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Little Racers STREET
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[DE] Loddl70 29/abr/2017 às 5:33 
GaNjAJΞSUS 12/out/2016 às 10:55 
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Who? 1/out/2016 às 18:11 
Hi, I'm not here to boost but promote your released game to over 500,000 real people [no bots are used]. My service is very cheap and I hope you will take me up on my offer.

Please contact me on steam

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S.A.N.T.Y.A.G.O. [05 rus] 13/mai/2015 às 12:03 
Как скачать?
TroyBoi 27/fev/2015 às 13:43 
pro_ex6tenz;3 22/fev/2015 às 1:43 
decado 4/abr/2014 às 15:17 
@WaaghMan Many thanks for your quick reply, I´ll check it out as soon as I have arranged a Desura account.
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 4/abr/2014 às 2:01 
decado 3/abr/2014 às 12:36 
I bought this at Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 2.
When will the keys for Steam be handed out ?
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 7/fev/2014 às 2:06 
@xliegeois Please post details on the issue on the game discussion forums
Calou 6/fev/2014 às 23:35 
Just bought it, but can't play ! It's constantly crashing on startup...
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 6/fev/2014 às 13:40 
@Plaid Thanks to you for your support! :)
Plaid 6/fev/2014 às 12:24 
game unlocks in 3 hours...
Plaid 6/fev/2014 às 12:23 
Sweet! keys are out at IGS!
Thanks WaaghMan
matrix_omega 31/jan/2014 às 9:02 
I was just going to write the same (about IGS) .. Waiting Patiently :D
LadySky89 29/jan/2014 às 11:01 
nice to hear that.. :)
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 29/jan/2014 às 10:06 
@LadySky89 We'll do :)
LadySky89 29/jan/2014 às 7:19 
I bought this from Indie Games Stand, the page said "get a steam key when the game is greenlit". I hope you'll be keeping your word..
Doni_Banana 29/jan/2014 às 2:26 
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 27/jan/2014 às 12:40 
@Tilters Can't guarantee it yet, but I think you'll get a key.
Tubers 27/jan/2014 às 12:20 
I managed to get a copy of Little Racers Street when it was free on Desura, will I still be entitled to a Steam key?
♛A1900A♛ 26/jan/2014 às 12:10 
Simbaaaaaaaaaaaa 25/jan/2014 às 0:36 
Dope 23/jan/2014 às 2:54 
:D you rock guys!
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 23/jan/2014 às 2:48 
@Purple @NEXT free run won't be available from the start, but it's on our wish list for future updates. The only issue with it would be oversaturating the menu interface, other than that it's very easy so we'll probably add it soon.
Dope 22/jan/2014 às 13:11 
yeah freerun would be a really cool addition :happymeat:
NEXT 15/jan/2014 às 16:43 
I want Free-run mode in all open world
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 8/jan/2014 às 10:17 
@AlfaOmega Most of the new content is complete and the Mac and Linux ports are also nearing completion. I hope we'll post some news in the next few days.
Alfa-Omega 8/jan/2014 às 9:01 
how it is going the development?

I am so excited waiting for this game.
Meturoido 6/jan/2014 às 12:45 
Totalmente de acuerdo con WaaghMan y me encanta su sentido de etica, vender betas a precio completo es una total travestia de la industria.
BOT Sidra 2/jan/2014 às 15:42 
@waaghMan la verdad que me gustaria ver evolucionar el juego, como dije lo probe en la xbox (me parece mejor con mando) y si que molaria mucho verlo con mas cositas, yo que se...camara desde el coche (vale, no seria el mismo tipo de juego, pero molaria)
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 2/jan/2014 às 12:56 
@Sidra en la versión de Steam metemos unos 10 coches más, unos cuantos de ellos son clásicos, aunque concretamente ninguno de los que dices por desgracia :(
BOT Sidra 2/jan/2014 às 12:44 
@WaaghMan Tengo la demo en la xbox, seguramente lo compre, aunque el de steam tambien xD no lo poneis muy caro jajajajaja me molo bastante, me jode el tema de los nombres de los coches, aunque son reconocibles, me gustarian coches mas clasicos, ya sabeis, 205, R5, 306(porfa, este xD)...
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 2/jan/2014 às 9:50 
@Sidra personalmente estoy bastante en contra de vender un juego como prebeta a precio de versión final, así que optaremos por la primera. Añadiremos cosas si la gente lo pide, pero el juego ya está mayormente completo y no le veo mucho a sentido a decir lo contrario.
Zaraxes 2/jan/2014 às 8:36 
looks challenging.
DCeric 1/jan/2014 às 20:46 
Really happy to see this game has become Greenlit I was thinking about getting it on Desura but I'm glad I have waited. I love the game and had done a review on it awhile back.
BOT Sidra 27/dez/2013 às 9:57 
Tengo ganas de que lo saqueis y añadirlo a mi biblioteca de Steam, ¿Teneis pensado sacarlo como juego final o como prebeta e ir añadiendole cosas? La verdad, me gustaria mas la segunda
b4con 27/dez/2013 às 5:52 
Looks awesome! Any Steam launch date?
iEnerrgizer 25/dez/2013 às 23:14 
looks fun
Magrão 21/dez/2013 às 18:58 
Pelos gráficos e estilo parece interessante!
Seraf 15/dez/2013 às 6:00 
french translation ?
Mr. Orange 14/dez/2013 às 21:56 
When is it coming to Steam~
Lividhugs 3/dez/2013 às 23:42 
This is awesome!
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 1/dez/2013 às 9:54 
@TOM, @Trixie , we're working hard to add the promised features and new content, as well as betatesting for the new platforms. We're aiming to release in early 2014.
Traps Are Gay 1/dez/2013 às 9:18 
When is it available in Steam? :D:
El mano del dios 28/nov/2013 às 16:09 
Turk UK 28/nov/2013 às 13:20 
re : Lap length - being a pc game - the longer the better. As you say its not an iOS game - other mini racers ported from ios to pc have those short laps and were panned for it. only suitable for playing whilst sat on the loo or waiting for a bus not for an evenings gaming.
Been wanting a micro machines for sometime (since sega days!) so keeping an eye on this.
Firemark 25/nov/2013 às 2:25 
WaaghMan  [autor(a)] 23/nov/2013 às 11:37 
@Mekris28 probably in January 2014 or around that date.
matto3o 23/nov/2013 às 11:33 
@WaaghMan when will it be released?