Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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killersarder 6月3日上午6:32 
this mod dont work!
X-01 PUPPO 5月27日下午4:59 
Please make this for common infected
Sans 5月25日上午3:08 
Benito 5月19日上午4:41 
@Oatdog90 That's not how the legal system works, buddy. The SCP foundation is registered under creative commons, and you don't have ownership of the website, or the particular scp in question.
Oatdog90 4月23日下午5:45 
dude this is scp 303
I declare Coppywrite
Dreypa 4月9日上午4:53 
Thx for this mod, you rock!
Jaded Astartes 3月21日上午11:24 
The only problem with this mod is it's broken shadows. Fix that and it's perfect.
Raptor_Killer 01 2月20日下午12:01 
can you make it for NORMAL common infected? can you imagine an entire horde of this monsters it may look very cool!
[DFS] Gaussman1 2月13日上午5:19 
i found out that the add-on disables itself when an add-on is added or removed. you have to activate it everytime this happens. i know, its annoying.
{LINX} Erngepeel 1月30日下午3:04 
He probably thought that the mudmen were common infected so he put it under that. Look in the desc it syas same old mudmen action, but now with extra teeth!!! So it's for the mudmen not regular common infected you salty people :steamsalty::steamsalty::steamsalty:
kleiner real 1月22日上午5:24 
it does work, it is for mudmen not common infected
Hannibal 1月22日上午4:17 
JerkyWalnut 1月10日下午7:32 
doesnt work
M0KEY MOUSE! 1月6日下午12:56 
wont work
Ghostkiller 2017年12月28日上午2:16 
it's not work
Sunset Shimmer 2017年12月18日上午1:56 
the nova 6 victims
BerryHouse 2017年12月17日下午2:51 
People Dont realize its nova 6 crawlers from cod zombies
jenarobinson 2017年12月16日下午10:50 
I didn't need to sleep anyway....
黑叔叔游戏玩得可好了 2017年12月15日上午7:09 
This is the best crawler mod ever!!!
supremewormy 2017年10月7日下午1:28 
This is the Nova 6 Crawler Guys. It's from COD.
Tantian6891 2017年10月5日上午5:38 
Very horoble, good work
Ghostface 2017年9月24日上午7:59 
as the desc says it replaces mudmen
The One True Salmon 2017年9月8日下午4:21 
So does it replace common infected or the Mudmen in Swamp fever
|Predator PL| 2017年8月23日上午1:13 
AceGeo 2017年8月13日下午9:00 
People complaining it doesn't work without even reading the description. :steambored:
Vindeller 2017年7月28日上午3:40 
wont work:(
Frost 2017年7月27日上午9:42 
@SomeWeeb this mod if for the Mudmen zombies, the ones you see in swamp fever, not replacing the common infected
Zef 2017年7月23日下午3:31 
this is common infected version and it does replace all teh common infected
c0l1n_M4 2017年7月22日下午3:55 
If there was a mod to replace all the common infected with these I would shit myself
Grimm 2017年7月19日下午5:42 
can you make a common infected version?
Omochao 2017年7月4日下午2:19 
wont work:steamsad::steamsad:
Kyle defender 2017年7月3日上午6:53 
disables gore :steamsad:
conn6orsuper117 2017年6月29日下午7:18 
good old BO1 gas zombies
White Wolf 2017年6月28日上午2:31 
does not work for me
Orix15 2017年6月24日上午6:00 
yep. these seem like they will turn the zombies into pure nightmares. myes...

COMPANION CUBE 2017年6月13日下午1:25 
ain't working for me :p2turret:
Lennon 2017年5月22日上午11:50 
Crap mah pants every time I run into these.

Excellent work!
CheezDoodle! 2017年5月12日下午4:43 

lambda 2017年5月7日上午6:02 
@Night Fire

not necessarily jumping jacks; They were clothed differently and were called "Crawlers" in bo1
Weynan564 2017年5月1日上午7:13 

Sokol 2017年4月17日下午5:46 
The thing that bother's me most is it doesnt have eyes and it bothers me because it's like. "Why does this humanoid creature not have eyes wtf ugh." Cringy
Vitor__O 2017年3月31日下午6:55 
ain't working for me.
ℊȺℒȺℵƴ 2017年3月22日下午7:34 
nice jumping jacks from cod in l4d2
Forgotten Syrup 2017年3月16日上午7:55 
ain't working for me.
BoomStick 2017年3月11日下午7:06 
oh hell no, power of jeesus
SGT.FreemⒶn 2017年1月21日下午6:38 
Thanks for the nightmares friend!
Panther Eye 2017年1月19日上午11:21 
That is the scariest thing i've ever seen in my entire life... 0_0
momo 2017年1月8日下午5:26 
I wish it was for all infected :c
ApocalypseBunny 2017年1月8日上午11:14 
can you make this for all common infected instead of just mudmen? pretty pointless other wise xD
==Doktor Kaiser== 2016年12月30日上午8:12 
Mudman = Swamp
Swamp = Swamp Map
Swamp map =Mudmen Crawlers.
It works for me.