEEK2014 in Birmingham and at Game Expo Scotland in Edinburgh in the next few weeks for PC and Oculus Rift DK2 :). Hopefully will get it up here for sale on Steam soon!
R3B0rn 2014. szept. 3., 13:05 
Has there been any update on the status of this game? I really would like to see it as a full game, not just the demo.
lucyferror 2014. aug. 31., 17:54 
What about Oculus Rift support? Is it abandoned? :(
brunobartsch z.b.V. 800 2014. júl. 21., 0:20 
r olt has gon
SeneX 2014. júl. 10., 22:10 
Race The Sun?
balenciaga balaclava 2014. júl. 6., 11:21 
raven 2014. máj. 17., 1:17 
Really good game :D
Mystery Machine 2014. máj. 6., 8:18 
Amazingly simple but incredibly fun and difficult game. Played it at Blackpool Expo.

P.S. - Those marshmallow lighthouse cakes were bloody brilliant
Bytrix  [készítő] 2014. máj. 6., 2:04 
Thanks guys! I can't wait to get this up on Steam for you all to play in your own homes :)
maineieg 2014. máj. 6., 1:26 
Great indie game played at Blackpool on Sunday was great having a chat the guy who made it, can't wait for full release and future games
Finder99 2014. máj. 5., 5:16 
Had a go of this game at B'pool play, great maze game. :)
RtotheOtotheB 2014. máj. 5., 4:48 
This game was great at Play Blackpool!
everyonelovespad 2014. máj. 3., 15:29 
We came, we saw, we beat the demo in 53 seconds + 23 minutes for trial and error! Loved every second of it and can't wait for the release!
Bytrix  [készítő] 2014. ápr. 28., 2:40 
Thanks for the suggestions guys. All things that will be considered for future updates :). Split screen multiplayer is already in there for Arena mode too allowing 2 player split horizontally or vertically, and 4 player splits. I'm also testing out local 2 player maze challenge in split screen too right now.
♂TheLegend27♂ 2014. ápr. 25., 20:18 
Dovahkiin 2014. ápr. 23., 5:00 
Split Screen? A gamer can wish..but still I will keep a eye on this
exterminator2100 2014. ápr. 22., 18:49 
Jesus is the bread 2014. ápr. 19., 4:52 
Really good game :D
Cumshaw 2014. ápr. 18., 14:57 
It would be exciting if you tried to avoid things that made you go faster (an object that you ran into and makes you fast for a few seconds) or things that you want to hit to slow things down. Also, if there were objects that showed the map for a brief moment to give you a clue to where you should go. Maybe even objects that shows the wrong map or changes the colors of the scenery to distract you. This would probably work best in Maze mode.
ZAP 2014. ápr. 17., 8:22 
Played the hell out of Armagetron with friends back in the days, looking forward to that experience again!
Pie Face Poo Face 2014. ápr. 17., 4:56 
"ᴀ⑥ᴠ CaptainIcy 11 hours ago
This is one of the simplest, most unique games I have ever seen on Greenlight. I can't believe I've never seen this on here before. Many congratulations on being greenlit!" <<< Lol. It's a movie-inspired light-cycle game. Hardly original. :)
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 2014. ápr. 17., 4:07 
Congratulation, Voted
❅Icy! 2014. ápr. 16., 17:55 
This is one of the simplest, most unique games I have ever seen on Greenlight. I can't believe I've never seen this on here before. Many congratulations on being greenlit!
Hoss 2014. ápr. 16., 15:38 
Light cycles, fuck yes.
TGIF TIme To Game 2014. ápr. 16., 15:31 
ionutudor2012 2014. ápr. 16., 4:01 
Boredbass 2014. ápr. 15., 12:03 
Played it @ MediaCity amazing game. It was so hard it made me want to play more. :D
bemed 2014. ápr. 13., 12:46 
Played it on @GDNMediaCity. Amazing game.
Best camera on a Tron inspired game ever!
mrjosh 2014. ápr. 11., 18:40 
Voted. Looks awesome.
Sp4rkR4t 2014. ápr. 11., 15:55 
hmm, looks fun.
null 2014. ápr. 11., 15:46 
voted ;)
Turok Makto 2014. ápr. 11., 13:10 
Jyxx 2014. ápr. 11., 12:06 
Voted a while ago :D
Bytrix  [készítő] 2014. ápr. 11., 11:42 
Thanks for the recent votes and comments. I'm likely planning on putting the game up for about £4.99-£5.99 when it goes on sale. It will include 120 single player levels and the online functionality will be added at some point after the game is launched :)