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Satellite Reign
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Freelancer117 4 Oca 2016 @ 8:45 
Can we have this game please tagged on the steam greenlit page as "Released" :steamhappy:
Mr.Daniel 10 Nis 2015 @ 22:36 
This is good an all, but where are the memes, the heart and soul of any good game.
DG HATE 5 Şub 2015 @ 11:28 
So? Where's the game @?
RE.44LIZER 22 Oca 2015 @ 13:21 
pls put the originale assault theme
Malus  [yaratıcı] 15 Ara 2014 @ 18:02 
Please direct all further discussions/comments to the Steam forums.

Thank you.
Noodle 11 Ara 2014 @ 15:58 
Malus  [yaratıcı] 5 Ara 2014 @ 0:21 
1 week until Steam Early Access!!
Click here [satellitereign.com]
Malus  [yaratıcı] 2 Ara 2014 @ 22:50 
For those of you who weren't able to get in on the beta and Alpha build, Early Access is scheduled for the 11th of December.

Here is the link to the store page.

alation13 1 Ara 2014 @ 20:20 
Hopefully it will be as good as syndicate for its time. Most of the other "remakes" etc have not really delivered.
Llamaalarmallama 30 Kas 2014 @ 15:11 
Please - what date for early access. It saves a lot of hunting/checking. If not, what's the earliest :)
Llamaalarmallama 25 Kas 2014 @ 1:30 
been watching this but... generally don't like the whole "pay us to make a game" structure so have been chewing off my wallet arm.
Is there some form of mailing list I can sign up to when early access is launched? I get it's probably going to be after dec 10th, so there's a couple of weeks yet but would be interested in throwing support behind it at that stage.
Obc 20 Kas 2014 @ 15:32 
"Release date: Late 2014," it's Nov.20th, it's late 2014 now. Any news on a release/early access date yet ?
Swiggity Swoody 19 Kas 2014 @ 16:12 
Wish they would make a remastered edition of syndicate wars XD throw all the money at it
braincoolingdad 18 Kas 2014 @ 19:03 
Playing Syndicate Wars right now...omg THAT game is still so AWESOME!
AraC666 17 Kas 2014 @ 16:35 
Still no release? Hurry up - Early Access will last for too long either.
sciencedude 16 Kas 2014 @ 9:22 
Looks awesome! I'm waiting for release.
bafs 15 Kas 2014 @ 13:22 
ive been waiting 20 years for this
epos 14 Kas 2014 @ 13:37 
unbelieveable: i loved the original syndicate and can't wait to get it. go on with the good work, as it looks like something big is coming.
Kusok Dobra 14 Kas 2014 @ 0:24 
wait it!
vitasha 13 Kas 2014 @ 23:12 
want it so much!
lorthar 13 Kas 2014 @ 12:16 
I miss so much syndicate wars, this one is gem
GamerWolfOps 13 Kas 2014 @ 3:05 
Missed the funding but it does look great, i just hope the game wont die.
Swiggity Swoody 12 Kas 2014 @ 5:27 
Oh my god I LOVED syndicate wars growing up and god this look so damn good!
76561193780676215 12 Kas 2014 @ 2:39 
YES times 1000. I hope this gets on Steam. Seems like a great cyberpunk game.
Yon 31 Eki 2014 @ 14:24 
It's taking a while to develop, isn't it? It has been funded in Jul 2013. There was plenty of time to finish it by now.
CryingRaven 28 Eki 2014 @ 3:27 
just give a steam early access and make updates often and your game is sold please
Frango Vivo 17 Eki 2014 @ 12:54 
i wanna play it so bad ..
Velvet Mark 10 Eki 2014 @ 15:39 
The pre alpha is great! Well done gents. Been waiting since '97 for this
Chape 4 Eki 2014 @ 16:28 
Excellent news! Looking forward to the Alpha (Digital Backer) >:))
EspiOne 3 Eki 2014 @ 7:32 
I wil give it a whirl.
jackanger 3 Eki 2014 @ 5:38 
RadKit 1 Eki 2014 @ 9:49 
Watched the demo video... looks amazing, love the style. Keep up the great work!
ricogs400 1 Eki 2014 @ 9:07 
Wow, this game is looking great.
griswold 1 Eki 2014 @ 2:18 
i can only say from what i have seen : need EarlyAccess now :spy:
Keep up the awesome work! It's turning into how my imagination viewed syndicate growing up :) With this coming out and playing shadowrun, I'm gleefully in bliss!
Malus  [yaratıcı] 30 Eyl 2014 @ 18:57 
Greetings Agents!

We've got a special treat for you today. As we mentioned in our last update, alpha-level backers will be getting a build of Satellite Reign very soon. But, we can’t let them keep ALL of the excitement to themselves! Chris and his beard have worked together to bring you a narrated gameplay demo of the beginning of the pre-alpha build about to be released.

All of the usual pre-alpha disclaimers apply: nothing in the video is final, performance optimisations are ongoing, and so on. Interested? Take a look!

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

We've still got plenty of work to go until Satellite Reign is complete. There are more simulation systems to make, more characters to build, more environments to design and fill with art, more animations to make, and lots of balancing to do, but we’re pleased to say that thus far, things are on-track.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo [satellitereign.com]
Malus  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl 2014 @ 22:06 
Greetings Agents!

Dev Diary #10 is now up on the Satellite Reign website!

We've got some exciting news about our upcoming Alpha release, some code tidbits, fancy pictures and a taste of the aural pleasures that await your eardrums in Satellite Reign, courtesy of our composer and sound designer Russell Shaw.

Visit DevDiary #10 [satellitereign.com] to check it out or discuss it on the Backer-Only Forum to discuss the news.
BDO 20 Eyl 2014 @ 7:32 

Haha, perfect comment from {KBA}Bullet Catcher.

The top of this page says it has been greenlit, though, so I guess it's time to pack up the persuadertron and bust out the miniguns! Alpha is due out soon, right guys? :D
Shade 5 Eyl 2014 @ 16:48 
make it perfect ,thats all im asking :D , now seriously - anyway you have an agency like in syndicate ?
or are we going to have 4 agents and thats it ?
app0815 1 Eyl 2014 @ 22:05 
Don't listen to the impatient kiddies. Take your time with this and make it right and golden. And don't get greedy on the funding goals. Don't forget the community is paying for the game development already. You may not be able to live a high life while it is in development but once it's finished and selling you will reach those high funding goals you've set if you've done a good job but you have to add those highly expected features like MP Coop to the game before it is released no matter if the "MP Coop funding goal" is reached or not. Don't throw all the funding out the window so you can have 15 minutes of high-life while still in development. It will pay off afterwards tenfold if you can manage the stretch until then.
{KBA}Bullet Catcher 1 Eyl 2014 @ 11:10 
Marcus Aurelius 23 Ağu 2014 @ 13:07 
Nonono, let them take their time! I want a golden release :D
el Pompöso™ 22 Ağu 2014 @ 11:48 
Here! Take all my money!!! I want this game NOW!!!!
Malus  [yaratıcı] 7 Ağu 2014 @ 22:03 
Daz, we are aiming for PC, Linux and Mac to be available at the same time.
Malus  [yaratıcı] 7 Ağu 2014 @ 22:02 
Greetings Agents!

Dev Diary #09 is now up on the Satellite Reign website.
We have some news about pre-orders and distribution, as well as TWO! fancy pants videos, and a collection of clips to put in your eyeballs.

You can check it out here:
Dev Diary #09 [satellitereign.com]

And feel free to visit the Backer-Only Forum to discuss the update:
Backer Forums [satellitereign.com]
Daz 4 Ağu 2014 @ 14:33 
Is this game going to be available on Linux as soon as it's released or will we have to wait some time after release for other systems?
Aqua Alex 26 Tem 2014 @ 8:41 
I see they closing pledges on 289 July. That is for new pledges and for upgrading pledges. I am now a Resistor :cybereye:

splintercellspy 24 Tem 2014 @ 1:11 
TNT 23 Tem 2014 @ 10:31 
I want satellite reign NOW!!! :Hercules: