Portal 2
mdm 002
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atR Buck 2月2日上午5:36 
6.5/10 gud map but little bit too short imo
atR Creep 2月2日上午5:36 
10/10 loved the brainfuck with the schlangli
XeroSphex 2017年9月13日下午5:06 
Cheesed the hell out of the level and skipped half of it.
DrFauli  [作者] 2017年8月27日上午10:28 
alright. Thanks for letting me know.
The reworked map has better gameplay and no leftovers.
These reworked maps will be published in the next few weeks,
when I am done reworking all of them. :-)
Laurens 2017年8月27日上午10:27 
too long. and leftover ball
DrFauli  [作者] 2017年7月24日上午7:41 
currently reworking the entire series and changing these old maps.
If you let me know what you did not like, I can change that in the rework. :)
Laurens 2017年7月24日上午5:54 
shit map
DrFauli  [作者] 2016年3月21日上午2:02 
... yes, rookie mistakes - not planning ahead enough.
Funny enough: this would be the first thing i notice in other maps I play. ^^
wildgoosespeeder 2016年3月21日上午1:40 
We had a leftover ball. Wished it saw use to open the exit.
wildgoosespeeder 2016年3月21日上午12:53 
This was OK.
Kato_Shaed 2016年3月12日上午5:31 
THis map can be broken by bug
Zuntak 2016年1月23日上午7:21 
Nice map, done in a few minutes :) :spirallove: :p2turret:
jamergamer 2015年12月19日上午9:49 
Amazing level!!!
ickesbm 2015年11月25日下午2:16 
this map needs a 2 player containment chamber at the end before a forcefield, clearing portals causes the end door to lock allowing one player to become stranded.
moe 2015年1月31日上午6:05 
wtf is this map.....i was almost mad,but finally i finished with my friendX:D
X1 2015年1月17日上午11:44 
+! great map great work. It was like a linking story like x happens means that (x). Logic#2015
DrFauli  [作者] 2014年8月8日上午11:24 
Thanks for the feedback and I am glad, that you enjoyed this map.
I guess 'Bridge Building' could be interesting for you aswell.
Let me know, what you think of the other maps - feedback is much appreciated. =)
LucK_ 2014年8月8日上午11:20 
Possibly my favourite co-op map I've played so far. We really enjoyed it and have your others downloaded and ready to play later!
DrFauli  [作者] 2014年7月5日上午1:23 
Feel free to upload your video and share it - just let people know, that it contains spoilers. =)
Sneaky Pete 2014年7月4日下午5:16 
Hey DrFrauli, just wanted to say I played this map with a friend and we loved it. We also recorded our efforts to complete the chamber but if you don't want us to upload it to youtube then that's cool :)
ZNemesis 2014年6月15日上午3:05 
We managed to get accidently stuck due to human error. :) We destroyed the non-companion cube by summoning another one while it was holding down the cube button that turns off the lasers to walk into that room. We had to kill ourselves in order to solve it.
walmert 2014年5月31日下午5:18 
I was the partner of Mental Absence and I can verify these claims. If you want video proof we would be happy to oblige, just let us know.
Psyonix Loves the Plebs 2014年5月31日下午5:16 
Well.. the map is solveable, but it IS broken. There are two pretty major glitches: in the maze of Emancipation grills and laser walls upstairs, once you retrieve the cube, you can pass it through the wire wall by having one person hold the cube up to it and have the other person grab it. At that point it is also possible for one person to activate the button through the wall using the cube. The second glitch is across the acid where you're supposed to use a ball to turn off an Emancipation grill to be able to retrieve a cube from above. By timing a jump correctly, you can grab the cube with the field still in place and teleport it under the field, bypassing an entire section of the level.
DAN 2014年4月25日上午7:57 
good one :) i enjoyed it :)
Dusty Rhodes 2014年3月4日下午10:16 
DelphiOwl 2014年3月4日下午10:14 
Cool game..try out Twisted Logic by TEST:DUMMY
.:.FK.:.DiGGaBoON.:. 2014年1月16日上午7:23 
Nice ;)
.:.FK.:.DevilKiller2020.:.✟ 2014年1月16日上午7:23 
nice ncie
DrFauli  [作者] 2013年11月12日上午6:55 
Thanks for the 2 gameplays. Very nice, good job guys. =)
Nice feedback on the maps, thank you!
[Tom K] 2013年11月11日上午10:35 
Here is our playthrough:

And since your mdm 004 was rated the same, it was just next in the playlist. Didn't know that, could have saved the cut, however here is 004:

Sluttyslav Bananas 2013年10月20日上午5:08 
This is too easy. Only retards cant pass it.
Fb||Gogotshi 2013年10月18日下午10:21 
looks very good
Toxicat 2013年10月18日上午5:37 
Eagleshadow 2013年10月17日上午10:34 
too bothersome when one accidentally destroys the ball or cube
BruᴢzZler 2013年10月17日上午10:03 
Nice ;)
Adidell 2013年10月16日上午11:03 
looks awesome
DrFauli  [作者] 2013年10月16日上午3:00 
The map is not broken, it is 100% possible to solve it.
I guess you need to think of another way to solve it. =)
Seabottom 2013年10月16日上午12:19 
Me and my friend could not figure out how both to get across the water and past the lasers. We figured that the cube needed to be on the laser button but after fiddling around with gel and stuff we never got it. Is it broken?
Laggy McStab 2013年10月15日下午3:30 
Wow that looks complex
Shadow 2013年10月15日上午2:38 
Cool man :D Mine is more to the 3 leveled maze type :D Care to check it out? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=186004427
Ghoop 2013年10月14日下午1:58 
Well This looks interestingly fun.
Garunas 2013年10月14日上午6:42