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Alchemical Arts
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ArcadeParty  [autore] 10 giu 2014, ore 7:42 
Attention Alchemists!

I have just published my best, and most comprehensive alchemy mod yet!

Song of the Alchemist

If you are interested in alchemy, you will love this mod!
ArcadeParty  [autore] 21 ago 2013, ore 5:02 

I am officially declaring this mod obselete. I have made a new and much improved alchemyperk overhaul called De Rerum Dirennis . It is VERY similar to this mod, however is a more comprehensive and altogether more superior mod. It also has Dawnguard and Dragonborn support! Please check it out! I will leave this mod here however in case people do decide to use this over De Rerum Dirennis .

Give it a geeze: De Rerum Dirennis
Jonathan 13 ago 2013, ore 3:10 
No worries...
ArcadeParty  [autore] 13 ago 2013, ore 3:10 
Thanks man! :)
Jonathan 13 ago 2013, ore 2:45 
Wow you have been doing so much modding lately keep up the good work mate...Thumbs up.
ArcadeParty  [autore] 4 ago 2013, ore 19:37 
No probs! :)
Jay 4 ago 2013, ore 11:00 
thank you i have been making poisins non stop and im only level 21 in alchemy what a joke thanks to your mod alchemy will be worth it thank you.
Gilgamesh 30 lug 2013, ore 14:58 
cuzz i have dragon haerts that weigh 9 pounds
Gilgamesh 30 lug 2013, ore 14:57 
ok ty' might subscribe
ArcadeParty  [autore] 29 lug 2013, ore 23:38 
@VastoLordKnight No, however the added ingredients will not be weightless. Everything else will work fine however :)
Gilgamesh 29 lug 2013, ore 20:52 
dose this contflic with mods that add ingrediants?
DeathWeaver4 21 lug 2013, ore 14:04 
by the way cool mod. though i can do just as good with enchanted gear.
DeathWeaver4 21 lug 2013, ore 14:00 
did you know that "talos" is the name of a nearly indesructible robot in ancaint greek legends? makes ya wonder....
Logan 16 lug 2013, ore 11:53 
Too much, too easy. =/
TS [~MLS~] CelticFrag 5 lug 2013, ore 23:02 
No problem Grey!
ArcadeParty  [autore] 4 lug 2013, ore 23:32 
Thanks for that! :)
TS [~MLS~] CelticFrag 4 lug 2013, ore 15:31 
Um Grey? You put Rank 1 TWICE for Poisoner and Benefactor in the text on here-nice modwork though!
ArcadeParty  [autore] 18 giu 2013, ore 23:40 
@cyberbronne Glad to hear it! It can be a lot of fun when you get into it :)

@Shepard Commander Thanks for saying so ;)
RuneO 18 giu 2013, ore 5:57 
Very Nice mod, i have never used alchemy before..
now it is my number 1 choice :)
Shepard Commander 13 giu 2013, ore 12:51 
That would be nice because you sir have very cool mods
ArcadeParty  [autore] 13 giu 2013, ore 2:56 
Yeah thats a fair enough reason. And no i don't :( when i started modding i didnt have the software to make nexus versions, so I just made steam ones. I haveit now though, so ill porbbably convert my best mods over at some point.
Shepard Commander 12 giu 2013, ore 14:17 
do you have any other mods on the nexus, just wondering
Shepard Commander 12 giu 2013, ore 14:16 
Well most of my mods are off the nexus anyway so i prefer to have most of them from the same service
ArcadeParty  [autore] 12 giu 2013, ore 0:08 
Eventually :) Just out of curiousity though, why nexus over steam?
Shepard Commander 11 giu 2013, ore 17:28 
Could you make a nexus version
ArcadeParty  [autore] 29 mag 2013, ore 5:33 
Well, i dont know about all that alchemy + smithing + enchanting stuff. You porbbably can't emulate that through the console, but you can set any skill to 100 using the following code:

advskill [name of skill] [large number]

eg: advskill sneak 99999999
dodac23 28 mag 2013, ore 17:07 
Also note I use a unlimited ring/necklace mod as well i tihnk but im not sure as long as the item has a different name the buff/enchant will stack with another item.
dodac23 28 mag 2013, ore 17:01 
I use a mod to set all my skills to 100 saves on typing out each stat/skill etc and then continue to touch the stone in whiterun to have all the talent points maxed out. Then i create sets of armor with fortify alchemy,smithing and enchanting on it to have a constant buff. so it boosts your % each time. for example. your default is like 66% on alchemy @ 100 you pop a fortify enchanting potion. which will raise the fortify alchemy stat to a base of 126% on the armor, if you keep repeating the process i think you can get it up to 2000% to fortify alchemy,enchanting,smithing. but don't quot me on it. long story you can go way past the 100 skill point cap by using this method. Im not sure if you can automatically do it through the console if you can that would be great. tell on how to do it im not all that tech savy so i have to do things the hard way i guess.
ArcadeParty  [autore] 27 mag 2013, ore 0:52 
@dodac23 Why not just use the console to set your skills to 100?
dodac23 27 mag 2013, ore 0:02 
Black smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy will get you weapons and gear that will 1 shot anything in the game and also keep you alive. Granted it may take you a while to find,stock pile and make many different sets of armor to boost your stats high enough but once you have it you have it and poisons become worthless at that point because your sword/axe/dagger will hit for 980 base damage. IF done correctly or with the help of some enchanting mods and alchemy you can lay waste to everything in the game assuming you have the leech health/mana on your weapons. Someone should just create a ring that will max everything from the start of the game when you pick up your first set of armor. so all your skill tree's are auto filled and maxed out along with having every value at its absolute highest # value. Then let people subscribe to it as they will.... Myself i've kind of gotten tired of having to do the constant grind to level up a new toon.
OLAmericanO 7 mag 2013, ore 12:32 
I think some people are missing the point.

Yes, alchemy is broken when using it to boost other skills.

However, the poison effects are relatively rubbish. Frenzy is particularly offensive. The best "default" frenzy poison, deadly frenzy poison, affects only level 23 and lower characters, yet appears in leveled lists at 40. Clearly, its not useful. Yes, it works on ordinary civilians, but its hardly useful for fun situations, like sneaking through a bandit-filled fort.

That said, I won't use this mod, because its too much.

Any chance you can make a simple mod to empower frenzy/fear poisons so they work up to level 100ish?

I'd rather not affect my perk trees too much.
corwyn 29 apr 2013, ore 14:59 
ho and by the way, sorry for my bad english
corwyn 29 apr 2013, ore 14:54 
Hello everybody !
Alchemy is the most powerful skill in Syrim :
Put on some stuff with alchemy enchants on it, the create a potion that enhance healing school. Drink it and create a new potion : you will find that it is more powerful. repeat this 3 or 4 time and then craft some forging and enchanting potions. The potions will be so powerful that your stuff and the enchants on it will make you unkillable.
Now the lvl limit is gone, you can also gain lvl very easily by making a lot of potions with the alchemy boost and sell them after resetting speech skill. For each potion sold, you will gain 100 points in speech, allowing you to gain lvl very fast (funny thing : if the vendor have no gold, you can still sell him a potion and get the points).
Of course this is killing the game but it was just to show you how powerful alchemy is in this game.
Arod Snaux 23 apr 2013, ore 23:30 
Psst... nice mod, but you have it backwards. Alchemy is the most overpowered skill in the game... you can level it to max in about an hour with very few ingredients, and once you've done so you can one-shot just about anything in the game, through stat boosters rather than poisons.

You just have to know what you're doing and approach the skill logically instead of randomly noshing on bug guts and giant toes.

TES has always been this way; in fact Alchemy is greatly toned down from previous games where you could lay waste to entire cities with a single explosive-poison arrow. But even in Sky, you can make 850-pt armor and make weapons hit for 500-800 damage (base, not poison), all through Alchemy and Smithing

ArcadeParty  [autore] 23 apr 2013, ore 1:59 
@gettinby05 Thankyou! I felt exactly the same way, this is why made it :) Im glad others think as i do!
Dis Fallout Gopnik Dragon 22 apr 2013, ore 18:05 
Normally I would say patience is a virtue when alchemy is involved, but this hits home pretty well. I am so sick and tired of finding the most lethal form of dangerous ingredients in such limited numbers just so that I could one-hit an enemy ONCE . I am also tired of collecting the ingredients to magika and stamina poisons or recover health, magicka, and stamina ingredients for effects that are mild at best. This mod makes the hard work worthwhile. Although I will still have to forage around, I know that it will actually be worth it. Combined with a master level of alchemy, and you have a VERY promising mod. :)
killobeam 22 apr 2013, ore 14:54 
Oh sorry to bother you about that it kinda proves I dont use alchemy allot
ArcadeParty  [autore] 21 apr 2013, ore 21:04 
@killobeam That is actually already in the game. Experimenter level 3 will show all effects of an eaten ingredient.
killobeam 21 apr 2013, ore 17:41 
Dear TheGreyLight can you add a perk were it shows you all 4 of its effects?
MassMetalizer 20 apr 2013, ore 21:34 
@v312ym34m I make oodles of money smithing crappy iron daggers and enchanting them with banish daedra.
ArcadeParty  [autore] 20 apr 2013, ore 19:31 
@Grave Well now you can do it better! :) Sorry to offend
Grave 20 apr 2013, ore 18:14 
But.. Alchemy is not underpowered and a waste of time D: if you know how to use it, you can create powerful and expensive potions
v312ym34n 19 apr 2013, ore 0:17 
I'm not at all complaining about the mod, it's fine to boost things if you want them.

But, uh, for the commenters... did you really not use alchemy before??? It is the easiest way to make money in Skyrim. Without any mods, you can make potions worth over 4000 out of ingredients you can buy for 100, and in concert with enchanting and smithing, you can make super-enchanted, super-enhanced armor and weapons (using the cycle of + alchemy enchanted items and +enchanting potions and +smithing potions once you hit diminishing returns)... If you consider that an exploit, really, the money alone makes it worth it, and you can make pretty decent duration potions that heal for buttloads while regenerating magicka and stamina. The poison was already pretty strong too.
MassMetalizer 18 apr 2013, ore 23:11 
Looks like I'll actually use Alchemy now.
"Holes" by Louis Sachar 18 apr 2013, ore 14:07 
i would never poison nazir! That's for damn sure...
zevz2990 18 apr 2013, ore 3:38 
now, using almost all your mods (unrelenting, art of fire/ice/storm, this, magic unbound) i will now go make a full mage, and actually have fun
Hidden Gunman 17 apr 2013, ore 16:22 
Nice work on the face of it. I'll give it a run in a while, thanks muchly.
Lucian SaDiablo 17 apr 2013, ore 2:16 
yay for money console command. Since I've been using CCO, I try to play as legit as possible, using TGM till i have a "reasonable" amount of health, and using the money command if I really want something.
ArcadeParty  [autore] 16 apr 2013, ore 22:07 
If you are referencing the obcene amount of ingredients i have, I bought all of them legitamately with a mod that gives more ingredients to alchemist vendors....(with the money i cheated to get :P)
anvil2011 16 apr 2013, ore 22:02 
I smell a cheat.