Left 4 Dead 2
Catcher Freeman Death Song
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Soviet Hedgeboi 25 дек. 2013 в 17:00 
I see. Thanks for the info!
u guys big gay  [автор] 25 дек. 2013 в 16:44 
@Ellis, If you were playing with bots the song won't play because the map resets upon death. You have to die with other actual players alive for it to work.
Soviet Hedgeboi 24 дек. 2013 в 11:38 
I was playing on a L4D2 map (Jumped off the ledge of the hotel to see if it worked) Nothing happend. It's still a great looking mod, though
u guys big gay  [автор] 24 дек. 2013 в 7:41 
@Ellis, it only works for L4D2 maps. If it isn't working for you then it's something on your end, perhaps conflicting mods.
Soviet Hedgeboi 23 дек. 2013 в 16:42 
Nothing plays
Sp00ky6sa6tan6 9 ноем. 2013 в 18:13 
I loved that episode
CC The Great Super Saiyan Batman 9 ноем. 2013 в 17:12 
Sang this motha fucka naaaaa!!!!!! (Liked, subsrcibed, and fav'd)
Syluxguy28O3 5 ноем. 2013 в 11:36 
lol i remember that episode.
! Taz the Husky 27 окт. 2013 в 19:23 
Mmmm crackers
Haven012 8 септ. 2013 в 18:02 
Won't you take our black asses outta here.