Left 4 Dead 2
Classic Hunter
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Hydra 18 лип 2017 о 16:29 
@mark4419 I like the idea od the hunter being a recently infected survivor. Hence why he has the tape on his arms. Its not actually tape, but bandages from the medkits
You were the chosen ONE!! 16 кві 2017 о 17:52 
all i got to say is that i love how the l4d1 hunter looks like, but i love how relistic of l4d2 hunter hands and jacket looks more scary then the old version. Remember more months has pass throgth the story of the game and the infected will look more fucked up.
🦊⚡Josefthefox⚡🦊 2 кві 2017 о 20:13 
I just like the L4D1 Hunter than the L4D2 Hunter
Jack 15 жов 2016 о 16:05 
why does this hunter have green face paint
<>Blade Ninja<> 12 бер 2016 о 16:13 
Why do the fingers wiggle?
Jack 13 лют 2016 о 18:06 
the only viewmodel that is mismatching is the hunter viewmodel it's mismatching in l4d1 too
iZEK 18 сер 2015 о 11:04 
Is hunter's hands (in first person view) included???
KEK | Turret Mafioso 23 чер 2015 о 4:45 
this not working for me
Blake 20 тра 2015 о 1:41 
if you have left 4 dead add me not left 4 dead 2 ok
Dindex 1 бер 2015 о 5:27 
try to make the l4d1 common infected
Ixelf. 10 лют 2015 о 14:43 
Bowie 27 лис 2014 о 16:46 
type ._./ if you like L4D1 classic models and type t(-_-t) if not
DemonKiller2 12 жов 2014 о 18:35 
wow you finlay got the hands to work
Night Gaunt 29 сер 2014 о 14:58 
dang that big diffrence from l4d2 and l4d
Comrade Doge 7 сер 2014 о 8:16 
im just will get beta then
Comrade Doge 7 сер 2014 о 8:16 
its look like wierd like not this one
HeRp-A-dErP-a-NErp.eXe 7 тра 2014 о 12:45 
this is the original hunter skin dumbass and also note to maker please try to get first person model to work also i incurage you to make more great mods also can you tell me how you make your screen as a zombie clear because im tired of seeing green.
`DevourUall 28 січ 2014 о 1:13 
perfect ^_-
Skeletorso 17 січ 2014 о 7:11 
This is the only one I think where the L4D2 version is better.
truck freak 31 гру 2013 о 16:38 
yes! now i dont need to have that ugly face! also, you can see hunters eyes with this
pivot pancakes 30 гру 2013 о 16:54 
Does it have the walljump animations?!
JayKub 14 жов 2013 о 7:44 
i love your l4d1 reskins thanks and the hand are l4d1 right
rickbultinck 15 вер 2013 о 16:32 
now i hsf to uas l4d1 hunter skin
Terurin-Terurin!!! 3 вер 2013 о 5:58 
SkySpirit 24 сер 2013 о 14:11 
I got the problem: when i try start company, game show this message: server is enforcing consistency for this file: models/infected/hunter.mld
MaYk_Bauer 23 сер 2013 о 23:13 
DEATH TREEM BALAA DE BH 031 23 сер 2013 о 10:27 
o msm
Kryz3R SaiyajiN ツ 23 сер 2013 о 6:34 
è molto bello ed appasionante questa mod
superslinger2007(LFProductions) 22 сер 2013 о 15:12 
By the looks of things, this is another model where you must turn sv_consistency to 0 (off).
Manon Sinaloa Reynosa 20 сер 2013 о 13:09 
Rcam47 19 сер 2013 о 15:13 
to be honest i like the l4d hunter the most bescause he looks more dangerouse,evil,and scary looking
DizKo 19 сер 2013 о 8:38 
I like the L4D2 SI because they ALL look more terrifying, gross, and disturbing... as they should be... But I'll give you a thumbs up for the effort.
VI VON ZULUL 19 сер 2013 о 4:00 
I personally prefere the L4D hunter because it looks friendlier :)
mr.NOPE. 18 сер 2013 о 16:38 
THANK U SOO MUCH MAN I LOVE U MA-sorry... thank u so much u rook man :D
Business Man 18 сер 2013 о 10:48 
Thank you :boomer: