Portal 2
How to Stump 2 Robots II
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12 commenti
Practical duck 16 gen, ore 9:12 
Nice map, the ending was a bit weird
JensOle100 27 feb 2016, ore 14:11 
FUN, but the ending... The ending is hard, so god damn hard.
Reen 27 ago 2014, ore 11:26 
Awesome Map. Quite tricky at some points, especially when getting the cube.
Spoonman 23 gen 2014, ore 21:52 
Another tricky one. Nice!
Jwing01 27 ott 2013, ore 18:06 
Gel is nearly impossible to place correctly in final room, if too much gets stuck in orange funnel no way to get more flow b/c of flow limit.
[BFLR] Kampfhase 24 lug 2013, ore 12:15 
Nice map. Very Nice. But next map a bit harder pls :D:
-R!dd!K- 24 lug 2013, ore 0:50 
nicely done make another maps! even harder!:B1:
Pablogelo 23 lug 2013, ore 14:50 
One map tht isn't that difficulty: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=163079834&searchtext=Can+you+help+me+bro%3F

Anyway, apreceated your work :D
sⱥdb㋛y 19 lug 2013, ore 3:15 
So difficult but it was great fun :D
mightyJAWS 18 lug 2013, ore 4:48 
That was so freaking DIFFICULT!!!!!!!
Badar 18 lug 2013, ore 4:48 
Awesome :)
Took time to solve!
Poop 15 lug 2013, ore 22:52 
After many hours of hard work we pulled it off.