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UndeadBraindead 2017. szept. 2., 16:23 
This game is dead go home
djcj 2017. jún. 17., 2:49 
Is there any chance to get the latest beta release? It's not available on Steam and Desura is dead.
devotee 2016. dec. 12., 21:05 
NEWS?!?!? :poop:
Dio | MdG 2016. nov. 25., 10:45 
Is it dead?
steve buscemi 2016. júl. 19., 4:16 
if he is alreight with it i would be happy to take over the project because i actually want to become a game designer and and it would be awsome if i could take this over, i played the beta and it was amazing:steamhappy:
Yon 2016. jún. 6., 10:10 
Guys, this is vapourware. Dev is lost in the dark with this one. No update for a very long time and no sign of light for a release.
Thomas6579 2016. máj. 7., 13:58 
plz release I played the beta and it is awesome =) but I am sitting here waiting for it to release on steam
Toni 2016. ápr. 9., 6:58 
this dead?
Bloodshot 2016. márc. 15., 10:55 
Lunick 2016. márc. 9., 20:37 
Steam release?
Trasant 2016. febr. 23., 4:48 
Hello Defaxer. I usually check your twitter every week. Pretty excited about how this game grew up since 2013. The new features are awesome. Keep that way. Please don't rush it, this game deserve all your love. Just don't forget update your twitter with news as often as you can. Cheers.
Vyatka 2016. febr. 18., 5:57 
I can not wait! Please quickly released.
Yon 2016. febr. 16., 21:18 
Hello dev. How long are you going to delay Inverto? I'm frankly loosing the expectation for this, it was announced in 2013 and we're in 2016.
djcj 2016. febr. 3., 6:00 
Will the alpha version be made available as an early access game on Steam? Because to be honest I don't like Desura much but would still like to support you.
Think Tank 2015. nov. 22., 15:37 
Did this game ever come out? (Not on steam)
Italianosalvaje 2015. szept. 29., 14:06 
The music is very fitting. It has a dynamic feelin in it that puts in the mood for some sweet spaceship gravity parkour. Great game. 8.5/10
Onemario1234 2015. szept. 7., 7:35 
i played some of the game from Gamejolt.... and it is the BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!!! i've been looking for a game like this... though, your game is nothing like i've been hoping for..... IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN THAT! :steamhappy: :steamhappy: :steamhappy: Awesome work dude!
TaD 2015. júl. 30., 12:31 
Ah, that's good to hear! :steamhappy:
defaxer  [készítő] 2015. júl. 30., 8:57 
@Green Dead No I'm not
@TaD I don't hear a thing ;)
TaD 2015. júl. 28., 0:14 
I think I hear some crickets chirping here ...
Splouf 2015. júl. 20., 18:29 
Is the dev dead...?
yourusualfangirl 2015. jún. 10., 22:33 
Please update? I really enjoy this game, I hope it gets more levels, story and ending. Keep it up, dev :)
SenorGrande 2015. ápr. 5., 5:37 
Thanks for the info defaxer, and keep it up!
Greetings from Hungary.
-{Geo}- Cegorach 2015. márc. 31., 16:46 
Nice to hear that everything is OK and project is still alive.
defaxer  [készítő] 2015. márc. 25., 13:03 
Hello! I was about to write a big post about latest developments, but I won't. I know I have a little excuse for a recent silence and I won't ask any. I can't give you a release date for now, but right now As I'm writing this message I'm also working on a feature, which will add more depth to gameplay, will make it more fun (well I think so). Also project is migrating to Unity5, and have a couple of pretty screenies (see above)
Yon 2015. márc. 11., 11:57 
Hello dev, I'm aware you're from Ukraine and the situation it's currently on and you're about to build a family, but don't forget your responsabilities with this project. It's been quite a while since new footage haven't been released and there're people actually interested in it. Hope you provided a release date soon enough. Thanks.
GhostEntity2002 2015. jan. 25., 16:00 
Do you think if the dev released it on Early Access everybody would be happy, while also having a semi-playable game but not worrying about fixing all the bugs in the first release?
Splouf 2014. okt. 4., 16:14 
when will it be on steam?
GLeeM 2014. aug. 3., 8:37 
Kaiden 2014. júl. 24., 11:57 
Good! Portal feeling. I like it!
ONEIROS 2014. jún. 27., 11:07 
Dead Snow 2014. jún. 16., 14:57 
Файно :thumbs:
play_solder 2014. jún. 8., 14:00 
Guys, the dev is Ukrainian, check out his latest tweet on Apr 26 for a clue as to what may be holding back this release...
-{Geo}- Cegorach 2014. jún. 8., 5:35 
@Shadowprodigyx1 really hope so, but so long time no news is quite bad practice...
BOLMoney 2014. jún. 7., 21:39 
PLEASE defaxer! I need this on Steam! It's so fun on Desura but I need it on Steam! PLEASE!
shadowprodigyx 2014. máj. 29., 17:53 
The maker has not been on for 121 days so he has either given up hope or is deep in development for a huge update and possibly the release. or he just has designer block
Balthier 2014. máj. 16., 16:59 
any updates been 4 months about?
GLeeM 2014. ápr. 2., 7:00 
lexder 2014. márc. 26., 22:35 
voted some time ago, waiting for Inverto!
sense 2014. márc. 20., 6:38 
Am I missing anything? I though it was greenlit some time ago already. Any news? Updates? Seems a bit dead. Last update was half a year ago.
Bawls Attack 2014. márc. 16., 10:24 
▐█▐██▐░▄▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌ doge wants you to vote.
Shoppa 2014. márc. 6., 9:22 
@sharky same here :( can't wait.

I bought this game on groupees.
GLeeM 2014. márc. 4., 15:52 
devious rascal 2014. márc. 2., 17:35 
i have the alpha for this game and it cant get on steam fast enough
oui! 2014. febr. 26., 20:57 
wow, haven't checked this for a long time. Congratulations!
Ednac 2014. febr. 2., 8:28 
THis i am really looking forward to
Mr [Gh0st] 2014. jan. 26., 13:28 
Ok thanks :)
defaxer  [készítő] 2014. jan. 26., 11:24 
@Mr [Gh0st] Not yet, I will announce Steam release.
Mr [Gh0st] 2014. jan. 26., 4:19 
Steam keys are already available ? I bought the game on indiegamestand.com , but i only have Desura key.
Dalek 2014. jan. 24., 10:43 
Finally! Congrats!!!