Genetic Experiments
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Rilloff Oct 27 @ 5:16am 
Then update will be released?
Muggins  [author] Oct 21 @ 8:52pm 
I'll look into it when I update the mod to 2.4, TurtleShroom.
TurtleShroom Oct 21 @ 2:39pm 
The changes to technology and the Cloning Vats should be removed, for the purpose of univeral compatibility. Simply create a second technology that permits what you want to do and have an Event grant it once you get the Cloning technology. For the Clone Vats, don't change them, and instead add a new Building. The more a Mod is compatible, the better it is.

Obviously, Assimilation's change must be included, but a little bit more compatibility is worth it.
Kaz Oct 18 @ 5:11am 
Bizarre bug, but whenever the game has to create a brand new biomorph leader (if you've fired enough of the existing leaders so there arent any left), the leader's gender will be listed as "indeterminable" in debugtooltips and the portrait will default to the first gender, i.e if humans, you'll only ever get dudes from that point on.
Muggins  [author] Oct 8 @ 11:24pm 
If you've got the tech, it should change from cloning to robotics accordingly.
OverlordMGC Oct 7 @ 4:58am 
What happens with my cloning buildings if I change my policy from organic cloning to robotic assembly and vice versa?
OverlordMGC Sep 10 @ 10:07am 
I don't know why but I have somehow the feeling that this mod needs some biomechanical looking portraits. Somthing half life looking or like that... i don't know why I have this feeling.
Robert Aug 15 @ 8:28am 
I can't set my main species (and only, as a Hive Mind) rights to Assimilation.
So that's a no go unfortunately.
Muggins  [author] Aug 15 @ 3:40am 
Actually, though it might take a while, you should be able to re-assimilate your original species back into biomorphs through their species rights. Making a more robust, even targetable, version of the Superior Species project might be a good middle-ground though. I'll look into it.
Robert Aug 14 @ 9:42am 
I half-worked around it by simply gene modding my original species to what I want, which is stronger than the old Biomorph now. I feel like a full work around would be allowing me to do the Superior Species project again, with my new ultimate species.
Perhaps the second project can be cheaper to reflect this? So if you have the flag "already did this", then you unlock a new project, which is the exact same project, but cheaper.

Would that work, or am I missing something obvious?
Muggins  [author] Aug 14 @ 8:48am 
Sadly there's just no way for me to work around that. I know your pain.
Robert Aug 14 @ 8:08am 
I ran into a problem with this mod. I have a few mods that add technologies that add Gene Modding Trait Points.
Unfortunately, these points are not added to the Biomorph pops. Therefore, the only way I can use them is if I genemod my original, non-Biomorph pop template, getting rid of the Biomorph trait completely.
Taurisan Aug 2 @ 8:06pm 
@Herr Maledictus Made
1. Link mod.
2. ? - then everything is fine, this mod forbids synthetics to ascend into biology and psionics.
you can use this (yes, outdated, but it works) -
3. in vanilla more than one complete "ascension" of the race is not provided and this mod does not unblock such an opportunity.
Herr Maledictus Made Aug 2 @ 1:10pm 
i have expanded Ascension perks mod i cannot take the A. Perks for genetic with robot perks with the perfect ascesnion perks which allows totake all speciel perks (psyche robot genes). Is this mod maybe responsible for it? i a m not sure.
Taurisan Aug 1 @ 1:21am 
and the second bug, some races are assimilated into psionics, cyborgs and the collective (CM), while other races for some reason are not assimilated into the collective, of course I took the "Flesh is weak" in vain, it just does not give anything useful .... but some are assimilated (by the way, at the same time in everything), while others do not.
Taurisan Aug 1 @ 1:12am 
HI i found new bag or feature....
here I have dragons (main race), and on the previous screenshots you saw how many traits they have, so there are 2 more points left ...
however, after a special project to replace reptilians with biomophs, they get -10 score points, the biomorph sign consumes 0, and then I realized that it was not a biomorph sign, but that the “race” was changed to the one that was not provided for in vanilla .. .
and by the way, after this procedure, I still can’t apply the main template to other races, does this work only with biomorphs (races) of different races?
Taurisan Jul 28 @ 1:06pm 
nice and thank you
Taurisan Jul 28 @ 1:04pm 
@OrcerlordMGC translate pls
Этим модом ты запрещаешь ИИ империям возносить расу по биологическому пути....
А этот мод:
-изменяет возможности лаборатории клонирования
-добавляет политику
-добавляет эвент после биологичекого вознесения
-и признак "биоморф"
т.е. ты для ИИ уберёшь только две последние.
Muggins  [author] Jul 28 @ 12:19am 
Great news! The Assimilation issue has been resolved. @Taurisan and others should appreciate that.

@OrcerlordMGC Sadly not, and there's not much I can really do about that. Sorry!
Taurisan Jul 27 @ 11:43pm 
translate pls
может вместо изменения вознесения, добавить технологию...
социологические исследования у органических империй будут всегда в избытке, из-за нескольких построек...
Muggins  [author] Jul 26 @ 11:39pm 
@Taurisan I'll see what I can do, thank you!
Taurisan Jul 26 @ 7:10pm 
PLS see my screenshots, this is problem compability from vanila....
Taurisan Jul 26 @ 6:45pm 
ваш мод ломает возможность ассимиляции у коллективного разума,
просто потому что вы заменили вознесение "Эволюционное мастерство" на точно такое же но с событиями....
просто, блять, У МЕНЯ ЕСТЬ "Эволюционное мастерство", но ИГРА, СУКА, ТАК НЕ ДУМАЕТ и не даёт возможность ассимилировать в КР(CM)
OverlordMGC Jul 24 @ 1:11am 
Are the changes to the vanilla files minor enough to be compatible with this mod?
Muggins  [author] Jul 21 @ 4:34am 
Oh, I see the problem here. The bio-thralls use the presapient portraits, the ones without any clothes - since there isn't one for humanoids (for obvious reasons), it's just not available there. You can edit it afterwards to have any portrait of your choosing, though.
NeverEndingNever Jul 20 @ 11:36pm 
There might be a bug then, I've started up a clean game (new game, only genetic experiments enabled), used the console to give myself the bio ascension perks and I can't make humanoid biomorphs. See
Muggins  [author] Jul 20 @ 10:28pm 
The only humanoids that should be locked behind the pack are the DLC ones. The rest should be there, as always, along with all the other organic portraits.
NeverEndingNever Jul 20 @ 12:40pm 
Seems like an odd choice to lock humanoid biomorphs behind the pack, there's 4 of them in the base game after all. Oh well, I'll console a mammalian one into humanoid.
Muggins  [author] Jul 20 @ 10:32am 
@Admiral Setok From what I can guess, presuming it works fine otherwise (as in, you're producing pops), that sounds like a hardcoded thing or UI flaw I can't do much about. If they're not producing pops and they should be, I can only suggest that you check your assembly policy and switch it back and forth (to correct flags, if need be).

@OldSkies Check out the excellent Life Engineering mod for something like that! I wouldn't want to tread on that mod's toes.

@James Stone Unlikely. I can only promise that I'll keep checking for corner-cases like yours and fixing the mod when needed.
Muggins  [author] Jul 20 @ 10:32am 
I've fixed the servitude issue people were having. Answering some questions while I'm here:

@NeverEndingNever Biomorphs can be any shape! The only reason you shouldn't have humanoids is if you don't have the DLC. Same with plantoids.

@Darkwing That's a mod compatibility thing, yeah. Not much I can do about it yet, but I'm always on the lookout for compatibility improvements.

@Cephalon Sithalo Great work!

@ID My personal preference is for the clone vats to provide multiple, less efficient jobs. So that's what they do.
NeverEndingNever Jul 20 @ 10:19am 
Any chance for humanoid biomorphs?
Darkwing Jul 20 @ 10:12am 
Hey there thank you for the mod! Great fun!
I noticed a little issue, for some reason my biomorph species have less trait points than non biomorph species.
Is this a compatibiltity issue?
I am using "PJs Trait Point Technologies" which adds research for more trait points...but apparently the additional trait points do not seem to apply to biomorphs.
Cephalon Sithalo Jul 19 @ 1:20pm 
I made this to fix assimilation issue with Culture Overhaul and/or Unofficial Hive DLC. Figured id post this here jic anyone is playing hive and unable to assimilate.

!Genetic Experiments Assimilation Fix
ID Jul 17 @ 1:56pm 
Isn't clone vats should be provide one job only just like robot plant?
Admiral Setok Jul 16 @ 7:10am 
After having built the Clone Vats, is it normal that in the planet's demographics tab, it says "no pop assembly" even though I have 2 monthly pop assembly ?
JenkoRun Jul 12 @ 8:18am 
Since this mod expands on Genetics, what about being able to create primitives and pre-sapients? For those of us who want to set up the galaxy for a new set of life after we wipe it out :)
James Stone Jul 12 @ 7:59am 
The Edict is not appearing in my tabs. Maybe an incompatibility with mods like Ruler Level Extended which add Hobby Edicts?
Lifariz Jul 11 @ 2:34am 
Instructions to make Mod Species compatible?
Sven Manguard Jul 9 @ 2:45pm 
Can confirm what Useless Distraction said. Creating a second thrall fixes the first one, but then the second one is broken.
Muggins  [author] Jul 8 @ 5:22pm 
It should be compatible with Life Engineering, it'll just give you another way to create new species. Best of luck!
temujin321 Jul 8 @ 2:29pm 
Do you know if this would interfere at all with Life Engineering?
Useless Distraction Jul 8 @ 7:06am 
I've got the same problem, it's probably because Stellaris thinks the most recent bio-thrall you've made is a robot.
I've only managed to bypass the problem by creating another biothrall species, which then gives the old one the rights you assigned to it before, but the new one still has the same problem.
Sven Manguard Jul 7 @ 9:09pm 
Oh, also, the Fanatic Materialist bonus to robot assembly speed doesn't appear to apply to my clones. Not sure if that's working as intended.
Sven Manguard Jul 7 @ 8:55pm 
Just sent you a friend invite. If you accept, I can PM you a link to a save file.
Sven Manguard Jul 7 @ 8:49pm 
Fanatic Materialist / Authoritarian with Syncretic Evolution, Technocracy, and Meritocracy.

Defaults for all of the relevant policies: Artificial Intelligence is Servitude, Robotic Workers is Allowed, Slavery is Allowed.

Changing Artificial Intelligence to Citizen Rights did not resolve the issue.
Muggins  [author] Jul 7 @ 6:34pm 
That's very odd. I've had trouble consistently reproducing this to try and track down a possible fix - what are your ethics, and your AI rights/stance on robots?
Sven Manguard Jul 7 @ 5:10pm 
When I create a Biomorph, it sets the rights as Servitude. If I try to change it (to anything), it instead changes the rights to Undesirables.
Commissar Aecun Jul 7 @ 5:39am 
As someone that plays with humans and syncretic replicants; I approve of this mod
sztrzask Jul 6 @ 12:30pm 
Ooh, it switches between robots building and cloning building depending on policy.