The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

[French] House Map Markers by Smakit
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☣ Ŧoţєยғ ☣ 2014年1月26日上午3:18 
merci bon mods
Nedritlan 2013年8月24日下午1:51 
Géniale se mods !!! en plus tu a fait en plusieur langue gg a toi
Bane 2012年9月25日下午1:19 
Simple, fonctionnel et très pratique.
Mr Patate 2012年9月14日下午6:45 
super pratique ce mod, merci !!
Lexicus | Joker 2012年7月22日上午8:23 
Horriblement pratique !
Spyno 2012年6月2日上午1:28 
Merci ! bien pratique
Mrgrours 2012年5月31日上午5:57 
Arkkan 2012年5月26日上午4:57 
Merci ! 2012年4月17日上午10:41 
super mode! :)
Il y a un nouveau mode super qui vient de sortir c'est : "The Cartographers Map Markers"
Ca serait cool d'en faire la traduction française :)
ShasLa 2012年4月13日上午9:55 
thank guy !
Tector_n_Sharps 2012年3月24日下午12:55 
Merci pour la traduction :D
Thanks for the translation :)
Thundard 2012年3月18日下午8:45 
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月18日下午1:44 
de rien
purlux 2012年2月16日上午10:43 
Super utile ! merci (:
msieurduss 2012年2月15日上午3:58 
Merci pour ce mod bien pratique :)
KaraKhitaï 2012年2月14日上午3:53 
Merci beaucoup for your awesome job :)

Definitely a must-have!
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月10日下午3:57 
Thanks, definitely glad it worked out for you =)
Acceleratio 2012年2月10日上午10:55 
glad it worked :)
Bane 2012年2月10日上午9:05 
Works perfectly with me.
Good job!
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月10日上午8:19 
Was actually working on that =) Seems you can't just upload one here without first having one set from the creation kit, so I had to go back there and upload the file for it to show up. Anyhow - viola! If you want any others up just snap em and send me links (so long as they show the mod =D)
Kroffy 2012年2月10日上午7:15 
What about a picture for this mod ? ^^
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月10日上午6:42 
Great, just had confirmation from the Spanish version as well. It seems, I guess, that some other pretty popular mods must be causing it, as I have had a few comments about this issue. Anyhow, I guess everyone can use this one without worry. Now I just wonder is it soley another mod causing it, or some awkward kind of conflict>

I don't think mine should, as it is ONLY the markers, but you never know with these kinds of things!
Kroffy 2012年2月10日上午6:35 
Yep the markers and the houses doors, which weren't in french before (the markers were in french already)!
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月10日上午6:27 
The markers are correct AND the house doors show the proper name? I hope so, as that means it works. =) If the doors still show incorrect names, I will have to try another fix. Thanks for checking!
Kroffy 2012年2月10日上午6:15 
Yep it works! I uninstalled every mods I used, reinstalled yours and the houses are now in french! As I used only two other mods (Crafting Satchels and RCRN Legacy), I will investigate to know which one is the bad one! Or maybe the game just needed to be refreshed! But it's good to know, thanks for the quick fix method!
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月10日上午5:53 
Kroff, did you try this version with the French version of the game? If so, could you try removing all mods but this one and see if the homes and other names stay correctly in French?

Seems the German version is working fine, Acceleratio was just having issues with some other mod changing the languages. After working with him, he turned all mods off but mine and it worked out fine.

Let me know if you get a chance to try it out! And thanks!
Kroffy 2012年2月10日上午3:27 
So good luck if you reinstall the game 1000 times ! Such wasted time, I don't understand why the game doesn't actually translate it by itself... But anyway, as Acceleratio said, if you need some help in any way, let me know ! (I don't know how to use the creation kit, but for other translations, I'm here !)
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月9日下午3:21 
Hi Kroff. Unfortunately it seems that the creation kit may upload some unwanted things. Since I work in English, it uploads things that I didn't even change in English as well. I'm working on fixing that, but it may take some time (as it may require me reinstalling Skyrim multiple times - one for each language - in order to fix it).

I think it affects all areas in that cell, so while you could probably manually change the names, it might not be worth the trouble yet. You could use it for the time being with english names or if you don't mind waiting, I will try to get the languages fixed properly ASAP. I will be sure to put a warning at the top for other downloaders.

Thanks for the comment.
Kroffy 2012年2月9日下午2:38 
Hey! Like your mod, but actually I first installed the english version of your mod, and then when I saw you translated in French I was pretty happy, but in fact, after deinstalling the english version and installing the french one, the names of the houses are still in english!
Maybe do you know how to change that "manually"? Can the english version affect in any way some game files?
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月9日下午2:35 
Thanks to Deadpool for the translations of the house names! If there are any issues, let me know.