Dit spel is nu beschikbaar op Steam!

Bedankt voor je hulp bij het selecteren van dit spel voor distributie via Steam. Meer informatie, waaronder een link naar de Steam-winkelpagina, kan hier onder gevonden worden.

Greenlight stopt ermee. Meer informatie over het inzenden van spellen op Steam vind je nu in deze blogpost.
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Instant Kingdom  [auteur] 3 jan 2014 om 11:36 
Driftmoon has now been officially released on Steam! Yay! A thousand thanks, everyone!
Batzy 3 jan 2014 om 4:34 
o/ bought the beta or was it alpha when it came and now it's here! :)
StealthMomo 3 jan 2014 om 3:34 
Today it will be released hopefully :D:
Beppo 2 jan 2014 om 6:10 
I order this game. Put the serial in steam.... so when the game is out... i will received in acc?
Sylvaron 29 dec 2013 om 3:12 
Been playing this game, enjoying it so far. Hope you guys do well on steam.
bar.pys 28 dec 2013 om 4:08 
@Player Review
Hi, and i was wondering the same thing so dont feel bad my friend :D
eagleFMJ 25 dec 2013 om 17:19 
when will this be on steam?
Shoppa 22 dec 2013 om 14:15 
Bought the game from groupees and activated the steam key :D cant wait.
Instant Kingdom  [auteur] 21 dec 2013 om 11:30 
Hello @ Nomine @cards and everyone else! Driftmoon will be available on Steam as soon as possible. It depends on Steam's schedules, and we haven't been given the right to reveal the exact date... I suppose I could say that it'll be at least about two weeks from now.
We're happy to hear you're excited to get playing Driftmoon through Steam! :)
Nomine 21 dec 2013 om 7:17 
would like to know when this will be available. answer please?
Eqnx8TH 19 dec 2013 om 14:44 
spanish please!!!!!!!!!!
e x t 19 dec 2013 om 10:32 
Trading Cards?:tradingcard:
deep.blue 19 dec 2013 om 10:03 
@graylord: Thanks for the Info. I only can see this page. For me (Germany) there is no official store page. Just the greenlight page. And here is nothing to read, that the game is not availible now. ;)
Premchand 19 dec 2013 om 9:55 
People never read anything do they :squirtmeh:
greylord 19 dec 2013 om 9:24 
I guess you got the game from the Groupees Holiday Helpings bundle.
The game's not out on Steam yet, that's why you won't see it in your library.
You can read it in the game's description:
«Steam keys are already available, and can be activated on Steam. Game itself isn’t live yet. It will show up as soon as it is released on Steam.»
ξνρεκαジ 19 dec 2013 om 9:08 
same here deep.blue
deep.blue 19 dec 2013 om 8:49 
I got the Key, activated it within steam but it doesn't show up in my gamelist. Activation was successfull. any Ideas?
kangarooster 19 dec 2013 om 8:33 
There ARE Steam keys already, you silly goose.
Draino 19 dec 2013 om 4:58 
I see Driftmoon is cgoing to be in the upcoming Groupee bundle. Will Steam keys be added to that when it becomes availible?
CompleteGeorge 18 dec 2013 om 10:47 
Instant kingdom-I hope you dont mind me asking on an update on the steam release?
Instant Kingdom  [auteur] 9 dec 2013 om 12:48 
@Player Review
No, dont do it! (the seppuku, I mean) :) We're planning on delivering Steam keys to all distributors, it will be up to them to decide whether they can deliver the keys to you. Most likely you'll get your Steam key as soon as the game is released here, but of course it's not 100% certain until we have the official word from Gamersgate.
Player Review 8 dec 2013 om 13:35 
I hate asking these questions... but how about GamersGate purchases? Do they get Steam keys on release? It is on sale there for $3.75 right now.

*commits seppuku out of shame of asking stupid question
TheGameSquid 7 dec 2013 om 14:30 
Finally! Great we're finally going to see this superb game on steam! :)
Slack 7 dec 2013 om 9:17 
Getting this greenlit was long overdue. Congratulations!
Instant Kingdom  [auteur] 7 dec 2013 om 8:47 
Thanks again for the congrats, everyone! :) This was a nice surprise present just in time for Finland's Independence day (yesterday).

@kalirion and @FiftyDkpMinus When the extended (=giant) demo of Driftmoon was featured as an Indie Spotlight in Groupees, the game wasn't completely ready yet. That's why we agreed to take part only as a special treat, not as a money-making game-selling part of the bundle. We were very sorry to hear that someone may have somehow gotten the wrong idea when originally buying the bundle. (The original description at Groupees's sight was slightly ambiguous at first, but they were very friendly and made the text clearer when we asked them to clarify it a bit.)

In any case, you never know what the future will bring... :) And yes, all our direct customers (through instantkingdom.com) do still get those Steam licences once we get our hands on them!
kalirion 6 dec 2013 om 8:44 
@FiftyDkpMinus Groupees purchasers will not be getting Steam keys - that info was provided at the time of the bundle. Driftmoon was an "indie spotlight" in that one, only provided as a beta / extended demo, with no keys promised.
Azrael 5 dec 2013 om 15:02 
Congrats!! :D:
Anonymous2012 5 dec 2013 om 12:01 
Congo Rats!
Namekujisennin 5 dec 2013 om 2:11 
It should have been Valve begging you to let them sell your game! This world is broken! Congratulations!
ricardocasama 5 dec 2013 om 0:50 
Please add spanish language.
AkumulatoR 5 dec 2013 om 0:10 
Took you long enough but congratulations anyway!
ProtoNexus 4 dec 2013 om 22:12 
Finally!! Congrats on getting Greenlit!
FiftyDkpMinus 4 dec 2013 om 20:51 
Congrats on being Greenlit! I got the version of Driftmoon that was added as a bonus to Groupee's Build a Greenlight Bundle. There are a bunch of sites that track bundle games that are greeenlit and whether or not keys are going to be provided and I participate on them, so I'm asking the obligatory whether or not you plan to add Steam keys for the Groupee's purchasers.
RardRaider 4 dec 2013 om 15:47 
So happy that Driftmoon has been greenlit! Yay!
Akien 4 dec 2013 om 15:30 
Congratulations Instant Kingdom, Driftmoon is probably one of the worthiest game to be greenlit since the beginning of Steam's Greenlight platform. It was about time! Cheers \o/
PhyreMatrix 4 dec 2013 om 13:47 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit! :D:
NateinMpls 4 dec 2013 om 12:46 
YAY! I bought this on another site but never played it because I was waiting for Steam and hopefully achievements? Sorry I love 'em
kalirion 4 dec 2013 om 12:44 
It's about time, Congratulations!
Instant Kingdom  [auteur] 4 dec 2013 om 12:36 
Thanks for the congrats and the support, everyone! :) If you've bought Driftmoon through our site, you'll most certainly get a Steam key once we get access to the keys ourselves. This will probably take some time, but we're planning on sending the keys via email as soon as possible.
Bropalm 4 dec 2013 om 12:28 
Congrats on finally getting greenlit! Any chance of getting a Steam key if I've already bought the game from your website?
Raven 4 dec 2013 om 12:21 
Jerry Dandrige 4 dec 2013 om 12:13 
Congratulations!!! This is awesome and I cannot wait to replay the game on Steam as I played the full game at the start of the year \o/
Robobo 4 dec 2013 om 11:56 
Yay. Congratulations!
Niles Caulder 4 dec 2013 om 11:48 
Oh hey, glad to see this just got greenlit. The version included in the old Groupees bundle might be just a demo but damn it was a hefty demo. Congratulations, hope you get your much-deserved Steam dosh.
Motoki 4 dec 2013 om 11:36 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit!
oogla 20 nov 2013 om 21:04 
I can't believe this game hasn't gotten Greenlit yet. I completed the game back before the graphical update and plan to play it again with the new graphics once it make it on Steam. Who'd have thought the wait would be this long?

Please let this game get on Steam and make piles of money so Instant Kingdom can make a sequel! :golden:
Andypandy R 17 nov 2013 om 9:37 
Why isn't this brilliant game on Steam already ? ... Gosh Steam sucks sometimes .. :(
lernos 12 nov 2013 om 12:12 
Certainly the best indie RPG on the market! It reminds me of good old times and the fun I had with Breath of Fire, the Final Fantasy series, The Legend of Zelda and many other games. It really has the spirit of a good RPG and a fantasy world. You should buy it as soon as it's officially on Steam market list - it's totally worth it!
Virtuosone 10 nov 2013 om 13:35 
If you like games, where you could almost feel the passion and joy the designers had developing it, then give this little jewel a chance! Also it's very appealing for fans of satiric and self-ironic humor (Monkey Island, Discworld, etc).
Arno31415 9 nov 2013 om 17:44 
I got this game at GOG during their charity event. I had planned on getting other games, but the trailer looked enticing, and I'm glad I chose this game. Amusing, and very charming. I will complain that the 12-13 hours of play I got out of the game felt too short, but mostly because I was still enjoying it too much for it to end. Will I now have to wait for 7 years for any kind of sequal? I hope not!