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Hunter.Wolf 2015. jan. 1., 17:23 
@the people who can't find the game.

Just type "Inescapable" on the store page search and it will lead you there, the game is not pulled or anything, it's just has a broken link.
The_Natural 2014. okt. 31., 8:22 
Excatly what "cjdoublejj" asked; Where is the store page? The store link goes right to the homepage/"featured" page of the store...There is nowhere to purchase this game. Pulled? Cant imagine why...hope the developer wasnt foolish enough to be belligerant - like the dev of Paranautical Activity who made a violent threat (sarcastically but that doesnt matter) against Mr. Newell and got his game kicked off steam on launch day. Idiot just ruined his profit margin (more likely his ability to pay off the massive debt he went into developing his first title, as all indie devs experience). Hope nothing like that happened here, Im VERY thirsty for some Metroidvania action
cdoublejj 2014. aug. 6., 1:39 
why is there no store page? is it too new or was it pulled?
wutoupal 2014. júl. 27., 6:09 
King Dario 2014. júl. 20., 20:23 
What this game removed from Steam?
Weclock 2014. máj. 30., 21:41 
I'm so lost
葫芦强 2014. máj. 26., 21:15 
Yeah, I don't think that idiot knows what "literally" means. Anyway, he's the only person I've seen say wholely negative things about this game so he's probably full of it.
jecal88 2014. máj. 26., 7:45 
Same here...still waiting for the key from Indie Gala.
meshuggah12345 2014. máj. 22., 11:01 
Still waiting on a key from humble...
shadowbow 2014. máj. 22., 5:54 
ok thanks awesome game
Shade² CSGODUCK.com 2014. máj. 22., 4:17 
nice =) ty for info
MagneticRealms  [készítő] 2014. máj. 21., 21:16 
@shadowbow7458 Hi, keys will be distributed soon.
shadowbow 2014. máj. 21., 13:02 
Got from indie gala greenlight bundle question where can we get keys
Shade² CSGODUCK.com 2014. máj. 17., 8:15 
Plaid 2014. máj. 15., 19:21 
Yeah, I don't think that idiot knows what "literally" means. Anyway, he's the only person I've seen say wholely negative things about this game so he's probably full of it.
TITOMOSQUITO187 2014. máj. 13., 3:02 
Just stop, demorgan274. I see you literally went to the Greenlight page of every game in this bundle and said the exact same thing.
Demorgan IS BACK! 2014. máj. 10., 5:39 
this game is shit literally i was buyed the indiegala with this poor game. I cant vote this.
Kuon 2014. máj. 9., 9:45 
♔.sir.lunchalot.♔ 2014. máj. 9., 9:13 
Congrats :ss13ok:
MagneticRealms  [készítő] 2014. máj. 5., 5:23 
@DennyCrane I'm hoping to have it available in the next week or two, if all goes to plan :)
KO 2014. máj. 4., 3:46 
DennyCrane 2014. máj. 4., 1:55 
When will it be available? We want it now! :-D
X4vi0uR 2014. ápr. 23., 6:12 
Congratulations can't wait to pley your game here on steam!
danalyze 2014. ápr. 18., 21:55 
Congratulations and bought it through LazyGuysStudio's Night Sky Bundle.Best wishes!
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 2014. ápr. 17., 3:40 
and Congratulaton Greenlit on Steam
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 2014. ápr. 17., 3:39 
Bear 2014. ápr. 16., 16:22 
Congratulations! :BigBear:
ACWraith 2014. ápr. 16., 15:38 
Gratz :fhappy:
Grey Dragon 2014. ápr. 4., 8:27 
Very retro, and nicely drawn too.
BarkingUnicorn 2014. márc. 26., 17:41 
Really neat game, ending felt like it was missing...literally
葉子 2014. márc. 24., 10:13 
What time into the charity bag, I want to buy a key, such as steam hair
MagneticRealms  [készítő] 2014. márc. 23., 18:47 
I assume it will be a distinct key, nothing to do with Desura. Sorry I can't be more definite, but I'll only know the details myself if/when the game is Greenlit.
Elfangorax 2014. márc. 22., 19:31 
Hi there. I was wondering how Steam keys for this game from the Groupees Spotlight will be distributed if the game gets Greenlit? Will the Steam key be completely distinct from the Desura key, or will it only be accessible from the user's Desura collection?
🐉Kesseleth🐉 2014. márc. 20., 9:23 
I like Metroidvania. Voting yes.
Silhouette 2014. márc. 11., 12:54 
I don't know when will these stupid developers understand the difference between STEAM and google play. no body paid at least 1000 dollars for a pc to play these low budget/ low graphics games
stick to google play and stay the hell away from steam, you are RUINING STEAM!
S-ed 2014. márc. 10., 19:24 
Check out "Gods", "Xenon", "Black Lamp". Pallettes were pretty saturated.
Dupirmarch 2014. márc. 6., 0:46 
doesnt look worth anyone's time
GDMFSOB81 2014. febr. 26., 6:30 
I like the Flashback-alike graphics; even if it's not quite as detailed. Looks good to me, and I can always use more adventure platformers.
iosoftware 2014. febr. 23., 15:41 
This looks promising!
honeybadger 2014. febr. 14., 9:03 
Already bought it via humblebundle widjet. It's very good, but very difficult. Haven't finished it, but will try again, when it gets on Steam:pbomb:
RogueDarkJedi 2014. febr. 6., 15:07 
Monkey Island font?
Seph 2014. febr. 5., 8:51 
Looks pretty interesting, if a bit uneventful?

Anyway it's charming enough and i love metroidvanias, you have my vote.
NoMutantAllowed 2014. febr. 1., 7:25 
Nope. Get a real job instead of dreaming to be a rich indie game maker.
Plaid 2014. jan. 30., 6:57 
No way! The Atari ST couldn't achieve those colors!
stan 2014. jan. 28., 12:23 
Looks more like an Atari ST game than an Amiga game! But if it’s close to Flashback gameplay-wise it might be pretty good…
fernj 2014. jan. 26., 11:41 
+1 for linux-steamos support.-
Darter90 2014. jan. 26., 1:53 
Halo 2D...wow !
SNValadez 2014. jan. 24., 21:14 
The title is a misnomer. I just escaped with my wallet stuffed with crispy cash. Mmmm...it's still warm.
ngx.morpha 2014. jan. 24., 5:49 
I kind of really Love Metroidvania games.
Viridium 2014. jan. 23., 12:29 
Metroidvania? :snaggletooth: