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Rollers of the Realm
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315 kommenttia
irhp87 25.2.2015 kello 18.44 
Bought this on Vita for full price, later it dropped to a few bucks. Wouldn't have cared if it were good but it sucked. It was 90% Pinball and 10% RPG. Very deceptive so I feel cheated.
jackaho 10.10.2014 kello 10.45 
Seriously, the only people playing this game are reviewers and gaming conference attendees and judges.
The Rabid Otter 14.9.2014 kello 18.23 
Damnit! When is this going to be released on Steam?!?!
eL PiRRi 3.8.2014 kello 9.45 
+1 :creepy:
ssj100matt 25.6.2014 kello 10.15 
Played this game at PAXeast a few months back. Loved it and can't wait for the release
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 10.3.2014 kello 13.24 
Thanks for asking, @BagelBob -- we are opening up more closed beta slots next month. Sign up for our mailing list to get notified: http://eepurl.com/PGWg1
BagelBob 9.3.2014 kello 21.32 
Hey, I saw your game at SXSW. It's great! Is that post about beta slots 4 down (from early January) still good?:tradingcard:
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 10.2.2014 kello 7.12 
No mermaids in Rollers, hidden or otherwise :)
[SHHH] POLYMOMIAL 7.2.2014 kello 13.39 
The most important question: Are you hiding mermaid evidence in this game, David?
Illimitus 23.1.2014 kello 10.43 
looks good
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 10.1.2014 kello 23.36 
There are still beta slots available! To be eligible, join our forum and post that you want to join the beta. We will be adding you to the beta group and sending an announcement to that group by Monday, Jan. 13 http://phantomcompass.boards.net/board/4/rollers-pc-closed-beta
Nancy 10.1.2014 kello 20.08 
Well I missed Twitch. I am so sad :(
I am so looking forward to playing this when it comes out :)
Othadon 10.1.2014 kello 18.03 
Would love to Beta test this game if slots are still open
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 9.1.2014 kello 13.52 
Not on our mailing list? You missed the news on our upcoming closed beta--a reminder email is going out tomorrow http://eepurl.com/sIT7T
Nancy 6.1.2014 kello 19.29 
I'll try to be there for sure! Thanks :)
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 6.1.2014 kello 8.53 
Thanks Nancy, hope you can join us on January 10 at 8:30pm Eastern for the Indie Dev Showcase livestream. Schedule here http://greenlitgaming.com/indieshowcase/
Nancy 4.1.2014 kello 17.13 
Ok, this is very cool! I am all in :)
Bafbegagglestick 4.1.2014 kello 2.03 
I've been waiting for a game like this for a large chunk of my life. There are so very few games like this.
Sonic spinball, crue ball, metroid pinball, I love pinball games with a twist, but they are so rare, and this looks SO good.
This is gonna be freaking sweet.
Is everyone on your mailing list going into the closed beta or is it randomly selected, and is there anything I can do to get in? (besides signing up, I've done that).
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 23.12.2013 kello 12.16 
Glad to hear it, @Ankaru!
Ankaru 22.12.2013 kello 17.28 
I will buy this game, no doubt about it.
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 10.12.2013 kello 18.45 
We're aiming for $4.99 - $19.99 but we haven't discussed with Valve yet -- thx @Nozaltov!
Nozaltov 10.12.2013 kello 18.30 
This looks like an exciting new spin on the classic pinball game! If the price is right, I'd buy it for sure.
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 3.12.2013 kello 9.13 
Hi @Red Little House! Wish we could have sent our actual development team over to Spain to meet you in person :) Glad to hear you liked the game. We're going to be doing a closed beta soon, join our mailing list if you want to learn more! http://eepurl.com/sIT7T
Red Little House 2.12.2013 kello 4.26 
Hi guys, we were also one of the finalists at hoPlay, and Rollers of the Realm was one of my favourites games I could play there. Can't wait to buy it, because as someone who likes this types of pinball games, this one was awesome from the first impression (having different ball attributes depending of the character, quests and secrets on the tables, etc..). :)
dirtywhirlwind 30.10.2013 kello 12.58 
Phantom Compass: I sure am.
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 30.10.2013 kello 12.48 
We're going to start private testing the latest build in the coming weeks, are you signed up to our mailing list @dirtywhirlwind?
dirtywhirlwind 30.10.2013 kello 11.05 
@Phantom Compass: I imagine, I forgot to actually download it when it was current. That said, unless you have a newer version to offer me, I'm still gonna have a go with this one :)
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 30.10.2013 kello 10.54 
@dirtywhirlwind that build is quite out of date -- thanks for the heads up, I think we'll take it down shortly :)
dirtywhirlwind 30.10.2013 kello 10.35 
Nice, I'm glad to see you haven't taken down the pre-beta demo from dropbox. :D
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 29.10.2013 kello 10.10 
Woot, thanks @DrPopp & @ragefifty50 -- definitely well on the way to release, we think the pricing will be pretty low as well, although we may not be able to control it (Valve sets the price, we think).
DrPopp 29.10.2013 kello 0.13 
Seems to be interesting. I like pinball and i like RPG´s, so if it´s gonna be released and will be not too expensive i will buy it.
ragefifty50 28.10.2013 kello 20.46 
all the vids are interesting. thanks
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 28.10.2013 kello 17.10 
we appreciate the support @wayne6326 @MuddyWolf @fmagrao '96 -- thx for helping us get closer to that ever-elusive top 100 :)
fMagrão '96 28.10.2013 kello 16.18 
Definitely I don't need Devil's Crash [youtube.com] anymore!!! \o/
Now I can uninstall all Pinball that I have!!
Thank you all Rollers of The Realm!!!
See you soon...!
MuddyWolf 28.10.2013 kello 15.55 
Get the pinball part right & I'll buy it :)
Good luck.
Gladys Maria 28.10.2013 kello 15.31 
Always up for a new pinball game voted.
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 27.10.2013 kello 18.39 
thank you kindly, @TartFlavor, we'll pass the feedback along to our voice actors, this was their first video game work!
TartFlavor 27.10.2013 kello 17.40 
Excellent voice acting in the trailer. You have my upvote.
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 19.10.2013 kello 7.41 
New hands-on preview, this time from Gamer Horizon: Rollers of the Realm is that Pinball Quest sequel you’ve been waiting for [gamerhorizon.com]
Gizmo 18.10.2013 kello 16.05 
Awesome !
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 18.10.2013 kello 12.53 
thank you kindly, @ganymede51 -- please help us get the word out if you can! we're at least 5000 votes away from the #100 spot :)
PrinceGanymede 18.10.2013 kello 12.05 
Played the IndieCade version and it was great; can't wait to see this game get released!
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 11.10.2013 kello 8.26 
@thenightshiftguy we appreciate the feedback, thx!
thenightshiftguy 10.10.2013 kello 13.49 
Looks awesome lots to shot many things to get wow I want this game well done
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 10.10.2013 kello 11.03 
Thx to LA Times Hero Complex for naming us one of IndieCade's most exciting games! [herocomplex.latimes.com]
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 9.10.2013 kello 18.35 
@Bonder thanks, us too!
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 7.10.2013 kello 20.20 
Polygon just posted a short and sweet review of our IndieCade demo: Rollers of the Realm scores a jackpot [www.polygon.com] -- thx Polygon!
Phantom Compass  [tekijä] 6.10.2013 kello 17.30 
@Jestir256 thanks so much for the support :) We are looking at our digital distribution options and are still struggling on Greenlight, so if you can help spread the word, please do!
Jestir256 6.10.2013 kello 17.27 
Saw you at indiecade. They had you tucked into the corner of the firehall, and you still had a deep line. Both days. I'm hooked; will purchase early access or full release, whichever comes first.