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Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

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Soul Saga
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NameDisplay 25. März 2017 um 7:25 Uhr 
looks awesome
𝓧𝓲𝓪𝓸𝔁 25. Apr. 2016 um 8:19 Uhr 
Disastercake  [Autor] 21. Apr. 2016 um 23:22 Uhr 
Thank you very much, Mykll! =D
Mykll 19. Apr. 2016 um 1:04 Uhr 
Wooooo Steam page aded to favorites even though I'm already getting it. Way to go!
Disastercake  [Autor] 18. Apr. 2016 um 10:08 Uhr 
Here's a link to the official Steam coming soon page!
Disastercake  [Autor] 18. Apr. 2016 um 10:06 Uhr 
Thank you Mr. Businessman! I can't wait to share Soul Saga with you this year! =D
Disastercake  [Autor] 18. Apr. 2016 um 10:06 Uhr 
Thank you for letting everyone know, Erick! =D
Mr. Hugh Mannity 18. Apr. 2016 um 8:21 Uhr 
@erick whoa let me add it to my wishlist then! Thanks for the heads up.
erick 18. Apr. 2016 um 8:17 Uhr 
its already on the steam upcoming list!
Disastercake  [Autor] 11. Jan. 2016 um 16:41 Uhr 
Thank you very much! =D
Mr. Hugh Mannity 9. Jan. 2016 um 17:20 Uhr 
Really looking forward to this game. Good luck dev! :smilingrisa:
Disastercake  [Autor] 24. Nov. 2015 um 20:06 Uhr 
Thank you very much for the kind words, everyone! =D
DRUNK_CANADIAN 10. Apr. 2015 um 20:14 Uhr 
Reminds me somehow of Dark Cloud in style (or rather Dark Cloud 2), just checking in to see on your progress, looking forward to the steam release.
Disastercake  [Autor] 20. März 2015 um 15:09 Uhr 
Thank you for being an awesome fan, SlyCougar! =D
SlyCougar 19. März 2015 um 18:08 Uhr 
yay!!! thank you i look forward you seeing them @Disastercake
Disastercake  [Autor] 18. März 2015 um 17:24 Uhr 
@Yon - Please read my comment a few posts down. =)

I will start updating Steam as well in April as we're getting very far along in development.
Yon 10. März 2015 um 21:13 Uhr 
Hey devs, are you having difficulties on the development of this project? It has been quite a while since the last update. It feels like this is on development hell or probably cancelled. Hope you provide new footage soon enough. Thanks.
SlyCougar 7. März 2015 um 17:38 Uhr 
udates on steam??? Yes Please!! That would be awesome and vary much appericated! thanks!
scoti capu iei headu 12. Feb. 2015 um 4:52 Uhr 
@Disastercake: Holy duck! That's awesome, sorry for being negative, but I really thought you left this awesome game die.

Thanks a lot for the new post!
Disastercake  [Autor] 12. Feb. 2015 um 3:06 Uhr 
Thanks everyone for all of your kind and encouraging words! You have no idea how much it fuels me when I read such kind comments. I can't wait to share Soul Saga with you!

@Laklod - We're actually moving along quite nicely and have been updating every month or 2. Please keep an eye on the blog at http://www.disastercake.com! =)

I will update on Steam once Soul Saga starts to release on this venue.

@Kesac - Thank you very much for helping explain! =)

Would everyone prefer that I begin updating on Steam as well even before we launch on it? If there is a large amount of people asking for it, then I will spend the extra time to do that for you. =)
Kesac 11. Feb. 2015 um 8:29 Uhr 
It's actually progressing a bit, see http://www.disastercake.com/blog/soul-saga-battle-system-update-14/ -- just a bit slower than they expected.
scoti capu iei headu 10. Feb. 2015 um 10:34 Uhr 
Dead and gone. :minion:
TellesDigimon 21. Dez. 2014 um 14:45 Uhr 
dont forget brazilians users too
Zick 12. Dez. 2014 um 16:26 Uhr 
Add spanish language pls :D
xupalimon 12. Dez. 2014 um 16:18 Uhr 
add spanish language pls!
Beria 22. Aug. 2014 um 16:10 Uhr 
Pls add spanish language, looks like rock jrpg on Steam!! GoGoGo!!
=]L[= 26. Juli 2014 um 4:48 Uhr 
I wand to have this one ;D
Semka 26. Juni 2014 um 16:31 Uhr 
Nice game!))
Kat 23. Juni 2014 um 14:27 Uhr 
Loving the OST. <3
Zoomspilo 12. Juni 2014 um 14:12 Uhr 
Why isn't it released yet?!
Danps 17. Mai 2014 um 13:03 Uhr 
dont forget brazilians users too :B1:
Oderal 6. Apr. 2014 um 11:59 Uhr 
dont forget spanish users !!!
onimenofabien 16. März 2014 um 6:05 Uhr 
add french language too, can't wait too play your games ;)
ricardocasama 16. März 2014 um 3:20 Uhr 
Please add spanish language.
Invisigoth 1. März 2014 um 19:44 Uhr 
Adding even More elements, skills, weapons, gears, creatures and armors would be so great, i hope this game works, i want to buy it. :synicle:
Sypher(Syn.Co) 10. Feb. 2014 um 13:22 Uhr 
Reminds me of the games like Tales of Symphonia that never really got the appreciation it deserved. Seems worth the time :D
IllSeeUinHell 1. Feb. 2014 um 4:01 Uhr 
this looks very cool, and even though im not a big fan of turn based games i would be more than happy to pick this up
Thrawn 11. Jan. 2014 um 8:02 Uhr 
Hi there, Disastercake, I like what you're doing, always been a fan of jrpgs and yours looks extremely promising.
I have an idea for you, how about not making the combat camera completely static but more a little bit moving, for example like in Fire Emblem Awakening. That one has the option for three combat camera types: Static (exactly like yours), Ego (you see what the character sees), and an action camera (like those movie cameras moving over a set) which picks random POV's
but always focused on the battle zone. This would give the game a lot more dynamic, as static camera views beginn to get boring in the long run.
Here I found a Video that shows what I mean, fast forward to 7:45.

I think this movie style action cam would make your game even more appealing.
Oishii 11. Jan. 2014 um 2:58 Uhr 
Aivi Tran is composing for this!
Strawhat_Mafia "Luffy" 17. Nov. 2013 um 19:53 Uhr 
You know what If he sees this... he should do another game after this and make his own knock off of Persona 4 and just name it something else and make it his own designs And make it a school life Hero. With a dating system between two main or diff characters or do what you could do in 3 and 4 and be a PIMP!
Strawhat_Mafia "Luffy" 17. Nov. 2013 um 19:46 Uhr 
Hmm Persona style you say? I wonder if there will be a dating system probably not but DAMN do yall know where I can find a game certain to persona 3 and 4?
Fenrir007 16. Nov. 2013 um 12:33 Uhr 
Do you have a video up somewhere with the stock art replaced with your own art?
Behamut 10. Nov. 2013 um 18:02 Uhr 
ooooh, i need it right now! can't wait any longer!
SirBraxton 4. Nov. 2013 um 11:14 Uhr 
where have you been!! i cant wait
Niih 3. Nov. 2013 um 16:53 Uhr 
does lack a good Japanese RPG on the PC-LINUX!!
Niih 3. Nov. 2013 um 16:52 Uhr 
faz falta um bom rpg japonês no PC-LINUX!!!!
SlyCougar 3. Nov. 2013 um 15:21 Uhr 
is really looking forward to this.
All woman are THOTS! 29. Okt. 2013 um 5:33 Uhr 
Looks good :3 and i want to buy it ;)
Secret Answers 24. Okt. 2013 um 0:00 Uhr 
Looks great and I want to buy it.
X X 23. Okt. 2013 um 1:05 Uhr 
Looks really good!