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Immortal Defense - (Tower defense. Demo available.)
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Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl 2015 @ 11:50 
But anyway, I'm going to try re-coding / optimizing some of the vertex buffer parts of the code, so the VRAM usage should be reduced for the next patch. But until then you can try my suggestions below.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl 2015 @ 11:30 
Another thing that may help is turning off 'damage' indicators (the numbers for damage), turning that off will also reduce video card ram usage.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl 2015 @ 11:27 
Another thing to try is to try reducing the visuals slider a bit, the game may use less video RAM if that setting is lower. But basically this probably isn't really going to be easy to "fix" -- it's more of a problem of the game requiring more video card memory than your computer has, on the settings that you set it for, and crashing because it runs up against the upper limit of your video card's memory.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl 2015 @ 11:23 
In the mean time, what I can suggest is to try it again and see if the bug always happens on that level, or if it was just a one-time thing. Does it repeat if you play that level again?
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl 2015 @ 11:20 
I've looked into the bug ParanoidDroid, and it seems to be caused by your video card not having enough VRAM. I'll try to recode the game so that it doesn't require as much VRAM, because it really shouldn't be using 800MB of VRAM. I'll look into why it's using so much. I guess since I have 1GB of VRAM it never ran out for me so I never noticed that bug.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl 2015 @ 11:15 
thanks, will look into it!
ParanoidDroid 23 Eyl 2015 @ 8:48 
I've been getting a crash bug in the level What is Noble?

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object pd:

Fatal Error: Can not create vertex buffer of size 98304 bytes
10177 vertex buffers allocated with total size of 814720 KB
at gml_Script_print_damage2
stack frame is
gml_Script_print_damage2 (line 0)

Any advice?

Deltarys 20 Ağu 2015 @ 10:31 
I almost lose my hope to play this AWESOME game !! go to my wishlist ASAP
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 16 Ağu 2015 @ 21:06 
ah, there's a way to 'subscribe to the forum' to get notifications, didn't see that option. i should now see any new posts posted there.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 16 Ağu 2015 @ 21:02 
i just noticed it now actually! sorry for missing it. i don't get notified about posts there with the steam notification system apparently.
BUBBEE! 16 Ağu 2015 @ 20:56 
I left a review on discussions page, I'm surprised you ignored it.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 14 Ağu 2015 @ 17:39 
the game now has a "coming soon" page. i set the release date for two weeks from now. feel free to wishlist it until then and tell people about it: http://store.steampowered.com/app/298360
plexus 3 Ağu 2015 @ 21:37 
looking forward to it, good luck with finishing it up
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 3 Ağu 2015 @ 14:18 
anyway, nearing release, i'd say 2-3 more weeks or so. sorry for all the delays. working on finishing up the brazilian portuguese translation now.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 3 Ağu 2015 @ 14:17 
yeah, i actually used to use version control, but when i switched servers forgot to set it up again on the new server (i should do that soon). what i did for backups was to manually put the project in the dropbox folder periodically, but sometimes i'd neglect doing so for too long.
Agret 1 Ağu 2015 @ 18:19 
Not using version management seems like a huge mistake, seriously get on gitlab or github or similar.
plexus 12 Tem 2015 @ 9:19 
ah that sucks, should use something like github. Gives you version control and you never have to worry about loosing work. combined with a cloud backup like google drive, dropbox, onedrive, etc and you can keep the bigger stuff saved automatically as well.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 12 Tem 2015 @ 9:07 
i know this will be disappointing, but i had a hard drive crash recently where i lost 2 weeks of work; i know i should make more frequent backups, but i messed up. so there may be another short delay while i re-do the stuff that i did over the last two weeks. because i already did it once, it'll be faster the second time, but still, this will set it back a bit. the main things i lost are the workshop functionality and improvements to the level editor. i will try to get it done by the end of july or the beginning of august.
plexus 12 Tem 2015 @ 4:16 
Any updates on when this will be coming out? I just heard about it recently but from what ive heard im excited to play it in its steam finished state.
raekuul 28 Haz 2015 @ 8:22 
I was one of the beta testers for one of the pre-sale versions. I'm very excited to see this on Steam.
Alex 2 Haz 2015 @ 23:14 
I remember playing the demo for this about 6 or 7 years ago. I think it's time I play the actual game, I fell in love with the story, visuals and gameplay.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 30 May 2015 @ 10:32 
so probably not may, but almost definitely june, unless some other unforeseen event occurs.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 30 May 2015 @ 10:31 
my computer actually broke, i need to replace the motherboard, so for the last two weeks i've been without a computer! sorry for the delays. i managed to order another motherboard by borrowing some money from a friend, but it'll still cause some delay. the game is very near to release though -- basically the only thing left to do is to finish the trailer and fix a few bugs.
The Advisor 27 May 2015 @ 21:54 
Still seem like it'll be out in may?
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 2 May 2015 @ 3:34 
deltarys: probably may! sorry for the constant delays, i just want it to be perfect.
Deltarys 1 May 2015 @ 15:29 
release date ??
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 21 Şub 2015 @ 14:10 
there is still space available for the beta yes. sorry for the delay in release, i've had some health problems that have prevented me from working on the steam release as much as i'd like to, but it should be out in march or april.
Kerma 18 Şub 2015 @ 22:11 
I've bought this game multiple times (after foolishly losing the download) and love it. If you are still doing the beta testing for steam integration I would love to give a helping hand.
Cirrial 13 Ara 2014 @ 15:57 
Hey, any space available for beta keys now or is it too late? First bought this game years and years ago, but it just popped up in my memory again recently.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 20 Kas 2014 @ 8:07 
thanks! sent you a key in a message.
.//slayer 20 Kas 2014 @ 1:05 
It's awesome to hear that the game is almost there :) Thanks for the outstanding work. Sent you a friend request.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 19 Kas 2014 @ 17:16 
NOTE: i am now in beta for immortal defense on steam. if anyone would like to beta test the steam release of immortal defense, and has bought the game previously, friend me (if you haven't already) and message me about it, and i'll give you a beta key.
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 10 Kas 2014 @ 18:30 
working on it tonight some more, sorry for the delays!
Vatticwave 6 Kas 2014 @ 12:51 
Hello here! any new info on the steam release date? :)
.//slayer 3 Eyl 2014 @ 14:19 
Great, great, thank you for the reassurance! All I needed was a little piece of info that everything is alright :) Your position in development is the one that I personally admire, it's no good to rush things when you can take your time and polish everything to perfection. Best of luck in squishing those nasty bugs! Your playerbase eagerly anticipates the Steam release!
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 3 Eyl 2014 @ 13:51 
hi! sorry for the delays. i've been fixing bugs in the v1.2 version, there are about 5 bugs left that i'm trying to fix, and then i can start playtesting for release. i'm a bit of a perfectionist so i tend to make sure there are absolutely no problems before doing a release, rather than releasing it and fixing it later in a patch (which is probably what normal people would do).
.//slayer 2 Eyl 2014 @ 2:44 
I hope it doesn't sound annoying, but is there any news on the game's progress? I can't wait to see it on Steam, but it's been one and a half month since the last time you mentioned how the things are going. Just a little bit of into would greatly bolster my morale ;)
♦♦SeRieS♦◘ 25 Ağu 2014 @ 8:12 
great song,??
dstln 18 Tem 2014 @ 0:57 
Great, I love to hear that this is finally moving on here
teh_andraw 15 Tem 2014 @ 15:11 
This awesome game finally got greenlit!
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 13 Tem 2014 @ 18:52 
oh yes, i'm adding achievements to v1.2, and a lot more besides that too. the major changes will be:

* Achievement (medals) system added. Forty achievements, each with a different gameplay bonus.
* French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian translations added, translated by fans.
* Some shader effects added, and other visual improvements.
* Music and sound volume controls added.
* Level speed settings added: during play, you can switch between half speed, normal speed, 2x speed, or 3x speed.
* Some fan-made custom campaigns are now included.
* Widescreen mode added.
* Large performance improvements.
* Some improvements to the menus and interface.
* The game now has three save slots instead of just one.
* A large number of bug fixes and balance changes.
Delance 12 Tem 2014 @ 9:50 
Nice! I hope the game has achievements as an incentive for people who have already played it.
AngelSpirit 6 Tem 2014 @ 10:31 
Wow, you're still going strong; glad to see it! Definitely looking forward to giving the game another spin when 1.2 comes out!
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 25 Haz 2014 @ 4:14 
thanks for all the nice comments! short update: the game's next version is currently in testing for bugs, but should be on steam soon (within a month or two).
.//slayer 24 Haz 2014 @ 7:53 
This is the best Tower Defense game I've ever played, both for its unique mechanics and deep philosophical plot that keeps the player engaged up to the very end. At a certain point I found that I want to beat the mission ASAP just to see the way events turn after that. And the game is also bold enough to take a huge leap away from the traditional "build & watch" way of presenting a defense game and offering a player a much deeper interaction with the buildings and enemies, thus packing the game with intense action and decision-making. Love it! And will buy it immediately after it gets on Steam. Best of luck, devs!
Fulmper 8 Haz 2014 @ 17:42 
Here is some gameplay if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op7YeZMZe8o
greylord 3 May 2014 @ 11:56 
At last! Congratullations!
Waiting for Saturated Dreamers too :D:
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 1 May 2014 @ 13:29 
as an aside i'm still working on an update patch to this game (widescreen support, speed improvements, adding in the different fan translations to the languages mentioned in the game's description above, achievements, etc.) and i want to finish that before submitting to steam, just so it can have the best version of the game, so it still may be another few months before it's on steam. thanks for all the support!
Pathborn  [yaratıcı] 1 May 2014 @ 13:25 
@C0untzer0 - after i finish saturated dreamers i'll set up a greenlight page for it too, most likely.
C0untzer0 30 Nis 2014 @ 9:25 
Finally! I bought it in the meantime but I'll re-buy it on day 1 annyway bexause I believe in supporting your work. Will you be bringing other projects to Steam?