Left 4 Dead 2
Gunkanjima (survival)
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origin 18 MAR a las 1:59 
wow, update
Esacus 8 OCT 2017 a las 3:41 
holy shit! the map and the amout of details is absolutely AMAZING!
If you could make this an actual campaign, I'll cum in peace and transcendence into the heaven
X SHAMANOV X 27 JUN 2017 a las 4:34 
Gunkanjima (survival)

Gunkanjima (survival)

Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Gunkanjima (survival)
Sokol 6 ABR 2017 a las 16:34 
This was originally a Gmod map so that may be part of the issue.
Nishi 28 MAR 2017 a las 16:34 
why are there missing skybox like a big black sky with medium shaders? any fix?
Abigor 25 MAR 2017 a las 18:43 
Doesn't work
Mad Jack 26 FEB 2017 a las 10:22 
Is it possible to end this map? You know, get some rescue and run away from that place or something like that
ꞋꞋꞌ٠١JoeL4Deλn™ 14 FEB 2017 a las 19:26 
10/12 :: it reminds me from : the last of us : well map aint sure if this bug not spawning any zombies.?
DarkSim® 11 DIC 2016 a las 23:29 
you should make this a campaing x2
LiterallyStalin 7 JUL 2016 a las 10:59 
looks good mate....Good Job:steamhappy:
Fire Marshall Bill 9 ENE 2016 a las 14:33 
A depressing masterpiece of overgrowth
Vania is the cutest Vampire 28 DIC 2015 a las 23:51 
Why aren't any zombies appearing when I start the survival ?
Binky 28 NOV 2015 a las 7:02 
you should make this a campaing
He who greets with Fire 26 SEP 2015 a las 15:10 
no zombies appear when i start it
Cauterizer 22 JUL 2015 a las 5:38 
0/10 Conflicting with Particles support.
Super Creamy 27 JUN 2015 a las 8:47 
I loved it! Awesome job!
Prince Charles 23 JUN 2015 a las 9:27 
awesome map really textured
RK* Lobb 6 FEB 2015 a las 7:40 
This map is extremely well done and well detailed. I would like if you add some more medkits and ammo around the map...
Kingsly 25 ENE 2015 a las 15:03 
Zxaoks 10 NOV 2014 a las 16:01 
i cant pronouce it
CGC13 2 SEP 2014 a las 15:48 
best map ive seen, but i couldnt get the css guns to work
Elixzr 21 JUL 2014 a las 17:54 
Great map, but is the lack of a skybox intentional? It only occurs in some places.
People Like Grapes 7 JUN 2014 a las 12:31 
This map is so beautiful, wish it was more popular.
Silent Lynx 5 JUN 2014 a las 20:29 
The description clearly states that this isnt Alcatraz. If you took the time to read it, you would know that beforehand.
ஐ অ'О̆Є̈ДႧҘ ☣ 31 MAY 2014 a las 18:29 
Judge Buda 27 ABR 2014 a las 20:57 
I like your maps.It's very cool.But there's a little problem.The skybox isn't working. WTF?! Can you tell me what happend?
RedImperialist 15 MAR 2014 a las 18:51 
F****ing BEAUTIFUL!!! Easily the best survival map EVER! only "problem" i have is the Css weapons inflict no damage
Stygian 7 MAR 2014 a las 10:17 
Its... its, BEAUTIFULL!
Nico [fr] 3 MAR 2014 a las 17:42 
Reminds me The Last of us
Jancukmanja 24 AGO 2013 a las 9:14 
This is really a beautifull map... picturesque! :D:
#FREEBOBBY 9 AGO 2013 a las 9:44 
Great map
The Stabbo Crabbo 27 JUL 2013 a las 1:10 
can you make it a stranded map?
Skullkan6 4 JUL 2013 a las 22:18 
CRYTIS 4 JUL 2013 a las 18:24 
can u make this a map for garrys mod?
Naterr 21 JUN 2013 a las 14:47 
It won't work for me?
thehowl5657 16 JUN 2013 a las 17:47 
Good map, but is it meant for WITCHES to spawn before the round even starts? I can't tell you how many times I've run into a witch on the run from a horde of commons :/
Poullewis 5 JUN 2013 a las 6:05 
Thats... f***ing awesome!
willitre 24 MAY 2013 a las 13:52 
ones1x 20 MAY 2013 a las 21:51 
got a headache trying to play it with friends.
A Wet Pair of Socks 18 MAY 2013 a las 16:27 
Beautiful map, very ceative idea to use gunkanjima as a LFD2 map ^.^
S(Y)ans 2 MAY 2013 a las 21:11 
Looks incredible! subscribed.
The Filthy Destroyer 2 MAY 2013 a las 12:40 
My bad :X
Doktor haus  [autor] 1 MAY 2013 a las 16:06 
Quoted from description: "The versus, scavenge and coop modes are not currently supported and you can only select them because the mission text refuses to work otherwise."
gas tank 1 MAY 2013 a las 16:00 
The Filthy Destroyer 1 MAY 2013 a las 15:46 
I don't know if this was on purpose, but the map is playable on campaign, and it's actually kind of fun until you realize there was only two healthpacks in total and none of the bots will heal you...
Domukaru 1 MAY 2013 a las 12:43 
All my graphic settings are maxed, I think i should have included that. Even when the weather changes, i do not notice any lag or frames skipping. My frames per rate never drops from the max either.
Domukaru 1 MAY 2013 a las 12:42 
Love this map. Never encountered the FPS drop or any particle distortion effects, it plays perfectly. However, I have noticed a HUGE drawback when playing with bots. There are tons of places they get stuck at. On the rope they'll make it to the top, but will cease to move/shoot. If they get hit by a tank into a wall, they usually get stuck and will not move their position. Usually within the debri. I've also gotten stuck in the walls of the debri and could not get out. Maybe layer the walls more so they can't be climbed.

On a side not, i love the fact that a witch spawns before you even begin the round. Not sure if that's how it's supposed to be or not haha. Overall though, a definite 4/5 Star Survival Map. -1 Point for minor bugs. Grade A-!
Takii 1 MAY 2013 a las 10:21 
the funny thing about this map is even with your particle addon it conflicts with both mods i can either have one or the other turned on at a time sadly i was kinda looking forward to playing this map but i dont want missing textures so if it gets fixed cool
SKREEEEEE 1 MAY 2013 a las 3:21 
I subscribed, but now what?How do I get the add-on?
PapaGAYnu 30 ABR 2013 a las 19:38 
I would really love to play this but I get 30 seconds in and it closes the game completely.