Ta gra jest już dostępna na Steam!

Dziękujemy za twoją pomoc w wyborze tej gry do dystrybucji na Steam. Więcej informacji i link do Sklepu Steam znajdziesz poniżej.

Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
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Komentarzy: 234
Azrael 13 listopada 2013 o 3:13 
Congratulations! :D:
HenrykTur 30 października 2013 o 11:46 
Amazing game! My gameplay here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biVTdGEyZdg
Jon the Hoff 19 października 2013 o 23:15 
Just picked this up on greenmangaming.com on sale. I'm excited to try it. If it greenlights there's a free steam key according to the purchase. Let's help them get greenlit!
Zica! 9 października 2013 o 3:34 
Very good game I recommend, my vote and Yes and Bookmark
mf 5 października 2013 o 8:18 
gud gud
Thipac S2 Ne 29 września 2013 o 18:31 
very fun!
Mageoftheyear 29 września 2013 o 14:54 
Markiplier sent me here! Can't wait to buy this and I don't even like pltformers that much.
Hope we can get this greenlit soon!
thebadson42 29 września 2013 o 14:47 
I hadn't heard of this game until I got it in a bundle the other day. What a great find. Personally, I like the art style. The gameplay is great. I love the mood this game sets. As stated in earlier posts, it's a shame that more people don't know about this game. We need to get the word out and get this Greenlit. Good luck! I'll be keeping an :theeye: on this one!
secretboggie 29 września 2013 o 12:04 
The artwork alone doesn't inspire me much but with the music and character/enemies I think this game delivers an alien atmosphere that is worth experiencing.
Catnip 29 września 2013 o 7:09 
The gameplay looks pretty neat but the art style is very uninspired (but I can understand why).
Ħōņįĝşąčķ 28 września 2013 o 10:40 
It looks great! Good luck to get it Greenlight.:bluewizard:
Hafnium 21 września 2013 o 6:03 
very interesting
Darkill 4K 20 września 2013 o 13:29 
look great
Sulleh 29 sierpnia 2013 o 4:13 
Love it! Just watched Maripliers play and loved every moment. :) Looks like a great play. <3
Jak96_45 25 sierpnia 2013 o 4:12 
L'ambientazione è fantastica
ShadowEevee128 17 sierpnia 2013 o 23:47 
@Szaman Yeah, I realized that after I had commented. It amazes me that a beautiful game like this has yet to be released on Steam. More people should vote and get the news out about this game.
Szaman  [autor] 17 sierpnia 2013 o 20:51 
First of all, I would like to thank you all for positive feedback. I'm glad that you like the game.

@ShadowEevee128 the game is already finished and you can purchase it directly from me via official website http://www.grimind.com or various online stores like Desura, GreenManGaming, GamersGate etc.
Unfortunately, the game still need couple thousands of yes votes to be included into Steam.
ShadowEevee128 17 sierpnia 2013 o 20:05 
Release date: PC - December 18, 2012; Linux, Mac - 22 April , 2013
Today's Date: August 17th, 2013 :<

I really want this game to come out, it looks amazing and very much like Limbo, one of my favorite games. Please release this soon, I'll no doubt buy it.
Mata-Ratos 15 sierpnia 2013 o 17:42 
looks quite fun, and the shipthingy you controll with your movementis quite interesting that and the fact that you can use the vines
Ishan "Ishan" Taparia 15 sierpnia 2013 o 10:12 
this looks really cool!!
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 15 sierpnia 2013 o 0:27 
Lovely game that would be a nice edition to Steam :) I voted & favourited, good luck! :pinkheart:
Steinwolke 11 sierpnia 2013 o 2:23 
El Dios 9 sierpnia 2013 o 3:08 
Мне игра по стилистике своей напоминает Limbo, а лимбо я очень люблю, именно поэтому мне нравится эта игра!!!:marksman:
Lexi 30 lipca 2013 o 16:07 
Zajebista gierka
Iggly 28 lipca 2013 o 16:00 
MaxxiimGames 27 lipca 2013 o 20:13 
Very good!
Aarekk 22 lipca 2013 o 0:53 
Whether or not this would be my cup of tea, it looks incredibly well crafted both in terms of gameplay and ambiance. I wish luck to the dev and those who play it.
BoganoMac 21 lipca 2013 o 17:17 
Like the look of the game
ant0ni00 20 lipca 2013 o 9:44 
I would play this.
BGDD 19 lipca 2013 o 7:23 
maybe next mario ?
nice game !
Its a Lemon 18 lipca 2013 o 18:54 
Looks Pretty cool.
dakotha 14 lipca 2013 o 13:20 
impressive atmosphere. i like the style and concept: explore and look what happens next...
Psycroat 9 lipca 2013 o 22:12 
It looks like a pretty fun platformer
Corpsolian 6 lipca 2013 o 10:49 
Certain;y doesn't deserve that "Horror" tag. Whats it called with the little boy dying a bunch wasnt horror, this CERTAINLY isnt.
Chewbacca 1 lipca 2013 o 22:51 
H3 27 czerwca 2013 o 10:26 
Looking good.
Lynx 27 czerwca 2013 o 1:12 
Hardin 12 czerwca 2013 o 7:04 
Interesting game, good luck.
expomonkey 3 czerwca 2013 o 18:27 
Lookin good man, best of luck
reedyboy2012 2 czerwca 2013 o 7:14 
Looks really good hope I can get it one of these days
Angulema 31 maja 2013 o 22:42 
Купил бы такое творение :3
ganek 28 maja 2013 o 6:41 
sslr 18 maja 2013 o 21:27 
nice game
Aran 18 maja 2013 o 0:44 
I'm 2D gamed out these days.
AnubisVII 16 maja 2013 o 20:37 
i like the art style, game looks awesome
sersitan 29 kwietnia 2013 o 20:50 
looks awesome!!! i love the art :D
Death 28 kwietnia 2013 o 16:08 
Man the game is too hard, the controls do not bind well... good luck with your game ;)
TheStructorr 28 kwietnia 2013 o 13:34 
Nice! Thx for Linux port.
refleksy 28 kwietnia 2013 o 8:58 
Not sure if you want this game? Check out my review of it AND The other games in the Build a Greenlight 2 bundle http://youtu.be/YoVPl_9_jDE
SolidStrider 28 kwietnia 2013 o 8:57 
I picked it up on Groupees! It looks good! Definitely one of the highlights of the bundle!