Left 4 Dead 2
Hataraku Maou-sama ending credits music
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Yooh 6 кві 2016 о 21:31 
never skipping end credits again :steamhappy:
I sleepy maybe. 27 гру 2015 о 3:00 
nice ending credits music!!
Thank you!!
Sp00ky6sa6tan6 22 лип 2014 о 17:17 
plz make more awesome mods from this anime
[SvK] mukolah  [автор] 23 тра 2014 о 10:37 
Jii_oo, Sorry for late answer.
I tried but ending music for L4D1 maps in other folder (left4dead2_dlc2) and i dont know how do this... But, if you find a mod where ending credits working on L4D1 maps, i think i may fix this problem.
Jii_oo 21 тра 2014 о 10:45 
Could you make it so this also work on the L4D1 maps? Still only works on the L4D2 maps, but i whant to hear when i finish a L4D1 map too.
Super_Speedwagon 21 кві 2014 о 18:00 
Khmer 11 кві 2014 о 0:48 
Hell yeah bruh. This is what I'm talking about. Good anime to watch. Great job my man.
gaetansels 8 кві 2014 о 7:10 
hell yea
☆Hati☆ 31 бер 2014 о 5:21 
Неуж-то русский мод ))
Blazinfang 12 січ 2014 о 13:25 
God i was searching for something like this :D
TTto0onNyY}:47:) 3 січ 2014 о 15:44 
Dammit so Awesome!!!
M_007 31 гру 2013 о 19:39 
Jono the Cutest 30 гру 2013 о 6:00 
ItsUs | SpaceToad 29 лис 2013 о 8:48 
ok well thnx for answering
[SvK] mukolah  [автор] 29 лис 2013 о 8:14 
{NL} The Assassin
Sory but i`m not a good photoshoper =C
ItsUs | SpaceToad 29 лис 2013 о 7:46 
can you make models for characters??
Dr. Currywurst 29 лис 2013 о 6:07 
I have both too. I only bought L4D2 but some months later I could play L4D1 maps and characters and so on
Jii_oo 28 лис 2013 о 11:32 
...But doesn't everyone have l4d1 maps AND l4d2 maps? I only got l4d2 myself and i can play on both l4d2 maps and l4d1 maps. Can't you? Are you saying not everyone can do that??? im really confused now...
[SvK] mukolah  [автор] 28 лис 2013 о 10:58 
Hm... I dont know... I have only L4D2
Jii_oo 28 лис 2013 о 9:32 
ok, i don't play much on the l4d1 maps, but now i need to ask: is it possible to make it work also on the l4d1 maps?
Akito Himenokoji 6 лис 2013 о 4:59 
Aw yeah!
Dr. Currywurst 23 жов 2013 о 13:33 
Сладкий Арбузик 15 жов 2013 о 14:11 
Vanitas Fenrîr 11 жов 2013 о 10:59 
Guy you are my hero^^
Jii_oo 23 вер 2013 о 10:11 
never even heard about this, but god that was awsome music!!!