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Kissamies 22/ago/2014 às 2:49 
Yes, Flight of Icarus and Guns of Icarus Online are probably inspired by this game, or rather the UT2k4 mod this was based on, but they actually finished their game so I can't be too mad at them. Still not as fun as AirBuccaneers, tho.
The Young Lion 1/jul/2014 às 1:34 
It kinda feels familiar.*cough* Guns of Icarus *cough*
Dwurfy 11/abr/2014 às 14:26 
Shelby 18/dez/2013 às 21:06 
quite a good green light game
Socrates 21/nov/2013 às 14:00 
How developers now a days are able too copy other developers idea's and call it their own work then try to make money off it is beyond me. I'm surprised there is no legal laws yet for this kind of thing. If I copied someone elses artwork and called it something else I would be sued. A true artist doesn't need to copy idea's or other peoples work. A real artist comes up with his own. It's called creativity. Something lacking in our current industry now a days it seems.
A Hungry Hungry Hippo 1/set/2013 às 8:55 
*Promises Mac and Linux*
*Gets Greenlit, doesn't deliver*
Paranoid Android 23/ago/2013 às 10:47 
Totally nothing like Guns of Icarus..
Chocolate Wald 6/ago/2013 às 2:08 
*cough* Guns of Icarus *cough*
ウィリ サンパイオ 4/jul/2013 às 10:52 
[GAMS]FinDorsal 3/jul/2013 às 22:05 
omg im so happy they finally updated and rebooted this game i used to play this so much but it isnt supported on newer versions of windows this is a rlly old game
mrPrimetime 19/jun/2013 às 11:53 
Wheres the mac support?
Puss Slayer 9/jun/2013 às 21:44 
if only this game had mac support :(
Kimimaro 1/jun/2013 às 16:56 
this game makes so fon same mod like ut2004
cheeki 3/abr/2013 às 23:43 
the game is still f2p
S.T.A.R.S T-Virus 23/mar/2013 às 13:11 
So colours and castels make you vikings? I think the peapole that are most vikings are were that they are most releated to em, wich I have no idea wich is and I am to lazy to find out.
nathank07 21/mar/2013 às 14:56 
it was good in beta and then said if was gonna be free to play they liwd sop now the game base is dead
Thaiax 9/mar/2013 às 9:51 
Does anyone here know about Tralleborg? Thats the biggest viking castle in the world, and its located in denmark. There is also some other big castels in denmark i dont remember the name on. Also, look at the graphs, the biggest castels were in denmark and the classic colours for vikings is RED and WHITE - like danish! So, no offense to anyone, but we danes are as much vikings (maybe even more) than those finnish people. And to end this message, i understand why the swedish is known as vikings, its because that they have the most square kilometers cost.
NotaWizard 28/fev/2013 às 21:44 
Look for Guns of Icarus instead, same kind of game but better and they also have the Linux client.
Animal 28/fev/2013 às 4:42 
This game sux. Thanx guys. I didnt vote for it.
Mestaris 21/fev/2013 às 8:57 
Do you need a good computer for this? Just asking.
ison 19/fev/2013 às 7:22 
I too voted for this because it listed Linux. Where is the Linux client?
☭EuPhobos 17/fev/2013 às 22:31 
And where is Linux version as they promised ?! I voted for?
If rapid recovery does not appear the news about it, I will write a complaint for fraud with this vote.
SirAser[ScopeEye] 16/fev/2013 às 20:58 
The viking where DANISH and NORWEGIANS and the figth is over the north...?! ..but no support in Danish or norwegians ..only swedish and finnish?
KingTurtleton 16/fev/2013 às 6:08 
severly dissapointed with this game, poor graphics and bad gameplay, 2 types of zeppelins all with exactly the same gun.
Kermit the 🐸 11/fev/2013 às 7:13 
Я купил её сразу. Она сразу меня и разочаровала. Слишком ранний релиз.
Guust Flater 11/fev/2013 às 3:30 
Indeed was searching myself, no news on Linux version yet??

THIS. IS. REVOLUTION!! Feb 10, 2013 @ 1:01am
What happened to the Linux version? Will it be released on Steam Linux client or maybe not?
Tracer 9/fev/2013 às 16:01 
What happened to the Linux version? Will it be released on Steam Linux client or maybe not?
♪ Redix ♪ 27/jan/2013 às 17:50 
Interesting game, enjoyable gameplay, great features and the ambient is just bloody awesome!

──────────╔═╝║ for greenlight -..
──────────╚══╝ Deserved.
Jew_Santa 11/jan/2013 às 18:30 
Both are rip off of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin's invention! ''How has this not been sued ?!''
Madpotator 10/jan/2013 às 8:38 
In case you are referring to this being a Guns of Icarus ripoff, mr/ms Eagle, I'll inform you a bit. This is a remake of a mod for UT2004, which was released in 2004. Guns of Icarus developers became aware of it during development, but didn't try to rip it off either. Now the same guys who made the mod released a remake.

So can people please stop being stupid about this?
Abii 10/jan/2013 às 7:38 
Oh my god, first WarZ copying DayZ and now this?! Can't people be fucking original instead of stealing ideas from other good games? What the fuck, and people still buy this too and support these fuckers.
Gumby37 10/jan/2013 às 7:09 
Goggles ar the ready!
Ciunay_R 2/jan/2013 às 3:10 
Paul Newman 30/dez/2012 às 13:26 
That game needs a demo.
cheeki 24/dez/2012 às 20:00 
cpmpletely different game from guns of icarus. this game is more of an fps with a coop airship system. Guns of icarus you stay on your ship and fire with only your cannons. Guns of icarus online is extremly inspired by this game. Just like how cod was heavly inspired by the counterstrike, medal of honor and battlefield franchises.
Bob Boomer 12/dez/2012 às 2:52 
Is this a Better Remake of Guns of Icarus ?
Grady 9/dez/2012 às 15:50 
this game looks incredible, definitely want to get it
Dreaminsomnia 8/dez/2012 às 22:18 
I agree.... Guns of Icarus....
Pelvaraux 7/dez/2012 às 14:47 
Amazing. Simply amazing. I certainly plan to buy this.
GameSpawnChris 6/dez/2012 às 7:11 
about to release a gameplay vid
OwnageBurst 5/dez/2012 às 14:58 
not free?
DJBisogno2 5/dez/2012 às 13:42 
............guns of icarus
Glycine Isoleucine Proline 5/dez/2012 às 12:20 
So it's not free anymore ?!
Protag 5/dez/2012 às 8:21 
oh....when will they be up again?
Among the Marked.J2 5/dez/2012 às 7:17 
@ Awesome: The servers were brought down so they could set up for the release(which is today)
Protag 4/dez/2012 às 9:47 
the beta i downloaded wont load D:
DPB | Osmosis Years™ 3/dez/2012 às 7:01 
how about anyone who voted for it gets a free copy :3
FISH KILL 2/dez/2012 às 8:49 
Well since it's not free 2 play how much money will it be?