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Character Creation Overhaul - Uninstaller
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Sargos Shadowdrinker 12 янв в 6:19 
Some one that got this working (or-unworking) please DM me, i just rebuilt my mod list from zero to start a clean save and i cant get this to work (or not work), im still crashing.
Dovah 15 июн. 2017 в 20:53 
Did what the instructions said. It said it deleted. Thought I did it right too. Logged into my Skyrim game, and guess what I get to character creation and try to change the gender of my character and Skyrim freezes, and the crashes. Never had this fucking problem until I download this stupid ass mod. You better find a solution to this because if this fucked up my game oh my fucking god, mad won't even discribe how I will feel.
jfabel123 14 мая. 2017 в 17:54 
It says i unistall it and sfter i it says that i delete the mod. i open the game again and the mod is still active. WTF?!?!?!?!?!
FrankBeret89 31 окт. 2016 в 18:53 
I've followed the instructions and it did work for me.
xKillersHell 25 окт. 2016 в 18:48 
Seriouslly. This mod fucked up with my Skyrim. I can't play anymore. I uninstalled the game several times and this fucking mod DON'T GET OUT. i'm pissed with this, I think that will be more imersive to the game, but i was wrong.
kikz1132 15 сен. 2016 в 15:03 
what does esp. mean cause i can't get in my game it says reactivate cco unistaller.esp
KeFFeZ QC 17 окт. 2015 в 11:16 
Yay, Cant start a new character with these sh*tty mod, your method work very well! But when i start playing a new character CANT SEE MY FACE stupid iron armor.
KeFFeZ QC 18 авг. 2015 в 13:45 
I want to start a new game, lost my save using this mod and now i dont have it anymore, i didnt heard of the uninstaller and doing your method dont work anymore for me. please help.
Grandpa 22 ноя. 2014 в 5:02 
first time i've heard of this, how goes progress on the possible fix if there is one?
Syclonix  [автор] 17 янв. 2014 в 0:33 
@chickenwang117: Like I said, there could be a number of reasons for the crash on startup. Try my other troubleshooting steps before trying to unsub everything. In particular, follow the steps to verify the integrity of your game cache.

You can check for SKSE dependency by reading the descriptions on the mod pages. It will say whether you need any DLCs or SKSE installed to use the mod.

Finally remember that even if you unsub from a mod, it may not uninstall it properly. Steam may not delete the file from your computer when you unsub.
Kryptocyde 16 янв. 2014 в 20:01 
okay, so if i unsub to all my mods will that work? If now how do I check if they require anything like SKSE?
Syclonix  [автор] 15 янв. 2014 в 14:29 
@chickenwang117: Okay, thanks. Because you are crashing *before* even loading a save game there are a couple of possible problems with your installation: 1) You are trying to load a mod with a missing dependency or 2) One or more of your game files have been corrupted.

Are you using any mods that require other mods? For example are you using a mod that requires SKSE, or SkyUI but you haven't installed those dependencies? Have you installed a mod that requires one of the DLCs but don't have the DLCs? Are you running a pirated version of the game? If yes, any of those can cause the crashing you're describing.

If the answer is no, you may have a correupted installation. If this is the case, go to your Steam Library, Right click on Skyrim, click on Properties, go to the Local Files tab and click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache".

Bottom-line: CCO is not capable of cause the problem you're describing. If my steps didn't help, please get proper support through the official forums.

Kryptocyde 14 янв. 2014 в 19:32 
okay, so When i start the game it opens and says bethesda like it normally does, then exits the game. and i subscribed to the charector creation overhaul, then i launched the game and it worked fine....then being the idiot i am unsubscribed without knowing about the unisnstaller. so i subbed to the overhaul again, and then the uninstaller and it still wont open the game.
Syclonix  [автор] 14 янв. 2014 в 0:39 
@chickenwang117: You have to give me more info to go on than that. What happens when you try to start the game? Which module(s) did you unsubbscribe to? Which module(s) did you resubbscribe to?
Kryptocyde 13 янв. 2014 в 19:41 
ok i resubbed but it wont even start thegame?...
Syclonix  [автор] 5 янв. 2014 в 0:55 
This is the CCO - Uninstaller module. You should NOT subscribe to this module unless you want to uninstall CCO. If you want to uninstall CCO then you've come to the right place.

I can't help you if you don't follow the instructions written on the page :/
Syclonix  [автор] 5 янв. 2014 в 0:53 
@chickenwang117: If you unsubscribe accidently, just resubscribe, and load a save before you unsubscirbed.
Kryptocyde 24 ноя. 2013 в 13:20 
what happens if you unsubscribe accedentaly? will it ruin the game?! please help!!!
mycastlecellar 7 сен. 2013 в 10:00 
I say this for all Syclonix's Over haul mods and will post on each of them. Great work and I give two thumbs up and favorite on making better NPC's for Skyrim. Keep up the good work Syclonix. You have my vote.
Cheslukoski 1 сен. 2013 в 18:01 
it will not let me start my game anymore i have tried using the uninstaller and it just will not let me start a new game even when i try to put the mods back on it gives me an error and wont load anything
ᛟ Grimsithe 18 авг. 2013 в 17:31 
i loved this mod but i leveled TOO FAST like level 40 destruction in 2 hours of gameplay
SometimesAsian 31 июл. 2013 в 8:09 
hey man it says i theres an error with the mod ingame so i can't get the book
Syclonix  [автор] 6 апр. 2013 в 3:07 
Hi Slipstream, CCO will work with existing characters, it won'tmess up your game or set you back to level 1. It is compatible with virtually all other mods because everything is done dynamically through scripts.

To use CCO, please make sure that you Subscribe to the main Character Creation Overhaul mod on this page: , not the uninstaller listed here.
slipstream31 6 апр. 2013 в 1:55 
This sounds like an incredible mod. I have barely started playing the game and not sure how i want to go about using the overhaul. What is it compatible with and not? If i use this mod will it set me back to lvl 1 or will it enhence what i already have?
Syclonix  [автор] 24 окт. 2012 в 12:17 
Hi Atlas, thanks for the feedback. FYI CCO uses virtually zero resources. The only time it uses any is when it first starts up, but once you've created your character it essentially stops running all together. There is no performance hit from keeping it installed.
Atlas Graham 24 окт. 2012 в 2:07 
Man, I really do love this mod but my crummy low end PC seems to be past its limit when it's installed. I went ahead and gave it a like (cause it really is a great mod) but it's just too much for my poor game to handle. I'll reinstall it once I do a bit of cleanup with the unused mods I got installed and hopefully it'll work then and I'll never have to use this dastardly unsubscribe mod again! Good job with what you did ^_^
Syclonix  [автор] 13 окт. 2012 в 11:34 
I'm sorry you are having trouble with this. Let me try to help:
1) Subscribe to CCO and make sure it is enabled
2) Subscribe to the CCO uninstaller and make sure it is enabled
3) Load the save or save(s) you want to uninstall CCO from. The uninstaller will do it's work automatically.

Also FYI if you just want the standing stones back in the game all you need to do is disable the CCO - Permanent Birthsigns.esp file. That module removes standing stones from the game so you cannot change your birthsign once selected through CCO.

Hope that help.
DaggarHawke 13 окт. 2012 в 5:26 
i was irritated by CCO seemingly eliminating standing stones from the game, so i unsubscribed. this of course did nothing, so i subscribed to the uninstaller, first resubscribing to CCO. it did nothing. then i unsubscribed from CCO with the uninstaller. finally a message comes up saying that CCO has to be subscribed to. fine. then i resubscribed to CCO. now a message comes up saying "it looks like you've subscribed to the uninstaller by mistake." congratulations on being the must frustrating daedra in all of skyrim. please help
Deeterz 8 сен. 2012 в 12:37 
nvm it works now
it wasnt letting me choose my race
Syclonix  [автор] 7 сен. 2012 в 23:22 
Hi deeterz, I'll try to help in any way I can. Can you be more specific about the problem? What can't you "choose in start"? Are you using an existing save or a new game? Also, have you tried deactivating the mod?
Deeterz 7 сен. 2012 в 21:07 
ugg ur mods screwed my game up
now i cant choose in start and alduin wont show up.
DacTe 2 сен. 2012 в 23:09 
Thanks mate. I haven't had a chance to test this mod out, as i have no RAM currently, should be getting more today. My RAM broke recently, no idea what happened. :( I miss Skyrim.
Syclonix  [автор] 2 сен. 2012 в 13:59 
LOL. Thanks 5(|3/\/(3 In love with DoW 1. I since you can now uninstall CCO in-game anyway, I will remove it from the collection and leave it as a separate mod.
DacTe 2 сен. 2012 в 7:31 
Also, you should remove this from the collection, Some people won't look down and will just subscribe to the entire thing. THat would be terrible.
DacTe 2 сен. 2012 в 7:30 
I will not be using this. Ever.
Syclonix  [автор] 30 авг. 2012 в 12:08 
@Rileyradford: You'd be surprised how much junk your save games accumulate from mods that don't properly uninstall themselves (particularly mods with scripts or scripted objects).

But you're right, it is kind of silly to need a separate .esp to uninstall my mod sooo the next version of Character Creation Overhaul will be able to uninstall itself from inside the game without a separate .esp.
✠Kaiser✠ 27 авг. 2012 в 17:08 
Odd you need a mod to uninstall a mod so youre getting rid of a mod with a mod
Skullgrim69 24 авг. 2012 в 5:26 
ok, thanks...simple, just load each save, save it, then load the next char. save, save it, and so on, then quit and then unsubscribe from all cco files. got it, simple thank you.
Syclonix  [автор] 23 авг. 2012 в 20:59 
Hi saurkraut79,
You will need to use the Uninstaller on each save game that uses CCO. If you already have the Uninstaller loaded it is as easy as loading each save game and saving it again after the uninstaller completes.
Skullgrim69 23 авг. 2012 в 19:18 
if i have 4 or 5 chars. going will this need to be done with each of them? or will it affect all saved games?