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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

More Dynamic Shadows with Striping Fixed
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Peggin 23.2.2017 kello 8.23 
Causes crashing when saving or loading another area
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 4.11.2016 kello 20.33 

It is in the Candleheart inn which is located exactly in the middle of Windhelm just in front of the Palace of Kings. :)
42nd | Cоsмоиaцт ☭ 3.11.2016 kello 16.45 
Sorry to ask, but does anyone know the location of the second to last picture?
The one with the circular oven with the chimney going straight up?
RepublicCommando1262 28.10.2016 kello 21.57 
Sorry, but it was still causing Breezhome to CTD. Great mod, but sadly just doesn't work for me, even with the fix.
kamikaze.lsd 20.7.2016 kello 11.57 
There is some very weird light+texture brightness pop in in a couple of places, for example High Hrothgar, where the Greybeards are, once you enter the place, go a little forward and the first path to the left you will see the wall all of a sudden appears brighter, continuing you will see lights cast onto the walls suddenly appear.

It only happens with this mod loaded, I disabled all other lighting mods, deleted files, re-checked integrity to redownload Skyrim files and disabled/Removed ENB's.

I can make a short Youtube video to demonstrate the problem.
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 27.6.2016 kello 10.23 
@Aerandir A.

Are you running it with Hearthfire? If you are, then check the NOTES part of the description to find out how to easily fix the problem.
Aerandir A. 26.6.2016 kello 1.00 
Breezehome crashes because of this mod
shibbeh 13.3.2016 kello 18.28 
Thanks for getting back to me. appreciate it!
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 13.3.2016 kello 4.48 
It works with Enhanced Cities but it won't work with the Enhanced Inns because that mod changes some interiors and lights. :)
shibbeh 11.3.2016 kello 21.54 
does this work with the enhanced towns/inns stuff?
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 28.2.2016 kello 15.18 
Haha, i love it! xD
W1ne-Ton Hammer 28.2.2016 kello 13.51 
Skyrim is the ugliest naked woman ever. Dress her up and she can become the sexiest thing, but do not dare to strip her down.
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 10.1.2016 kello 19.16 

Skyrim has more than one .ini file, man. You can find most of them in User/Documents/My Games/Skyrim.
Niko 10.1.2016 kello 19.02 
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 10.1.2016 kello 18.15 

which one exactly? :)
Niko 10.1.2016 kello 17.40 
how do i find the .INI file?
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 25.12.2015 kello 18.58 

It works with the DLC's but it alters only some of their interiors.
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 5.12.2015 kello 18.39 

Man, your PC should perform a lot better. Maybe try lowering your res and use the lowest shadow quality config possible in your ini file. And then work your way up from there to find the perfect balance quality/performance. :)
Skrewed 5.12.2015 kello 18.32 
I know it is low. Is insane how I get only 22fps, since it is not a shitty pc (I think). It's a Quad-core @2.7ghz with a 8GB RAM @dualchannel and a 1GB/128bit GPU (HD5550). I think the problem is the shadows. Using them in high or ultra drops my ingame FPS to 13~10, INSIDE... I already tried some tweaks, thats how I managed to get 22fps. :/ whatever, whx for the fast reply! I hope I be able to upgrade (setup a new one, actually) my pc soon. I NEED to play it on HD xD
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 5.12.2015 kello 17.55 

In some interiors it will improve it but in others it will drop, yes. Maybe you should try to use some performance tweaks available here in the workshop, on the internet overall or in nexus because 22 fps is low man. :) I recommend using this mod only if you get at least 5-10 fps more from the default game. That way you can have a stable experience at all times.
Skrewed 5.12.2015 kello 17.45 
PuuLoo. I'm running skyrim at 22fps with the default Medium Shadows config. This mod will drop my fps?
Tuprewm 19.10.2015 kello 20.05 
YYeah. Thankfully, since, as I recall, all of the lights were re placed in RLO, the lighting will actually be PROPER now, making my sneaking all that cooler.
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 19.10.2015 kello 16.35 

It's nice that you stick to one style of play. :) Also good that you managed to choose a mod exactly for your needs. :P Cheers!
Tuprewm 19.10.2015 kello 16.23 
And, I also like the level of darkness in RLO, and the way they manage the lighting changes. Big plus, as a roguey sneaky type. :P (I don't fight much at all, I'm a thief, not a rogue.)
Tuprewm 19.10.2015 kello 16.17 
Alrighty. In that case I'll probably just go for RLO, since it already has it maneagable. I HATE the striping, especiall on the face, which makes my character look 70. :P RLO still hasn't fixed all of it, lol, there's still places striping is an issue
I think you'd almost have to rewrite the striping code to prevent it properly.
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 19.10.2015 kello 0.45 

Yes, it is incompatible. Actually i worked for some time with sydney666 on the mod and RLO is basically the more realisitc version of my mod, whereas my mod aims for prettyness while keeping Bethesda's style of lighting.
Tuprewm 18.10.2015 kello 23.45 
Erm... Is RLO incompatible in that there are crashes?
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 23.9.2015 kello 2.38 
K. 23.9.2015 kello 2.29 
Yup especially when people and press said that Alien: Isolation was the shit immersion-wise and it didn't even have proper dynamic lighting, self shadowing... Probably because the enemies could see the shadow and act upon; alas, it's still an idiotic way to implement... God, I want my ray-tracing in games already :/
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 23.9.2015 kello 1.41 

I feel the same. I really enjoy good games whether they have nice graphics or not but sometimes i turn into a graphics whore and want dynamic lighting and shit in games :D
K. 23.9.2015 kello 1.37 
Hey, thank you for your informative and kind answer. I can't really enjoy the games nowadays because of this issue. Have you seen the Oblivion E3 demo's shadows? Wish they kept those intact in both Syrim and Oblivion.
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 23.9.2015 kello 1.33 

Hey man, i enjoy your entusiasm and i was thinking just the same when working on it but it is not possible... The engine has a lot of limits and the lighting of the game breaks if you try to make all lights cast shadows. But this mod and the Realistic Lighting Overhaul which i also worked on with Sydney666 are the closest you can get to getting the most lights casting shadows in the game :)
K. 19.9.2015 kello 5.30 
Hi PuuLoo, is it possisble to make EVERYTHING cast shadows throughtout the whole game? I have a GTX 970 (1500/8000) and I'm ready to play the game on 900p 25 fps :) Is it something easy to update the mod? Thanks, K.
Zombielord Ativan 7.9.2015 kello 18.37 
This looks great, too bad it's not on Nexus.
dpi.erico [TF2 Odds Collector] 22.7.2015 kello 7.26 
Deleted my comments to make room, thanks for your time, and the mod itself ofcourse ^^
Fransango 1.7.2015 kello 13.07 
Good mod, but this change all door´s name to english
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 20.5.2015 kello 5.40 

just download the files and extract them in the data folder in the skyrim directory :)
Bill 30.4.2015 kello 12.51 
I dont know how to do things without steam so im just going to never use breezehome :D
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 30.3.2015 kello 7.48 

Thanks man! If you see any problems please comment!
paperclip19_89 30.3.2015 kello 7.12 
oh I see, I'm just glad it's almost unnoticable now, thanks for the hard work
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 30.3.2015 kello 7.04 

Man, you are talking about exterior striping and that cannot be fully fixed.... It is a problem with the engine and shadows. :)
paperclip19_89 30.3.2015 kello 6.09 
Mostly snow, some boulders at times, other mods were interfering I think so the more I cut down on them the better it improved, they clean up when I get near them but they pop up only every once in a while now
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 30.3.2015 kello 5.28 

Hey, please tell me where exactly you are getting those stripes and i can fix them! :)
paperclip19_89 30.3.2015 kello 5.25 
still getting stripes but they are to a minimum at least
Simoom 25.3.2015 kello 12.15 
Thanks so much for getting back to me PuuLoo. :) Your mod makes a huge difference to the in-game lighting (I did some comparisons before & after) so I would really hate to give up on it over the Breezehome compatibility issue.

(Not sure if related to the CTD workaround, but I noticed that with the fix installed, Lydia wouldn't follow me into Breezehome)
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 24.3.2015 kello 6.43 

Hey man, good to hear you are enjoying it! You are writing at the best time because i was just wondering if i should fix it and not need another mod to do the job so i think by the time next week comes it should be done and updated! :) Thanks for taking the time!
Simoom 23.3.2015 kello 20.08 
Hey there PuuLoo - I am really enjoying this mod but I do have an issue with CTD to Breezehome.

I know the "Breezehome-Hearthfire CTD fix" resolves the issue, but as stated in that mod's description, "Mod authors should not rely on this to completely fix their mods, they need to alter the Hearthfire navmesh. "

The Breezehome CTD fix mod is only a temporary solution, and it has the potential to break any mod that accesses the Breezehome navmesh. So I was wondering if you have an update coming for your mod that will fix the Breezehome issue permanently without having to rely on the fix? Thanks!
Sinclair 26.1.2015 kello 5.51 
I checked my SkyrimPref.ini, and I don't have a fShadowBiasScale setting.
trilioth 12.1.2015 kello 22.25 
Is there another source for this?
PuuLoo  [tekijä] 26.10.2014 kello 5.52 
@atomicdragon @ZedRaider

Please before writing about player homes crashes, read either the description where it says that you will need a small plugin downloaded and loaded before my mod or the previous comments in which i explain it. :) Here's the download link and it is also in the description: