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The Sun at Night
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Komentarzy: 208
Funkhu 17 stycznia 2016 o 10:59 
nice logo
[PL] Kamil950 1 października 2014 o 9:32 
@KGB_227 - Many people died by communism, communism ruined the economy in some countries etc.
KGB_227 16 sierpnia 2014 o 3:15 
Hey gays, you think that communists it is bad, but why, we think that all people are equal, that working klass is more important then bank workers, or shop assistans, we wanted build a new, happy world, but your countryes destroyed our dream, and now we live in a big ass, but all people think that now we now how to be liberty and independent, but communizm i think it is the best world, which people can build, you may think that I am stupid, or live in a forest like a bear, but I think you must think about my words.
Ultamitefulgore 7 sierpnia 2014 o 9:34 
I'm here because of riven. and imma buy that game when it comes out looks allight.
Thri11Ki11 1 sierpnia 2014 o 10:23 
Any word on how the Mac and Linux builds are coming along? Would love to play this on my Mac shortly after it's released. :8bitheart:
wutoupal 27 lipca 2014 o 4:18 
Minicore Studios  [autor] 17 lipca 2014 o 8:44 
Hi tylovetx! It actually wasn't inspired by WE3, but rather combinations of real secret projects from the 50s & 60s. We hadn't actually seen that series until pretty recently, but it looks really great. Definitely see where people would make the jump.
tylovetx 16 lipca 2014 o 23:04 
Was this inspired by WE3? That's what it looks like.
Cherry Nuka Cola 16 lipca 2014 o 4:04 
ACWraith 11 lipca 2014 o 15:24 
Gratz! :fhappy:

I can't afford a real dog. ;)
[K]reuZ Kakaka 11 lipca 2014 o 14:29 
Shoppa 11 lipca 2014 o 12:26 
Awesome news, can't wait :)
Minicore Studios  [autor] 11 lipca 2014 o 12:16 
Pretty soon, Shoppa! It's a working, released game on other platforms so all we need to do is integrate some code and work on Achievements. Earliest would be next week.
Shoppa 11 lipca 2014 o 12:12 
Congratz! any idea when the release will be?
AsteriCorvus 10 lipca 2014 o 19:49 
Looks great,good luck:)
I{m}pulse 10 lipca 2014 o 2:00 
Voted :bloodymary:
Poke of deatH 9 lipca 2014 o 21:53 
Hope you get Greenlit, game looks amazing! :worker:
PooFlinger 9 lipca 2014 o 21:25 
Fun game. Voted
AjiMundi 9 lipca 2014 o 18:05 
Got this from Groupees. Nice game. Good luck.
The Good Slaveship "Lollipop" 9 lipca 2014 o 17:19 
I've been playing on Desura and this is much better than expected. Would highly recommend to those who like the Valley Without Wind games.
celinethefeline 8 lipca 2014 o 19:47 
Just voted yis!
Pejout 8 lipca 2014 o 19:39 
Toobs 7 lipca 2014 o 20:06 
this was an instant yes from me as soon as i played it... this game is quite amazingly done... absolutely love it.... congratulations on a well made game, devs... and good luck on being Greenlit, i wish you the best of luck, and hope to see this in my library soon...
Shipwreck 7 lipca 2014 o 10:22 
VOTE, you bastids!
kurono 7 lipca 2014 o 3:58 
疾風詩音 4 lipca 2014 o 22:59 
looks interesting
Teemo 4 lipca 2014 o 16:16 
WanderRook 🅷🆀 4 lipca 2014 o 15:31 
Voted yes :extralife:
PZ 4 lipca 2014 o 14:06 
Kurerlaster 4 lipca 2014 o 13:42 
Twitch[伊卒爾] 4 lipca 2014 o 12:56 
Voted yes !!:emofdr:
MRabbitPG 4 lipca 2014 o 12:26 
voted,looks great
Banana Lee 4 lipca 2014 o 12:24 
Voted yes
ああああ 4 lipca 2014 o 12:16 
jinnit87530(寶豕三土兀) 4 lipca 2014 o 12:12 
Voted yes !!
whacker 4 lipca 2014 o 12:10 
Voted yes
Vaagur 3 lipca 2014 o 21:41 
Looks nice, voted!
[npk] Baphometslayer 3 lipca 2014 o 17:06 
Fellow Austinite extending my support! Game looks neats!
kclar11 3 lipca 2014 o 16:35 
Game looks decent however it is not somehting I would wish to play on PC. Sorry
Minicore Studios  [autor] 3 lipca 2014 o 14:26 
To everyone voting "yes" for us: THANK YOU. This is amazing and totally made our week. Can't wait for everyone to play it on Steam!
Dummy NPC 3 lipca 2014 o 14:22 
Voted yes
CapitaoBlack 3 lipca 2014 o 11:26 
It reminds of WE3 HQ, looks cool!
bestgamerhandle 3 lipca 2014 o 6:23 
Voted yes
TheZodiac 2 lipca 2014 o 0:39 
Voted yes
a_maharindra 1 lipca 2014 o 22:39 
Vote !!!
Woo Woo 1 lipca 2014 o 14:38 
BaraonGato 1 lipca 2014 o 14:09 
Oh wow voted.
LordFahrenheit 1 lipca 2014 o 12:22 
syky_finisher 1 lipca 2014 o 10:54 
Beautiful graphics! The game gives me even mood of an adventure.
Bilazaurus 1 lipca 2014 o 3:12 
Voted yes for the doge.