Portal 2
Eternal Quest
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Reiman 2015年3月5日 11時58分 
Hi stormsend! Went through it, again wondering where some things are for, like i.e. the lower cube-button and the laser. But had fun, funneling me to the exit - thanks :)
daloboy 2013年7月6日 14時02分 
Hi stormsend! I liked it! Nice entrance !
Prototype 2013年7月5日 0時21分 
Here's a demo of my solution that doesn't use the funnel until right at the end: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dncink3kisrun08/eternalquest.dem I also can't fathom the use of the laser...

If you get a chance, here's a link to one of mine.
mood3rd 2013年6月21日 16時16分 
much better :)
had fun.
small things you may want to do ?
as you come through the entrance, in front of you are 2 light strips.
they are out of alignment.
when you stand on the weighted button (which turns off the fizzler)
& go to fire a portal threw the panels.
you can hardly see the potable wall.
maybe have a portable area lined up with the gap.
we both made it through to the exit area ok.
& the flip panels make the pedestal button essential :)
but some players might go through the portal back to the funel area.
then get frustrated.
you could solve this, by highering the cieling & putting grating there,
to prevent the player going through the portal.
then, you could even despose of the flip panels & make the cieling portable,
if the item limit is a problem.
as I said, small problems.
I enjoyed this the 2nd time around.
& your updates were good :)
thumbs up
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年6月21日 2時42分 
Thank you kimist108 and mood3rd. I made a couple changes. Hope I got those exploits. Try again if you like.
mood3rd 2013年6月20日 15時04分 
some good ideas.
but you can press the pedestal buttons on the gratting, by firing portals by them.
then pressing them, through the portals.
though you can use the blue funel to move sideways, along the grating.
timing frustrated me. (I am slow. to much cake :))
more time would be helpfull, to slow players like me.
just watched Luc1aNo's video.
I did not see the pedestal button, on the way to the exit.
I just fired a portal up there, from different angles, untill it worked.
then portaled to the exit.
perhaps the pedestal button is more noticable & it also activates flip panels above.
this way we would have to funel up to the pedestal button.
hope these comments are helpfull.
if you update, I will play again.
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年6月1日 1時15分 
Thank you for finding that exploit. I have closed the exit door. I make that mistake quite often for some reason. I will pay attention to the exit from now on. And thanks for playing.
kimist108 2013年5月31日 15時49分 
I went back and found the cube and finished it the proper way.
kimist108 2013年5月31日 15時10分 
Um, I just exited the test chamber. But, I know it was not how you intended. No cube. No stepping on any button. Stood at the bottom of the tall chamber with the glass and mesh floors. Put a portal at the very top by aiming at an opening. Went to the top and the door was open.
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月25日 14時45分 
Thanks. I look forward to your creations.
Jade BGE 2013年5月25日 14時22分 
That was very cool! I started it one day then realized that I didn't have enough time to finish so when I came back the next day I couldn't figure out how I overcame the first section but I did it again only in a different way than the first time. o.0 The first time I do recall using the reverse portion of the funnel but the second time I didn't. Anyway love that. I don't think I did the second section as intended because I ended up throwing the cube through the grating in the below part of the puzzel up to the upper room behind the grating where the fizzle button is. Love the idea getting up to the exit. Great execution of wonderful ideas. Thank you so much. I may have a new puzzle or two that you could breeze through.
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月23日 0時26分 
That was a very good run and I thank you for playing.
GraveNoX 2013年5月22日 14時06分 
simple chamber but so comfusing for me, my blind run here http://youtu.be/hVZd4SM3AfY