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Left 4 Dead 2

Beldurra 2 (part 1 of 2)
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Jimmy Bob 14 czerwca o 9:46 
@Ms.Kanna are you talking about the finale?
HOBO BOB 8 czerwca o 23:56 
Radical map
Ms.Kanna 19 marca o 1:05 
and, without third person, I can't see shit when I'm underwater
Ms.Kanna 19 marca o 1:00 
that goddamn water
Cyan 3 marca o 20:08 
This... This is literally just the old campaign over again.
Wolf 2 marca o 13:28 
The finale was amazing. Nice job.
too many edgy outdated memes 9 lutego o 16:07 
Bots pretty much always die during the finale due to falling in the water, but otherwise one of the best campaigns on the workshop. 9/10
Muse 4 lutego o 11:23 
Mauros2000 23 grudnia 2017 o 19:59 
Spineking 22 grudnia 2017 o 17:19 
I will gladly spread your underrated campaign to other's as you certainly need more cheerfull comments to remind you of your potential :)
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 22 grudnia 2017 o 17:15 
@Spineking - thank you! I tried to pack as much OC into it as possible. Super glad you liked it! Do feel free to share. Your comment made my day!
Spineking 22 grudnia 2017 o 17:11 
Wait you made it yourself?!?!? Holy shit this is awesome to a new level!! Well then... Hmm... I mean the fact that you put in so much work for our amusement is amazing and i have abselutely no idea how to give just a mild bit of joy back to you :D
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 22 grudnia 2017 o 16:56 
@Spineking - here y'are, my man :) https://soundcloud.com/jacobtalkington/outstrike
Spineking 22 grudnia 2017 o 6:38 
Will you link me the source of the awesome music if i subscribe to the awesome campaign?
johnnysvk 17 listopada 2017 o 13:57 
good map is it
Velith 29 września 2017 o 21:51 
ꞋꞋꞌ٠١JoeL4Deλn™ 20 czerwca 2017 o 20:12 
Somedays we well kicked that Tanks aSS....:chainsaw::health:
Insanity Baldi 29 maja 2017 o 13:10 
when will there be a Beldurra 3?
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 28 grudnia 2016 o 9:27 
@Jamaican Scorpion : Once you subsribe it'll download automatically and show up under your Campaign options.
JAMAICAN SCORPION 27 grudnia 2016 o 11:43 
its dosent show up in the addon campigns fix it thank you very much
Kilgonebye 7 listopada 2016 o 22:44 
Played this in single player mode. From the intial site, the helo crash, I got to the the red truck. All 3 bots got stuck behind the truck, between the truck and the hills/trees.
¥uKiMu®a 14 lipca 2016 o 20:07 
GAMEPLAY FULL CAMPAIGN EXPERT REALISM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xenKK_Lxe7o
Miles Prower 14 lipca 2016 o 5:41 
Airstriker77 11 lipca 2016 o 15:04 
ok i think i will and thanks for telling me
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 11 lipca 2016 o 9:11 
airstriker77#TeamHeavy - things get substantially more difficult for a while. Give it a try :)
Airstriker77 10 lipca 2016 o 2:22 
um i have to ask something before i do it what happens when you shoot the giant tank enough
in finale
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 8 kwietnia 2016 o 14:08 
@PsionicArchon - The finale definitely pushes some limits. The way the Tank works (tracktrains) is pretty CPU intensive, but also the only way to use a model in that manner. Sorry it's a heavy workout for the server :)

Thank you for playing (and your reviews!)!
PsionicArchon 7 kwietnia 2016 o 16:31 
I placed a positive review on your first, most of what I covered there applies here. This is definitely one of the better campaigns I have played. It ranks up there with Back to School.

My only grip is with the finale. It brought my dedicated server to its knees. There appear to be a few optimization issues during the raft sequence leading to massive lag. It also spawns specials such as smokers and chargers, an instant death sentence for anyone targed by them.

I got smoked off of the raft on my first run and drowned in the deep water. This is a fairly unique finale event that just needs a bit of polish to be perfect.
FunkyMaster 19 marca 2016 o 18:45 
ok, thank you
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 19 marca 2016 o 17:59 
@FunkyMaster - nope, it will only change if you have overridden the Tank model/skin used in The Sacrifice.
FunkyMaster 19 marca 2016 o 10:47 
If i have a Tank Reskin, will the boss look differenct?
Pumpie 18 kwietnia 2015 o 20:33 
It worked on local server. Guess it's okay as long as I'm hosting.
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 18 kwietnia 2015 o 14:51 
@Official ℜeal Toy Chica - Thank you so much! If there's a L4D3, there will absolutely be a Beldurra 3 as well!
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 18 kwietnia 2015 o 14:28 
@Blu.Pump - have you disabled other mods? (Some of them interfere with operation of the campaign and can cause the type of error you've described.)
Pumpie 18 kwietnia 2015 o 10:56 
Freezes about 75% in the loading screen. No idea why.
HeRp-A-dErP-a-NErp.eXe 13 kwietnia 2015 o 19:19 
This campaign is I can't explain how amazing this is it had funny moments like with the jockey in the rocket ship and the best part was with the giant tank I hope you make beldurra 3 I think this should be a real thing I would pay you real money to make more maps of this series you are the best map creator I have ever met and your even better than Kiethy and he made many amazing maps but you,you are the best and I hope this series continues and I love this series and keep up the good work.
«♫»Rice 23 listopada 2014 o 13:26 
I suppose it must be just general network issues, we all got in eventually but it took a handfull of tries of rehosting and starting it. Not sure what exactly the issue is but rehosting seems to solve it. Finished it yesterday and we all really enjoyed it. The scenary in the finale is great and all the lighting (especally at the end of the first level) is really really nice. Will play again.
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 23 listopada 2014 o 13:20 
@ «♫»Rice
Keep me posted, if you find another culprit. Originally, a missing string table dictionary was causing some mid-game-join hitchiness, but the recent patch resolved that one specifically - map 4 is relatively CPU-heavy; is this where people are having trouble joining?

Thanks for playing, and for taking the time to write a review!
«♫»Rice 22 listopada 2014 o 20:26 
This is an amazing campaign, everything about the design is great, but for some reason, when hosting with a group of 3 people, one of the players who isnt the host will always not load in the intro, and not be able to join after. Mid game joining wont work either on all 3 of us testing hosting. Not sure if it was a l4d2 update or this mod.
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 12 listopada 2014 o 6:26 
@Hunter - Woops! Yeah, that'll do it :)
Hunter 11 listopada 2014 o 18:32 
@Mashed torpedoes thats what i assumed but it isnt highlighting it, i think it may be because i keep accidentaly walking past the explosives before the dock part.
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 11 listopada 2014 o 13:57 
@Hunter - one of the posts supporting the dock roof (by the "raft", next to the swan boats in the water) will be highlighted. Use it to tie on the explosives, then detonate via the switch up top (connected via drooping wire).
Hunter 9 listopada 2014 o 15:29 
Overall i really liked this map the only complaint i have is that when i got to the part at the end with the dock it wouldnt let me blow up the piece to let it sail downstream, it said find explosives so i did then it told me to use them to blow up the dock but it wouldnt let me do anything.
SuperUigi64 2 listopada 2014 o 13:48 
Omigod that boss battle though!
Dr. Dreu 11 października 2014 o 5:37 
Fucking amazing map mate very good job Thumbs up.
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 2 października 2014 o 6:38 
That's great news, alBert2000! I'll be starting and playing through public games, using dedicated servers wherever possible to get my feet wet in the retesting as well. Thanks again!
alBert2000 2 października 2014 o 2:50 
Thanks for fixing the campaign.
I've installed it on all our servers for further testing.
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 1 października 2014 o 9:11 
Oct 1 UPDATE: Issue with missing stringtable dictionaries has been corrected, which should resolve a possible CTD issue when new players join a multiplayer session late in the campaign.
Mashed torpedoes  [autor] 29 września 2014 o 17:50 
Testing a fix to correct an issue that can cause Beldurra 2 to crash when a new player joins partway through the campaign. Expect an update very soon!

Many thanks to @alBert2000 for helping sniff out a possible cause!
alBert2000 5 września 2014 o 16:10 
Since some valve update the server is crashing when the map has no stringtable dictionary.
Some custom maps have this problem now.
See here how to fix that quite easily:

And thanks for caring about that problem.