Portal 2
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Expat 2月26日 3時54分 
This one was a beast, needed to go to the video for the ending. Someday, I hope to grow a brain like the cool kids. :steamfacepalm:
Skyferret  [作成者] 2017年8月3日 13時08分 
@ Steve3Dx........Most of it I have planned out, but there's always some tweaking along the way. Thanks for playing.
Steve3Dx 2017年8月3日 11時16分 
great map! solution for last part came to me overnight, but at least i completed. All your maps are very goog, i don't know how you keep coming up with new tricks without re using them. I also don't know how you create the maps. Do you have it all planned out in your're head before you start making a map? Or do you create the puzzle as you go? Thanks and don't quite making maps.
jandlml 2017年2月19日 18時18分 
i didnt use the far room with the cube up on the glass ledge and the laser receptacle on the far wall.
Skyferret  [作成者] 2016年11月10日 13時49分 
Thanks for playing.
metadavid 2016年11月10日 13時40分 
I never did complete this map when I played through most of yours a few years ago. I just came across this one and I realise why! This is a brain fizzer! Solved it this time round. Awesome!
bullfrog 2016年10月19日 2時49分 
OK and thanks for taking the time to reply. This map is def worth another go or two anyway, so maybe I'll come back to it and see if I can find the 'correct' solution - cheers
Skyferret  [作成者] 2016年10月19日 2時30分 
I think others have found alternate solutions. But no, nothing would be a decoy. I don't think I've ever used red herrings or decoys in my maps. Thanks for playing.
bullfrog 2016年10月19日 0時54分 
Brilliant map, as usual, but pretty evil in places! Question:- at the end in the double room below the exit with the angled up plate to laser receiver in the 1st and high up cube and laser receiver in the 2nd; I spent ages trying to use the stuff in the high up cube room... is this a decoy as I didn’t use it and still completed map ? Great map tho, thanks
Skyferret  [作成者] 2016年8月8日 2時27分 
thanks for playing
Petutski 2016年8月7日 20時16分 
Beautiful, amazing amp. Great feeling of accomplishment to make it to the end. Thanks!
ceejaysmith 2016年6月15日 17時47分 
Alternate solution for ending: https://youtu.be/sK6qfHkJuCQ

Skyferret  [作成者] 2016年6月15日 12時12分 
I suppose. I'll watch both videos and compare. This is because it's been 3 years since I uploaded this map and some of them I've forgotten how they work.
ceejaysmith 2016年6月15日 9時12分 
Ha ha, I see by your walkthrough video that it wasn't intentional. I guess I figured out a solution with one less cube at the end. You wanna see how?
ceejaysmith 2016年6月15日 9時08分 
Didn't seem to need the laser catchers or high-up cube in that last room at all. Was that intentional?
Spaceminnow 2015年6月9日 10時59分 
There is a place where the player can get trapped. Using portals to guide the laser to hit the laser catcher in the mini fling room. I was able to achieve the angle. Then on accident i deployed a portal supporting the laser on the angled panel. I had both potals with no laser to get out. To fix it may I suggest to right justify the laser catcher to make it impossible to hit it on an angle using portals. The player would give up and may use the intended solution path :)
Chelliste 2014年12月21日 16時48分 
More than a year since the last rating! Well, that was a convoluted series of moves at the end. And I mean that in a good way. Set up this so you can do that, which enables you to do the other thing, which lets you fly by an opening at a certain angle so you can fire a portal, so you can ... What a workout!
psn_markm1978 2013年11月5日 11時55分 
Nope, I accidentally shot my second portal outside of the room where the laser was hitting the cocked panel. Without that portal, there was no way to go back or forward. This was my first run through, so it's easy to make mistakes.
Skyferret  [作成者] 2013年11月5日 2時15分 
I can't imagine how you would get stuck, because in order to get into that room with the fixed angled panel that keeps the cube cocked on an angle, that means you've already acquired 2 cubes to bend the laser actually into the room. In the walk-thru video, you'll see the second cube stays there bending the laser into that room, and then when you get the 3rd, you use it to open the door then back-track a bit. Or perhaps did you bring the second cube into that room?
psn_markm1978 2013年11月5日 1時03分 
Okay, I guess I broke your map. I am stuck without the ability to go back or go forward.

Details: I got two rooms past the room with the button that disables a laser grid in the next room, and triggers an angled plate in that room. Once I got to the room with the permanently angled plate designed for a light box to redirect a beam 30 degrees upward to a wall laser trigger, I couldn't backtrack to shoot a portal in the first room because the door between that room and the one after was closed. Making it impossible for me to go back, or go forward. I liked every part of the map up until then. Fix that, and I'll replay it. For now, neither a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

ZneX 2013年7月28日 14時19分 
Great chamber - kept me thinking the whole time!
lord_dhaf 2013年7月21日 7時31分 
Great chamber, with some clever ideas! I got stuck several times, but I quickly learned to save before removing any non-replacable portal. Thumb up!
You might like this chamber I made a while ago, which is based on the same principle:
I believe it is harder than yours. If you decide try it, please leave a comment!
raycelbelmond 2013年6月24日 4時19分 
Very good job. Just enough complex to have fun. By the way, i didn't use the last cube, higher in the last room. Thanks. Try one of mine. Maybe ''Rosarius'' or ''Gael'' Raycelbelmond.
Bad_Aim 2013年6月23日 12時36分 
Haha, it took me a stupidly long time to get the first cube where I needed it, after that it all went really smoothly. As always, a very creative use of the available elements. Really great puzzle!
Skyferret  [作成者] 2013年6月20日 21時28分 
@nicklonium: I'll take a shot at Caesium. It sounds like it has a molecular covalent bond with Ferretonium without the extra electron negativity ionizing it.
Casual Gamer 2013年6月20日 20時06分 
I really enjoyed this map! Keep up the great work!
nicklonium 2013年6月20日 6時42分 
That was fantastic, a real thinker, I got the feeling I had to be very cautious with where I placed my portals for fear of getting stuck somewhere. I really can't suggest any improvements either, bravo.

I've got a little collection of chambers going and I'm always interested in feedback. I'd be grateful if you'd have a look: