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Anikey 13.4.2017 kello 8.18 
Hello! Is there any progress on the game development?
SpyroTheCrabRangoon 1.1.2017 kello 23.20 
1.) There was no story as far as I can remember, I care more about gameplay anyway.
2.) The MC was fine as he was.
3.) The gameplay is excellent, whatever you do don't dumb it down.

4.) Put the demo back up on your site pls
5.) Hurry up I've been waiting 3 years for this.
Crystals 12.9.2016 kello 23.40 
Hisomu 18.6.2016 kello 23.02 
Haga  [tekijä] 18.6.2016 kello 17.16 
Okay a quick update:

We're restarting the project! We've recieved some awesome feedback from you guys and friends about how we can make the game better:

1.) The story sucks! So we're rewriting it.

2.) The main character isn't super appealing. So we're redesigning him.

3.) The gameplay is good, but not great. So we're going to spend more time polishing.

We've been saving money for the past few years so we can continue development, which we intend to do as openly as possible. We'll be streaming our development process on twitch so others can join in!
Haga  [tekijä] 7.1.2015 kello 15.32 
Sorry guys, we won't be continuing this project anytime soon. The demo is good but not great - needs another few months worth of work at least to push it over the edge, which we just don't have time for.

Thanks for the interest and support!
Hisomu 7.1.2015 kello 12.56 
Yo fatаss wassup? Any news?
dioff 7.11.2014 kello 9.54 
Swifty Magee 11.9.2014 kello 2.08 
So according to the website Kicktraq, which tracks the development of Kickstarters, Guts fell way short of it's $60,000 goal. The Kickstarter for the game was between Aug. 30th - Sept. 29th of 2012. During the month of September, the last of any updates I could find for this game were posted through Twitter, Facebook, and the Big Men Games website. As far as I can tell, the last update about Guts was made on Sept. 24th on Facebook and Twitter, displaying the new trailer.

It seems like the situation was that their Kickstarter failed, and because of that, all development of the game ceased. So until one of the three devs releases some sort of statement, this game appears to be completely dead. I'd love to be proven wrong, as the alpha that is on their site is pretty fun. But until Snail_Fights or someone else says the contrary, it's over folks.
Swifty Magee 11.9.2014 kello 1.47 
Well, the developer Big Men Games hasn't updated their Twitter or Facebook accounts for about two years now. The same goes for their website, which only has one dev blog entry that was posted back in September 5th, 2012. Looks like the game is dead. That's a big shame too, since I voted for this and had high hopes for the finished project.
Maynard 18.7.2014 kello 9.52 
Seems to be dead in the water. Sad, it showed promise.
[x] Vhailor 16.2.2014 kello 14.59 
Still my favourite Greenlight title. Any news from the devs?
Dogwash Fancypants 7.1.2014 kello 18.09 
looks great guys.
roder 14.12.2013 kello 10.11 
Interesting! Maybe start a kickstarter including multiplayer, might garner more interest.
brilin01 4.12.2013 kello 20.06 
Finally greenlit. Congrats!
Camentos 10.11.2013 kello 8.42 
Will really love to see the GUI polished. Looks good and fun!
staticspine 28.10.2013 kello 10.30 
Any news about the game?
Mikhail 23.10.2013 kello 13.37 
This game looks like promising crap. Give it some polish and I'll tattoo the game's poster on my left buttock.
Истинный Хокаге 28.9.2013 kello 8.12 
Истинный Хокаге 28.9.2013 kello 8.11 
Undare 24.9.2013 kello 16.11 
You have someting very good there... i would love to follow :egg: Upvote
class101 5.9.2013 kello 2.41 
This game has been reviewed and added to the Procedurally generated games collection
P4ge 31.8.2013 kello 5.43 
look cool
DRUNK_CANADIAN 25.8.2013 kello 10.40 
Definitely interesting game,and reasonably projected price. The story maps will be what determines if it is a memorable game though (either make it or break it). Regardless it is an interesting game which deserves a shot at being on steam.
Grifman 22.8.2013 kello 21.57 
I thiink this looks pretty cool but you really different weapons. Just running around with a big pistol doesn't do it. You need different weapons that can be pulled out for different situations that would make it more tactical. Just my opinion.
RPH 13.8.2013 kello 13.47 
I quite liked the idea. Have you thought about publishing on platforms like Ouya or Android too?
Vercinger 14.7.2013 kello 18.03 
Nice! Upvoted.
actionPotential 13.7.2013 kello 0.43 
Fantastic music!
Lemur 10.7.2013 kello 13.16 
a deep talent tree like in Dungeons of dredmor would make this game perfect, upvoted
wargasm 10.7.2013 kello 7.18 
This is a game I would love to see finished being made. My time is limited and as much as I wish i'd play this game on PC, I probably wouldn't be able to get deep into it, although I'd be happy to pay $5 wether or not I play to help support the project. With tablets becoming more powerful with each generation this is the type of game I wish would come to android. I'd play the shit out of this on a nexus 7. I commute by train and I hate the selection of crapware games on android and ios market places. I know its harder to develop for a tablet but talented dev's need to bring real quality games to android.

Yes, off topic a bit, but whatevs. The game gets my vote

ps. Hi Chris, been a long time since sculpture class at AAC :) Good to see you're doing your own thing! Looking good. -Mike
Ravachol 22.6.2013 kello 9.20 
Would be great if you finish it, I played the shit out of the alpha :)
❤ Lillian Gish ❤ 2.6.2013 kello 2.11 
Any chance of a GOG release ?
Haga  [tekijä] 30.5.2013 kello 18.47 
We are - but slower. Should have updates in a few weeks.
Lord_Overseer 30.5.2013 kello 14.42 
Kind of "crickets" on the web site... please tell me you guys ARE still making this game?
Emperor Porklyn 14.5.2013 kello 17.03 
Wow. I've voted on alot of stuff but this game looks very interesting. I might actually be a little excited.
cAtiVeriO 23.4.2013 kello 12.17 
I SO hope they keep their promise and I'll get high-fives for life.
Glitch 20.4.2013 kello 21.39 
Wish I could tell my prior self to go get in on the kick starter, this looks kind of awesome. Played the Alpha demo, looking forward to more.
G.G. Abrams 18.4.2013 kello 8.51 
Played your demo months ago during your kickstarter. It was the first kickstarter I ever backed! I love it.
GambitKing 18.4.2013 kello 2.59 
Game looks nice, love the art style of the game, hopefully it gets greenlit :)
soul 17.4.2013 kello 5.47 
Shame that kickstarter wasn't successful, but it looks great. More content and polishing should make this game super fun. Loved the alpha.
Grognard_87 9.4.2013 kello 1.27 
Looks very good and I love the art style. It looks very good as I love any type of game on a grid and it looks like a lot of fun. I'd certainly buy this once its available.
Haga  [tekijä] 4.4.2013 kello 0.05 
Thanks Quazi and Manlex. GUTS is on a backburner temporarily while we settle into our new jerbs. Gotta pay them bills.
Manlex 3.4.2013 kello 23.03 
Hey Haga, good luck with the game and I hope development goes well. :)
QuaziPance 20.3.2013 kello 15.53 
So. Is this game dead? Haven't heard anything from developers in a while. Seems like after the kickstarter failed they sort of faded away. Would be a shame if they didn't keep working on this
Ezekiel VII 20.3.2013 kello 1.47 
Rly well looking game! :)
MacMan 16.3.2013 kello 20.37 
Lets do this!
Martoq 15.3.2013 kello 9.58 
Having messed with the demo, the game really needs more characters to use during a turn. To many enemies for one lone guy.
Martoq 15.3.2013 kello 9.47 
Had my vote at Final Fantasy Tactics meets Diablo mash up.
Sigvaldi 7.3.2013 kello 3.10 
thanks for the Linux support
Marky_Mark 4.3.2013 kello 22.41 
Looks good