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BelueRF 2014. aug. 24., 15:44 
This appears to be a very interesting puzzle game. All you need to do is make another trailer that showcases puzzle elements exclusively instead of random gameplay and I'm sure most people will agree.
loss.jpg 2014. aug. 2., 19:26 
for being a
"stuffed animal simulator"
SerratedGoat 2014. júl. 10., 4:51 
becuse moving toys but I'll vote for it
weeg 2014. júl. 7., 15:52 
why would this be creepy?
A NaCl-y Gamer 2014. jún. 30., 10:48 
Excuse me while I run away and cry untill I die.... Horror forever... So much pain....
(on a more serious note, looks like it could be fun, but don't expect to get tons of people paying anything over 5$ for it. I'll vote for it, only because it looks like both an interesting puzzle game, and a nice way to give your freind nightmares forever.)
Tundra 2014. jún. 22., 11:39 
I'd laugh it it suddenly turned into a psycological horror half way through....
Mio 2014. jún. 16., 4:31 
Cool idea, I love the concept!
That also could be avesome, if you add more different color skins for the plushies in future, like, cat may have stripes or other random color patterns - that will make the toys look different, and more like in a real bedroom, when there's a lot of them.
Maybe even add more kinds, like puppies, foxes etc? pleease?
iLembus 2014. máj. 30., 1:05 
what is this?

is that from a 2h game jam?
Dark Lord Penguin 2014. ápr. 5., 7:31 
Looks great, and thanks for the Linux version! Has anyone tried this on non-Ubuntu versions of Linux (esp. Arch)? Has this been tested on young kids (eg under 5)?
Auby 2014. márc. 12., 4:49 
this is awful
BIG D 2014. febr. 23., 1:10 
The little child voice was eerie and kinda creepy. I was totally ready to downvote this until I read your full description of it being a puzzle game. I think you should re-work your trailer so that the puzzle-aspect is explained a bit more. Showing gameplay for an obscure game like this, without any in-trailer explanation, can make a lot of people say dubya tee eff and walk away.

You got my vote because:
a) After reading your description, I see that this is indeed a legit game and not just some ragdoll physics sandbox.
b) It is very unique. I haven't seen anything like it.
and c) You don't deserve a downvote just because it isn't my style. The more actual games we have on Steam, the more choice we have as consumers. Plus, I wish you luck in your endeavors. I hope this game makes you rich; or at least enables you to feed & house you and your family.
Carooff 2014. febr. 18., 6:49 
Pinkbeard 2014. jan. 16., 1:55 
nice game
piotrus1983 2014. jan. 15., 23:28 
Nice idea.
Michael Cohen's Lawyer's Lawyer 2014. jan. 8., 16:58 
Shikhar 2014. jan. 8., 9:46 
Thank you for the starbound giveaway,I hope I win.. :D.. Good luck gettin greenlit
ZOMBIE-X 2014. jan. 8., 2:02 
house of mouse 2013. dec. 8., 14:40 
Darling002 2013. dec. 5., 4:16 
I liked it
Kit 2013. dec. 4., 18:48 
Voted up!
BenS 2013. nov. 24., 12:26 
upvoted purely because it states it has colorblind mode
Astro 2013. nov. 20., 5:27 
I like this game.
.ZH Kane 2013. nov. 14., 11:39 
upvoted purely because it states it has colorblind mode
Luiz Alves 2013. nov. 14., 5:47 
This trailer is creepy as hell. I like it! Upvoted for the sheer wtf-ness.
zetta 2013. nov. 14., 4:22 
LOL wtf... seriously? Upvoted!
AsteriCorvus 2013. nov. 13., 9:48 
Good luck:) died laughing:D
Sombie: Fake Fatty 2013. nov. 13., 7:35 
WTF.. cmon xD
utopianmachine 2013. okt. 19., 6:18 
I downloaded it on my Android this morning after hearing about it. It's adorable and meant for me. I support this developer on Greenlight.
Nubby the Red Nosed Noobcake 2013. szept. 28., 15:59 
I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I have no desire to play this. On the other, it's very interesting for younger people. I'm just going to pass without voting.
Gokurin 2013. szept. 27., 21:06 
냐 • 옹 • 이 Nyaong-e 2013. szept. 27., 3:05 
so cute ~~:smile:
CharlesStover.com 2013. szept. 10., 20:48 
This looks like a physics demo and not a game. It plays nicely, and the soundbits go well, but it really seems like it's missing something. Maybe more animal types, or different environments, or just something. I don't see why anyone would want to play it currently.
Nicimausi1990 2013. szept. 9., 7:52 
cute=) i want it!
SillySixPin 2013. szept. 1., 23:17 
Not all games are made specifically for you, and if you don't have anything constructive to say then shut up.
Kira 2013. aug. 30., 17:46 
uh.......... wtf is this!?!?
Dagda 2013. aug. 29., 10:13 
hmph...i will get steam to do this...but one problem...no one will buy it,but maybe Ichigo will buy it
Negeroid 2013. aug. 26., 17:05 
wtf hell no
XΞŇØMʘRƤǶ-ΞѴƖL 2013. aug. 4., 8:39 
that's what i call... boring

No Mercy ',.,'
akcaye 2013. aug. 3., 15:42 
I find comments that say a certain type of games should be on mobile devices rather stupid. First of all, not everyone has a smartphone, or one that plays games very well (with enough processor power, graphics power, or even storage), or one they with a battery they want to sacrifice while playing a certain game. Second of all, who the f*ck decided casual games are not for PC anymore? Casual games thrived on PC way before there were cellphones everywhere, let alone smartphones. So what, we should only allow games on PC if you can kill a minimum of a thousand people per hour while playing them? Third of all, good games are good games. It doesn't matter what platform they're on. Judge a game on its merits, not on what platform they would most likely fit best.
wuweird 2013. júl. 27., 7:35 
Voted yes purely over how butthurt some of the commenters here are :) Here's a couple of tip for them: your tastes aren't everyone's tastes, and stop tying your identity up with a _digital delivery store_ ffs. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Don't have a whiny hissy fit over it.
ker2x 2013. júl. 27., 2:12 
I'm on the weird part of greenlight, again o_O
Kassan6ra 2013. júl. 25., 7:15 
I will agree with the majority of the comments suggesting this should be a phone game instead. It also seems to be aimed at lower ages than most of the steam community consists of.
fvck censorship 2013. júl. 24., 8:00 
This is terrible.
keepitgooch 2013. júl. 23., 21:00 
this is not a fcking steam game at all
Potemayo 2013. júl. 2., 9:46 
i fckn love plush!
Sherlock 2013. júl. 1., 19:36 
Im not quite sure if you address this but I understand the content of the game is one thing, but why do you feel the need to have this on steam? Im honest when i say this appeals to maybe less than 1% of the steam community who would rather see their community not become a flooded market like "google play" or the app store. I an not agaist the games content but I feel like your demographic is better reached via tablets and phones. The reason why this community safe guards their game seletection is as soon as they start letting tablet style games take over.. they'll be no end to them.. If i have to look through 99 games to find the one i want, i at least want those 99 to be games i could see myself playing.
Alice🔑 2013. jún. 29., 21:08 
{the~father} 2013. jún. 28., 23:35 
DiglyD 2013. jún. 26., 21:03 
Just FYI you probably won't get on Steam if in your background everything is static and there is only one mechanic which is to put the toys on the bed. There has to be some element of chaos or growth or change or strategy besides just arbitrary rules of what has to land next to what. (think Viva Pinata for inspiration or some other strategy puzzle game on Steam currently). Right now this looks like just an attempt at a quick money grab. I just don't see any of this strategy or challenge you are referring to and the game is way to static to keep anyone's interest for long to justify spending any money on it even if it was on sale. Even if this game had some story element even if it was shown via static screens and conversation trees ala some Japanese Anime storybook way where each animal/toy has a portrait and a personality and there is something going on. but there isn't.
LexTexMex 2013. jún. 24., 6:36 
This isn`t a game that belongs to a pc. If you want some cash out off this game then you have to make it a Iphone game! 1/10