Portal 2
Heavy Light Reading V2
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Petutski 2017. dec. 6., 13:26 
Interesting! Several ways to solve it! Thanks!
mikemoody 2013. márc. 23., 23:26 
OK nice but just like the others say, you don't have to use the Tractor Beam. It was a good map tho...Thanks again.
Giles 2013. jan. 19., 16:35 
Are these puzzlemakers things that are just added to make people think they need to do more than is actually needed? If so you had me for a while before I was like derp.
Chiscringle 2013. jan. 17., 13:43 
Oh, I used the funnel to win rather than using the gel.
Hollowpoint 2013. jan. 16., 22:35 
the funel and the switch by the exit door weren't needed.
your grandpa 2013. jan. 12., 2:43 
checkpoints please!