Portal 2
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ElRafaToro 28 lug 2017, ore 20:03 
I could only solve it with ninja skills
Stagger Lee  [autore] 28 nov 2013, ore 8:57 
I'll have to take a look at this soon and see if something broke and fix it.
Bayram 28 nov 2013, ore 8:52 
Thumbs up for a challenging map, but: 1) many elements are missing signage / antlines, 2) in the second room there is a cube that can be dropped but cannot be used for anything, 3) in the fizzler room, there is a pedestal button that does nothing and 4) unless I did this wrong, the solution to the fizzler room involves an incredibly difficult and tedious manouver. I suspect that the pedestal button is supposed to re-spawn the reflection cube, but is broken for some reason. If this is correct, it would make the fizzler room perfectly reasonable.
Stagger Lee  [autore] 2 giu 2013, ore 17:46 
There are signs on all the elements. And right next to the exit is a laser catcher hi-lighted by light strips.

Hitting a laser onto the first catcher is what enables the player to open that top door. It stays open due to the lightbridge/button that is activated from it.

When you place a cube at the exit, make a laser hit the catcher next to the exit door.
Roland 2 giu 2013, ore 17:24 
wow. completely stumped on the third puzzle. Placing the cube in the cube button near the exit seems to do nothing...I backtracked as far as I could go but couldn't figure out what it changes. Also searched for some way to turn on the tractor beam in the exit room and could not find anything to do so. Finally the button behind all the glass panels does....something....but I have no idea what...some signs on those elements could be helpful but I would accept a hint. :)
Stagger Lee  [autore] 1 giu 2013, ore 10:07 
As long as you have one of the cubes at the bottom, you can get yourself back into postion to portal back up and retrieve the cube on top.
Geneosis 1 giu 2013, ore 9:36 
Really cool pack of tests ^^ Not sure if I missed a way to respawn the laser cubes in the last room, but I found a way to get stuck because I couldn't respawn them ^^" If you drop one cube in the top area and then fizzle your portals... About the increasing difficulty I agree with LPChip : probably medium, and the last one is harder than the first two ;)
LPChip 31 mag 2013, ore 10:44 
Great map. Difficulty is about medium. Nothing really too hard, but definitely something that'll make you think. The puzzles are completely different from eachother, so if you're great at one puzzle even though it is harder than an earlier puzzle, it can appear easier for you. I got this feeling for the 1st and 2nd puzzle actually. But they were not hard puzzles. The last one definitely is harder than the rest.