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Zombie Grinder
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Who? 1 oct. 2016 à 18h07 
Hi, I'm not here to boost but promote your released game to over 500,000 real people [no bots are used]. My service is very cheap and I hope you will take me up on my offer.

Please contact me on steam

:Fleur_de_Lys:Regards ATOMIX:Fleur_de_Lys:
NeXTrO 4 mai 2016 à 13h48 
Is this game still played or at least...developed? I've seen alot of issues and few people online and no major update is announced :(:csgoskull:
素晴らしいポッサム 17 janv. 2016 à 1h06 
Woah... Watching this video now is like "... Whaaat? This is what it used to be?" It's so different now, I kind of wish I could say I've been here since the beginning...
Infinitus  [créateur] 31 oct. 2015 à 3h38 
@Warmanreaper The steam release is a from-scratch rewrite of the game, its not the same game as the free version. Though your welcome to continue playing that version.

Also a announcement/rational behind the change from F2P here:
Warmanreaper 30 oct. 2015 à 19h47 
whats funny as shit is i could just go play this for free , when steam is charing like 12$ for it? LOL?
Raptor 16 oct. 2015 à 10h23 
So we've fully committed to a release date, and valve has approved everything. We release to early access on steam on 16th October 2015, for realsies!

donkong[ger] 1 oct. 2015 à 7h06 
Das Spiel ist Toter als Elvis!
PHANTOM FORCES 25 sept. 2015 à 18h52 
Played a bit of it before it was on Steam and Greenlit. I LOVED this concept, and hope it gets popular.
donkong[ger] 21 sept. 2015 à 7h51 
dieses Spiel wird niemals auf Steam erscheinen weil die von twindrills es einfach nicht hinbekommen.
mathyno 24 août 2015 à 2h28 
i cant wait live stream it
Little Gomes 🏆 7 août 2015 à 9h54 
thanks man :)
Infinitus  [créateur] 7 août 2015 à 9h37 
@kiddo: twindrills.com drop by the forums, we're giving out beta keys if you want to try it before we put in up on steam :)
Little Gomes 🏆 7 août 2015 à 9h36 
@Infuntus, valeu por responder. Estava com medo do projeto ter sido abandonado. Amo muito esse jogo e n achei notícia comprovando nada (y)
Infinitus  [créateur] 7 août 2015 à 4h31 
@kiddo, because we're working on things :). Give us time.
Little Gomes 🏆 6 août 2015 à 14h48 
Vejo que esse jogo recebeu sinal verde ah muito tempo já, e não há nenhuma página dele na loja do steam. Por que ? ;-;
Raptor 14 juil. 2015 à 16h20 
Send somebody on your friend list this message:


Click on it and it will open the Zombie Grinder group chat (hub)

Also don't forget to register on the ZG forums:

LandCorgi 9 juil. 2015 à 18h16 
I loved the original game! Could I possibly get a steam key? I don't know how much longer I can wait XD
RoxasTheSpiriter 4 juil. 2015 à 10h33 
Wanting a steam key for this game to be able to test out what they have so far QQ
Marcoleric 26 juin 2015 à 12h40 
can't wait for dat awesome game :ghsmile:
Cecatto 24 mai 2015 à 15h00 
Infinitus  [créateur] 18 mai 2015 à 13h10 
ETA: We're looking at a few weeks-ish. Waiting for jordan to sort out some steam-store art.
Cecatto 17 mai 2015 à 12h07 
Please give us an ETA, i played the game in desura and it was awesome.
Raptor 21 avr. 2015 à 13h15 
Is there alreadt a ETA for the release on steam?
Or atleast have a steam store page so it can be placed in the upcomming games list.
Raptor 16 avr. 2015 à 13h27 
Just bought the Large Donator package :D:
Lenin 21 mars 2015 à 21h38 
Best Game Ever :v 10/10
wolf kit 21 mars 2015 à 14h17 
must have
Infinitus  [créateur] 17 mars 2015 à 12h18 
As TripCharge said, game already has one built in :).
TripCharge 17 mars 2015 à 12h03 

Level editor and Steam Workshop integration are already planned to be included in the Steam release. Just one of the reasons why I love this game.
Poop in 17 mars 2015 à 2h58 
This game needs a level editor, so that people can create their own levels and put them in the Steam Workshop
Raptor 7 mars 2015 à 13h12 
If you (still) need somebody that needs to test out the steam version of the game then pm me.
ReptileHand 10 févr. 2015 à 17h51 
Haha I missed this game so much! Just getting back into playing it today :) :scouthead:
Tytykeys 2 févr. 2015 à 17h52 
If steam would just add this all ready!
Lucifer 13 janv. 2015 à 15h35 
When's this gonna actually be on steam? I ask because I played the hell out of this when I played it on Desura, You may or may not remember me, my name on Zombie Grinder was Kreep
Raptor 9 janv. 2015 à 10h03 

There is already a open "beta".

The game is not on steam (yet) but it's already released on Desura.

Ventus 2 janv. 2015 à 11h54 
10 out of 10 :v!
Bester 30 déc. 2014 à 14h33 
Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Best Game ever.
xxdylanxxfire 23 déc. 2014 à 12h02 
I know you where saying about a year back that you where shooting for summer of this year for release. When do you expect to have an open beta or full release now?
kzntswsk 17 déc. 2014 à 15h39 
Hey, just wanted to say that I'm so excited (weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) to see this game finally coming to Steam. Congratulations.
Raptor 16 déc. 2014 à 3h32 
P25GR-WAUA0-MQR9X - Santa Hat code (Almost 2 years old already)
Reivaros 6 déc. 2014 à 3h01 
Infinitus  [créateur] 6 déc. 2014 à 2h40 
Henchman #5 6 déc. 2014 à 1h01 
This game is sooo! great! Love playing it and can't wait for it to come to steam. Btw when is it coming?
Pulowski 21 nov. 2014 à 15h59 
i want it on steam before i even play it on desura cus i get the feeling that this games really good and it looks really good but i feel like i cant put it off until it comes for steam so i can enjoy the benefits of itbeing a steam game :P
Blure 9 nov. 2014 à 8h36 
This game so far is amazing and has alot of potential. Please finish it soon guys! :)
duwang man 6 nov. 2014 à 12h33 


no u dont
Infinitus  [créateur] 30 oct. 2014 à 15h45 
"I know guys, i'm on it"
- Infini :)

Sorry for the lack of updates, been incredibly busy at work for the last few months and rewriting a game takes a bit of time. Should see some more info soon.
Sevenstitch 29 oct. 2014 à 18h04 
Hey ive checked like every site i can for update info (Infinitus, Jordizzle, and Twin Drills Twitters, official website, desura forum and news feed, this site) and I can't find anything..

Soo.. I get that this is a free game, and you are making it in your free time, but some sort of progress update every so often would be really cool

you know, even if its something along the lines of "I know guys, i'm on it"

anyway, dont mean to pester you, just really looking forward to an update! :)
Marcoleric 23 oct. 2014 à 9h41 
I love this game, I play it a lot of time, I hope one day I'll see it on steam :ghsmile:
internet trap star 1 oct. 2014 à 14h43 
Infinitus  [créateur] 1 oct. 2014 à 14h10 
Not even looked at it, so no, no plans. May look into it though, if people want it.