Portal 2
Travel Sphere
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Petutski 14 mrt om 10:05 
Nice map! I think getting trapped is part of the challenge! Thanks!
bigmontana 2 sep 2015 om 13:34 
As others said don't get in the beam. You could put the death lasers in the wall to prevent a person making that mistake. The ball just bounced around for like 5 minutes till it decided to pop out
ufuksaygun 23 dec 2012 om 10:07 
Fun. But as others said it is better put something to prevent being stacked in the small dark room in case you move within the funnel.
SkyRoots 21 nov 2012 om 19:19 
I agree 100% with O'Brian.
Stagger Lee 14 okt 2012 om 19:47 
Not too difficult but it is fun.
Kexx 10 okt 2012 om 20:10 
Good one. It's refreshing to see the lightbridge be used not as a bridge.
(IC) Greedo 2 8 okt 2012 om 18:54 
Very creative. I like this puzzle. My only suggestion would be to create some kind of window that allows me to watch what happens inside the room with the red lasers. Thumbs up.
Warbear 10 sep 2012 om 17:40 
I tried to find a way to interrup the funnel, but didn't see anything.
Barbos  [auteur] 9 sep 2012 om 21:05 
2 Warbear
There is a way to interrupt the funnel :)
My mistake was to let player ride with the cube to that trapped room. Unfortunatly, i didn't figure out how to block the way to player, but not killing him.
Warbear 9 sep 2012 om 18:28 
The only way I could figure out to get the ball near the exit is to use the funnel to get it covered in blue gel, get it into the little room with the death field with the funnel, and let it bounce over the glass. The problem is, there is no way to interrupt the funnel, and if you ride the funnel, you get trapped in the rooom.
Barbos  [auteur] 13 jul 2012 om 21:23 
Thanks for feedback :) I try to do something with this room. Laser field seems a good choice.
O'Brian 12 jul 2012 om 2:42 
Very nice puzzle. Good idea ;-) The only problem for me is that you can be stuck in the little room if you take the tunnel. I was forced to restart the test. You can maybe add a laser field before the room to prevent that.
乇刀乇尺o 11 jul 2012 om 9:25 
Круто. Буду тестировать тесты тестированием.