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The Destroyer Class (He's Back!)
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Saffronfist 7 mag, ore 10:06 
hi Anoka, I would like to include this mod in a class mod pack I am working on. Would you mind? Also, it doesnt mention any but if you know of any classes it does not work with please let me know. Well , I didnt read all the comments...although read some. There are like 70 different class mods I am looking at to determine which I will add to the mod pack (s), May make a couple mod packs in the end.
Andrei4ik 1987 TRADEIT.GG 16 feb, ore 7:04 
Bones 2 lug 2017, ore 23:54 
Based on Drax the destroyer. Nice
xXCringeMaster420Xx 9 nov 2016, ore 12:59 
This mod makes my game crash... Is there something I missed?
RastaMonstA 12 ott 2016, ore 18:08 
amazing job. thank you
Chris Dragon 26 apr 2016, ore 14:10 
So. Only drawback, which may be a problem with the game, is that I can't visibly armour him up. Other than that, I've got my favourite Hero back.
DropDeadG 24 ott 2015, ore 20:09 
always a fan of this class
Atheist23 3 mag 2015, ore 14:46 
Thank you, Anoka. I had actually found the armors awhile back, and I'm glad I did. The detail in the armor is extremely good, so I wanted to ramp up the stats to make it more end game useable.

I don't know if you're taking suggestions, but I feel someone needs to do this. In TL1 there was teh Vindicator class mod which was pretty awesome. I don't think anyone has actually tried to make a playable Zealot, and, I was wondering if it would be something you're up for. I completely understand if you're not, but I just thought it would be an amazing mod that would attract a lot of attention. Thank you for your time.
Anoka  [autore] 3 mag 2015, ore 12:17 
Hello Stealth.Zigzagrocks,
I think there is already an alchemist mod floating around out there. I’m always honored when people ask me to do a vanquisher or an alchemist, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be doing any big mods anytime soon. I think that the folks out there who are taking on the vanquisher and alchemist mods can do a good enough job to satisfy our needs. Thanks for honoring me with the suggestion.

Hi Epik High,
Thanks for the comment man, glad you like it! XD
Anoka  [autore] 3 mag 2015, ore 12:15 
Hey wendtt7!
Wow! I’m so happy that someone likes her armor! Yes it is custom but they are available in game. I’m not sure if I made them Descendant only and unfortunately I can’t remember the unit code name off the top of my head. I would have to go onto my old pc and dig up the files or reinstall the editor and check out the name in the character class creator tool that the editor has. All of these questions everyone is posting is really making me want to fire up the editor again, lol. For now, I can only tell you how to find it through the editor; the name of the armor will be listed in the beginner armor of the female descendant in the character class editor section. I know it’s been a while, but if you’re unable to find it and still need my help, I’ll find some time to reinstall the editor and check it out.
Anyways, thanks! I can’t express enough how happy it makes me that someone found value in the level of detail that I tried to add to this mod.
Anoka  [autore] 3 mag 2015, ore 12:09 
Hi Vsuchinoko,
Awesome, thanks for letting me know! Also, in terms of the “test” characters, you are correct; the folders need to be deleted and then recompiled. The reason why the test folders are there is because they get remade whenever the mod is decompiled. It’s tough to explain why they get remade whenever the mod gets decompiled, but basically, even if you delete them and then compile, the next decompile will recreate them. It is because there is something that I left in the code that says that the “test” characters exist, so whenever you decompile it, the decompiler thinks it needs to make a folder for them. Then, when you recompile it with the folders, they will show up in the character list. Anyways, I would just delete them in your character list (where you can create/edit new character classes), as this will remove any memory that they take up. I hope all of this makes sense; I’ve forgotten all of the terminology lol.

Zigzagrocks 15 mar 2015, ore 15:34 
hey, can you try to make one for the alchamist? he was my favorite class in the original game!
BeLikeWater 14 feb 2015, ore 6:57 
Atheist23 25 gen 2015, ore 3:09 
Hey, this may be a bit late, but I really enjoy this mod! I just have one question, because it has been driving me nuts (I hope you get this!)

What default armor pieces is the female Descendant wearing? I really like the appearance, and was wondering if the pieces are in game items, or custom made. And if they're in game, could I have the unit code? (EX: berserker_01_chest). I would really appreciate it, and I apologize for the ridiculous question.
Vsuchinoko 22 gen 2015, ore 13:56 
Hey there Anoka! When I try to include this mod into a mod compilation I've been working on I always get test character classes that feature the Destroyer. I should have just probably tried to delete everything within the mod files that included (test) in them but I just wanted to leave a message too so you know I'm trying to incorporate in my mod compile and to see if you know any issue with this.
Anoka  [autore] 5 dic 2014, ore 23:48 
Hi swat_army99,


Hello Whalecall,

Yes, this is synergies compatible.
Whalecall 18 ago 2014, ore 15:59 
Synergies compatible?
swat_army99 14 mag 2014, ore 23:06 
Anoka  [autore] 15 mar 2014, ore 23:17 
The reason why I made a male Descendant is for folks who like the Destroyer class, but wanted to see their armors changing. Originally, I was just going to have the big model Destro, and the female version, but lots of people showed interest in a male version that could look different with each piece of armor (thus the Descendants were born).

Anyways, I hope that answers your question, and thanks for dropping by man XD
Anoka  [autore] 15 mar 2014, ore 23:13 
Hey roberto tomas,

In terms of the wardrobe, the big model can use different armors and weapons just like every other class out there, but you can't see the clothes changing on him. You can see any weapon that you equip him with, and he even uses different animations for each one. For example, all other classes in Torchlight 2 use two hands to swing a two-handed weapon, but the big model Destroyer only needs to use one hand (he's quite strong). On Phanjam's page, there are pictures of an "older" model. None of the big models have a visible wardrobe change though, so the differences that you see are pictures of different models. I say "older", because there were previous ones, but really they are all functional. The latest model is the one without the scarf (and some other minor tweaks). Again, the model that Phan is using is just as functional as the one that I'm using, but we are able to have different looks (not intentional, but worked out great XD).
roberto tomás 14 mar 2014, ore 6:10 
On Phanjam's page, he says that he has gotten permission to use your model, so he does. But he says that it is not wardrobeable. But on your page I see your guy walking around, sometimes shirtless, sometimes in the original gear he had, and with different weapons. What's the deal with the wardrobe?
Anoka  [autore] 23 feb 2014, ore 9:35 
Small Update:

Descendants - CHARGE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or should I say Charge Sword? XD)

I've been saving this update for many months now, but I didn't want to put it out there until I could make it a bigger release. Seeing as I'll be super busy for quite some time, I thought I might as well upload it for the folks who were patiently waiting for the chargebar. I forgot what else I worked on for this patch since its been so long and they were very minor things. The only major thing was the charge bar, and so thats why I remembered it haha. Anyways I hope you guys like it and sorry for not uploading it sooner.

(The last 2 screenshots show the new chargebar)
Anoka  [autore] 23 feb 2014, ore 9:35 
Hey again J, LOL ya it would be a paradox, or maybe we could think of it like there are different alchemists just like there are different berzerkers and such XD
Anoka  [autore] 23 feb 2014, ore 9:34 
Hello Soularous, waaaaaaah!!!!! DX I don't think it will be me who brings back the good-guy alchemist DX I'm barely putting out small updates as it is, and making another class mod would probably take years with my new snail speed. DX I do agree about the awesome gauntlet though, to me its more awesome than all the gear that the engineer has. It just seems to hold so much power! LOL

Hi Nightmare Nemesis, yeah he does look like such a badass with all of those ember enhancements! He was such a fun class (you guys are making me miss him even more with all of these nostalgia posts! DX). I think his biggest appeal to me was that he wasn't just another mage. The embermage is cool and all (I personally love all the characters that Runic made), but the alchemist just seemed like more of a badass and less fragile. I think its a shame that none of the original three were brought back though. DX
♢Doom Accelerator♢ 15 feb 2014, ore 15:20 
i agree with soularous the alchemists gauntlet was pretty awesome it was also my favorite class i was dissapointed that he became evil but amazed at how much they made him look like one of those guys that say : pathetic mortal then beat the living snot outa ya
Soularous 15 feb 2014, ore 10:57 
I wanted to ask if you could make the Alchemist class (Model and all, just cause of the awesome giant gauntlet). That class is my favorite in Torchlight 1 and I would enjoy using in Torchlight 2. All I need is a yes or no :).
Chubby Pigeon 14 feb 2014, ore 19:19 
theres one thing i find strange about bringing the alchemist back... since the Dark alchemist is the alchemist after Torchlight 1, if you played as him... wouldn't that create a paradox? (still pro alchemist! :happycthulhu:)
Anoka  [autore] 14 feb 2014, ore 16:21 
Hey Governor, thanks so much!!!! I am so honored everytime someone requests that I do the Vanquisher and/or Alchemist!!! That being said, I am not sure if I'll ever do them DX. The Destroyer is a HUGE file for just one class (technically 2, if you include the Descendants), and I just don't know if I've got enough energy to do another big mod. Don't worry though, there is already at least one Vanquisher mod out there XD. As for the Alchemist, hopefully someone out there is already working on him, since he is in such high demand. Thanks again for dropping by man XD

Hello Fanar4k! Thanks, I'm glad you like the mod XD

Hi J! Thanks man! It always feels great to know that people like my mod enough to trust me with the other two classes! Truthfully though, I don't think I'll be starting another project anytime soon DX. Anyways, thanks again for the show of appreciation; it really is an honor to be asked about the Alchemist/Vanquisher.
Chubby Pigeon 31 gen 2014, ore 18:27 
I support the idea of bringing back the original alchemist!!!!!
Fanar4k 26 gen 2014, ore 5:27 
this good
M'aiq 24 gen 2014, ore 18:27 
Nice mod. Do you think you could bring back Vanquisher and original alchemist back sometime too? That would be pretty neat.
Anoka  [autore] 20 gen 2014, ore 2:03 
Hey again maurice.cormier! Yeah, I also came from Diablo, and I was glad that Runic had a big powerhouse like the Destroyer in the first game. I salute you and your wife! XD

Hello Katerek, I thought it was hilarious to see him talking to himself! XD If you do get bored of that though, I've also made an NPC that replaces the Destroyer NPC that you talk to. Here is the link to that seperate mod:

Captain Dale NPC

I would have just included it in this mod, but some guys never get tired of seeing the Destroyer talk to himself lol. Thanks for dropping by man; I hope you enjoy! XD

Hello Riyotous! Yes, he is indeed back! Hehe. No one could keep him away, for he's too damn strong! Please do have fun with him XD
Riyotous 19 gen 2014, ore 8:23 
Destroyer is back? I'm on it!
Katerek 17 gen 2014, ore 18:26 
I would love to see The Destroyer talking to himself XD
maurice.cormier 14 gen 2014, ore 21:41 
@Anoka... It is "I" (us users) that are GRATEFUL!!! Without you guys this game would not be as AWESOME as it is... the wife and I cannot play Torchlight 2 enough! We no longer play WOW and Diablo... to be honest I do not miss all the A-Holes.. The Modders are the foundation of this game and it is their hard work that will grow this AWESOME Game!!

Thaks again @Anoka!! I also found the Vanquisher!! (bad spelling lol)... now all we need the is Alchemist before he turned to the dark side!
Anoka  [autore] 14 gen 2014, ore 20:48 
Hey maurice.cormier!! I'm glad you got it to work! XD Now I know that there are other mods out there that used mine as a base haha. I'm going to guess that it was a class mod, and I hope you are able to use your other mods! XD

Also, thanks for the kind words man!!!!!!!!!!!!! D'X Whenever I read such words to describe this mod, I can really feel the gratitude, and it makes the work even more worth it! It was already worth it just to see the return of the Destroyer, but seeing everyone welcome him back with such open arms makes me really happy! Thanks again man! XD
Anoka  [autore] 14 gen 2014, ore 20:37 
Hello ReachTheSun, when you enter Torchlight 2 are you clicking the red button that has the play symbol plus a gear symbol? Also, when you activate your mods, are you seeing them being listed on both sides of the mod launcher window? I remember when I first started playing with mods, I thought that they were automatically activated, but later realized that the list on the left is of all mods that I downloaded (not necessarily activated). Also, to check that your mods are running, at the title screen, there should be a little arrow icon on the right. Clicking the tiny icon opens up a list of what mods are running in-game. If you don't see the little icon, it means your game is running without mods. I'm not really sure of what might cause your mods to not run other than that they are probably not activated. I hope this helps, or that you are already having fun with mods! XD
maurice.cormier 12 gen 2014, ore 9:08 
@Anoka... you were right! I disabled all my mods and only loaded yours... and the skill was there THANKS! if no one has shared with you the appreciation for your hard work that you have done then I WILL!!!! I know what is involved with creating MODS and on top of that You Modders do it without PAY! You guys are AMAZING!! and this is what makes this GAME the BEST!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! without you guys Torchlight 2 would not be what it is now! The Torchlight Team knew this when they created this version so you Modders ARE THE BEST!
ReachTheSun 11 gen 2014, ore 13:46 
hey ^^ can someone help me?
i subscriped this mod (and a few more) and launched TL2 with the modlauncher and activated all of them.. but ingame i cant find anything about the mods o:
i really dont have any idea why <.<
Anoka  [autore] 8 gen 2014, ore 1:56 
Oh also, (I forgot to say) for the big destroyer, you can still tell when he has full charge by when his hands start glowing a golden color. When his hands are glowing, all attacks (even skills) will do critical damage. This makes for a particularly awesome scenario where you see that your hands start glowing and there is a group of monsters nearby that is about to feel the wrath of Devastate with critical damage XD.

Hey again Purgatory, thanks dude, I really appreciate it! I say this alot, but it really makes me happy when I find other people who want to see the Destroyer kicking butt in Torchlight 2.
Purgatory 8 gen 2014, ore 1:04 
@Anoka I see! Well thanks for answering me atleast. Keep up the good work!
Anoka  [autore] 8 gen 2014, ore 0:40 
Hi Purgatory, you're correct that the chargebar is currently invisible! I actually purposely made it this way for the big destroyer to keep his oldschool feel, but it wasn't meant to be the same for the descendants. Since I have more freedom when it comes to them, I've been giving them features that fit more with the 4 Torchlight 2 classes, and having a chargebar was supposed to be one of those extra features. I've been working on all 3 classes for so long that I completely forgot about the chargebar lol XD. I'll be adding chargebars for the descendants, but keep the one for the big destroyer invisible. Thanks for all your guy's patience! Enjoy!
Anoka  [autore] 8 gen 2014, ore 0:39 
Hey maurice.cormier! I'm glad you like the mod dude! XD as for missing a skill, could you give me the name of the skill? All of them work for me, so I'm wondering if you have a seperate class mod that might be using the same skill tag. As for the charge bar, I totally forgot about that! Lol! I'll work on getting a custom one in, but I'm not so sure when I'll have the time to draw one up.

Hello KaBlump, I know that there is definitely a vanquisher mod out there, but I think the only alchemist one is the evil boss version.
Purgatory 5 gen 2014, ore 17:18 
Chargebar is invisible. Don't know if you meant for him not to have one, but it's pointless since he still gets chargebar buffs out of nowhere. So if it's just a bug, I will patiently wait for you to fix the invisible chargebar. Nice mod!
t3h ub3rn07 5 gen 2014, ore 10:25 
Are there other mods like this, like that bring back the other two classes?
maurice.cormier 3 gen 2014, ore 20:04 
@Anoka!! I cannot begin to thank you enough for your hard work!!! I have tried many new classes and your DECENDANT is my No. 1!!! I commend you for all your hard work! She is my favorite and my only toon! She has only one skill missing the one inbetween Duel Wel. and Adventuring... is there any possibilities that you could finish her up??? Everything else about her is PERFECT! I also noticed that she does not have a charge bar? I am very grateful for what you have done! I would not be able to do it, I tried the GUTS and too complicated for me... Again THANK YOU!
Anoka  [autore] 26 dic 2013, ore 6:31 
Hello Feco Linhares, yes this mod works with Synergies Mod XD Enjoy! XD

Hi Pes Prizrak, unfortunately I don't speak Russian, but thanks for dropping by XD I hope you are enjoying the mod!
Pes Prizrak 26 dic 2013, ore 1:21 
Feco Linhares 22 dic 2013, ore 8:16 
Hey Anoka, this awesome mod currently works with Synergies Mod ?
Anoka  [autore] 19 dic 2013, ore 20:19 
Hey again Spastic, lol no worries dude XD