Portal 2
Level 2
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Donderbus 4 Σεπ 2013 στις 14:45 
Fun chamber, but where is the blue funnel for? only used the red one.
@nicklonium: you can just take the faith plate with the cube in your hands so there is no way of dropping it in the water.
♜ SAmAS ♜ 25 Ιουλ 2013 στις 8:58 
Hey there! I enjoyed your chamber, I think that esthetically it's a great chamber and i think it is its main strenght (the white and black room, the glass windows, it's clean). But yeah, nicklonium is right. I didn't experience the same problems, but they can happen, so, you should add droppers and cleansing gel just to prevent getting stuck with cube destructions.

Feel free to play through my map The 3 Rooms and tell me if you liked it or felt bored or anything like that. I'm always receptive to improvement!

See ya [ ]
nicklonium 24 Ιουλ 2013 στις 9:17 
Not bad but there's way too much room for glitches and errors that make the chamber impossible to complete. For example, neither cube has a dropper so if either of the cubes gets destroyed, the chamber can't be completed. There's also no cleansing gel so if either of the cubes accidentally gets bounce gel on it, the chamber can't be completed. The faith plate is also poorly aligned as the cube can bounce off the wall and into the water, destroying it and making the chamber impossible to complete. It's not a bad room, there's some good ideas but they're rather poorly executed.

I've got a little collection of chambers going and I'm always interested in feedback on each chamber or the collection as a whole. I'd be grateful if you'd have a look:
bernatel 24 Ιουλ 2013 στις 2:41 
Short, but fun.
(I can't comment on the bugs because I didn't experience any.)
Vladimir 23 Ιουλ 2013 στις 7:13 
The level is bad,i covered the room with goo,and the cube went and got blued,then i didn't get another one.
The idea is good but the level design is bad,rethink this please.