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Cube Relations Part 1
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daloboy 2017년 12월 24일 오후 9시 06분 
Very nice one! Always fun to have a helping hand!!
Petutski 2017년 9월 20일 오후 7시 26분 
Four years later and this map still teaches some important characteristics of the franken cube. Thanks!
Zoraya  [작성자] 2017년 2월 18일 오전 9시 05분 
Thank you jgaultney, my loyal portal fellow! :-)
jgaultney 2017년 2월 18일 오전 8시 55분 
I had already played parts 2 and 3 but had missed this one somehow. :(
That oversight has been corrected. :) Thumbs up!
mood3rd 2016년 6월 30일 오후 1시 01분 
your welcome
Zoraya  [작성자] 2016년 6월 30일 오후 12시 54분 
Ah yes, you´re right! I thought I had already changed that button to be timed, but obviously not.
mood3rd 2016년 6월 30일 오후 12시 44분 
very good :)
more creative. but still logical.
I liked the use of the franken, to get the cube.
but 1st attempt, it had trouble moving it & finaly moved around it.
2nd attempt. the franken moved the cube over the edge.
but toppled onto it's side, where the cube had been.
this trapped me / can't retrieve the franken / can't exit.
a respawn option, for the franken, would solve this.

good fun :)
Do Be Da Bu 2016년 6월 12일 오전 1시 19분 
very fan! but not always work!
Spaceminnow 2015년 9월 4일 오후 2시 42분 
Good Franken cube idea. Made me smile alot :) I played it again to look for map balancing problems. I found some map balance problems with it. I know this map is years old. Don't worry about it :)
dire.fcs 2015년 8월 18일 오전 1시 22분 
Funny :steamhappy: frankie map, thumbs up!
Metzger Ben | GER 2015년 2월 14일 오전 11시 37분 
Zoraya  [작성자] 2014년 10월 19일 오후 1시 31분 
Thank you jrd.vt. Yes you solved it as intended. I just liked the idea of the franken to see himself as an important part of the companion cubes (as mentioned in the description) insted of being a crippled turret. So he is thankful to help the cube fulfilling its job.
Chelliste 2014년 10월 19일 오전 6시 56분 
I thought I had solved it in an unintended away, positioning the crab-cube so that it would walk forward and push the other cube off the ledge before falling off himself. But I see from the comments that's how everyone did it. I have seen puzzles that relied on the crab-cube to make its slow meandering way from one place to another, but not to push another object. Well done.

I got stuck for awhile because I immediately placed a (non-walking) cube on the door button at first opportunity and neglected to use it for other tasks.
Zoraya  [작성자] 2014년 2월 5일 오후 12시 42분 
Great, I´m glad to hear that. Thanks again for playing, mike_papa!
Petutski 2014년 2월 5일 오후 12시 14분 
Fabulous! What fun! The BEST! It took me 2 hours but I enjoyed every milisecond of it.
Zoraya  [작성자] 2013년 12월 23일 오후 12시 41분 
Yeah! A better place for him than in "3 Floors" ;-)
Yavie 2013년 12월 22일 오전 11시 55분 
Awww I love my Franky (:
Nano! 2013년 5월 26일 오후 12시 40분 
It was one heck of a challenge getting the cube past the emancipation grid...
Phrendon 2013년 5월 24일 오전 8시 59분 
My Franky got his paw caught on the button in the middle room. Had a heck of a time breaking him free. It was just a freak thing I guess. It took 3 passes in the final room to get Franky to push the cube off the ledge. He snuck past 2 times!!
aCKJazz 2013년 5월 22일 오후 3시 32분 
It would have been nicer if you made the button with a timer. My franky got stuck behind the lazerscreen and I had to kill myself to do it again...
shieldsy 2013년 5월 10일 오후 9시 17분 
I should have read the description! Great fun!
Zoraya  [작성자] 2013년 5월 8일 오후 12시 09분 
Hi RealRaven2000, please read my answer to Jade BGE on page 2 in the upper part, i hope this will help you.
RealRaven2000 2013년 5월 6일 오후 4시 14분 
the frankencube can onlydo the first trick :-( it won't push the other cube down! what to do?
wildgoosespeeder 2013년 5월 6일 오후 12시 51분 
That is an interesting way to use a franken cube!
Zoraya  [작성자] 2013년 4월 20일 오후 1시 35분 
Thank you for playing, johndaggett!
johndaggett 2013년 4월 20일 오후 1시 31분 
Excellent. Zoraya, I have enjoyed every one of your puzzles!
Asha Man 2013년 4월 15일 오후 9시 02분 
Great puzzle. I had a prob w the Franken cube as well. After he wouldn't come out of his shell I just destroyed him in the fizzler and got another one.
sparklefairy 2013년 4월 9일 오전 8시 46분 
Very good test. It's the first time a Frankencube has ever looked cute....
Innocentive 2013년 4월 9일 오전 7시 37분 
Good puzzles ... yet the frankenturret didn't want to move anymore after I got him into the last room. Couldn't reach the last cube :(
TBJ 2013년 4월 9일 오전 7시 04분 
Awesome! The Frankenturrets are underrated.
Gray_D 2013년 4월 9일 오전 12시 43분 
Great series of test chambers! I'm looking forward to play it!

Btw: I can't find number 7 in your workshop.
The MAD Fool 2013년 4월 8일 오후 8시 10분 
Jade BGE 2013년 4월 8일 오후 7시 13분 
Thank you. I really like this puzzle too, the frankens are stronger than I thought.
Zoraya  [작성자] 2013년 4월 8일 오후 3시 28분 
Jade, Yes, it is! Try to align the franken cube close beside the light bridge, while standing with your back to the cube behind the laser field. Then carefully pass the franken cube without touching him and watch him making his job. Hope this will help.
Jade BGE 2013년 4월 8일 오후 2시 48분 
Hmm, I don't have what I need in order to view your video. just tell me this; is the franken supposed to knock the cube over the ledge above in the exit room? If so it did not work for me the two times I have played through the map.
Zoraya  [작성자] 2013년 4월 8일 오후 2시 10분 
Jade, i suppose there could be two cases where this can happen. First if you put the franken cube on the button (as happened to duck), after that he is unable to move. The other case - i´m not sure, but maybe the franken cube was dropped in a low position whereby he fell on his back (and whereby he is unable to walk)? Try to hold him in a higher position when dropping. I made a video walkthrough: http://www.screencast.com/t/kLiuSsdQOGNq , i hope it can help you figure out what caused the problem. Thanks for playing and your support!
Zoraya  [작성자] 2013년 4월 8일 오후 2시 09분 
@duck: Yes, but first he has to do his job and getting the other cube. Unfortunately he is unable to walk if he was put on the button. In this case you should destroy him at the fizzler to get a fresh one (as Jade mentioned)
Jade BGE 2013년 4월 8일 오후 12시 18분 
You just get a fresh franken duck. But still my franken has not helped me out with pushing (weakling), but I don't know if that is correct or if there is just inconsistency with regard to its ability to push. Zoraya, your thoughts?
duck 2013년 4월 8일 오전 11시 22분 
I assume Franky is supposed to push the last cube at the end? Unfortunately he doesn't move after I used him on the button in the second room. Great idea however, I am continually amazed by the ingenuity in your maps.
Zoraya  [작성자] 2013년 4월 8일 오전 10시 36분 
Thank you, stormsend! I had a lot of fun building this map and i am glad you had fun playing it.
stormsend 2013년 4월 7일 오전 7시 07분 
Your maps are definitely getting better. Had a wonderful time on this one. Very well thought out. I'll bet you worked on it for quite a while. Frankie was a big help and I was pleasantly surprised to discover he could do those sort of things. Well I've played them all. Please make some more. Come see my shop when you take a break.
phew 2013년 4월 6일 오후 7시 38분 
Nice idea at the end, gj
BUG 2013년 4월 6일 오후 5시 21분 
That was F U N ! Nice job thank you.