Portal 2
The Day Before Yesterday
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ALiC3m 3月6日 1時19分 
vraiment interressant. Merci !
Me 2017年6月10日 3時33分 
What was the fifth cube for?
LordBeDe 2014年12月25日 2時43分 
Too straight forward for my taste, but nicely done.
Petutski 2014年8月23日 18時00分 
Excellent adventure!
Rheumie 2014年5月10日 5時05分 
jam.lab1 2014年4月5日 8時18分 
cool and fun.
Bayram 2013年8月20日 8時19分 
I had no real difficulty solving the puzzles, but, overall, I found the map confusing and unrewarding. I didn't have a sense of progress as I moved from place to place doing whatever seemed like a good idea. No rating either way.
Doctor_Crimson 2013年6月24日 20時33分 
very well made
asminahipi 2013年6月3日 3時47分 
buen trabajo,gracias
4gezzus 2013年5月29日 15時39分 
Great game I've been playing portals for 2yrs. give or take, and I love this puzzel. Great use of thinking in portals to solve this one
GhostRyder4565 2013年5月21日 8時27分 
JayB52 2013年4月15日 19時11分 
I enjoyed the journey.
The Colclough  [作成者] 2013年4月12日 10時20分 
@Chazz the Elder - the cube-bombing was actually my intended solution; glad you enjoyed that!

@somejew, @Chazz the Elder - fixed the trapping error as of v1.2! i was aware of that at some point before publishing, but forgot to fix it first time round 8/

@Hawkeye - not possible, i'm afraid. as @CC | Prophet said, the character is determined by the in-game editor.

@Grin Lost - i like to think so, but that's just my opinion...
The Colclough  [作成者] 2013年4月12日 10時19分 
@temporarymanwastaken, @SexySniper(Goth,Metalhead), @SmokeySmudgeStudio - fixed that B]
@Myr (MC) - your first move wasn't really supposed to be possible, but that was a clever (and un-anticipated) use of the dead turrets
The Colclough  [作成者] 2013年4月12日 10時18分 
@mupheminsani - those are triggers and checkpoints, enabled by BEEMOD.
@scout90 - the orange one's a trigger; it detects player presence and makes the door open when you walk through it
@Hyperspeed1313 - the extra doors are courtesy of BEEMOD.
@fortunecaspian2 - BEEMOD is an extension to the editor, which gives you nice things like doors, warm lights, triggers, checkpoints, mono-portal panels, and diversity vents.

BEEMOD was downloadable from http://portal2backstock.com/bee , although the server seems to be down at the time of writing.
johnson10644 2013年4月11日 19時05分 
i like it!
Chazz the Elder 2013年4月11日 0時55分 
further to @somejew's comment: if you jump off the tracking panel at the end closest tothe laser room, you end up on a ledge with no escape, particularly after the panel comes back and traps you. I did that the first time through. @scout90: That's a logic block provided, I think, by beemod that opens that door for you.
❤ ZoeBloe ❤ 2013年4月10日 21時57分 
what is that orange box that you can see next to the room were the turrets are?
EliteHelgrind 2013年4月10日 19時24分 
I thought it was a great map, and I thought the ending was actually rather unique. i can see how it can be annoying, but really wasn't bad at all. Give me more maps!!
Kim-Jung-Oink 2013年4月10日 13時10分 
is this game a nice game?
Ҏʀσσғ 2013年4月10日 9時41分 
It's not from the map. It's from the game. You're always playing as a little buddy when playing on a map built with the in-game editor.
Hawkeye 2013年4月10日 9時34分 
Good but make sure that you set the character. It wasnt defined as chell, atlast or pbody and so it was just a blank person. Good for first map!
Fusion 2013年4月9日 22時26分 
I got stuck under a tracking panel. It is where the laser hits the angled panel
Sumeron 2013年4月9日 15時41分 
It's a fun puzzle map, just a shame about the last puzzle :-/
Wuolter 2013年4月9日 12時52分 
Darkad 2013年4月9日 10時11分 
Kurtfeldt 2013年4月8日 12時02分 
Really nice. Good Job!
drew 2013年4月8日 7時13分 
building steps was annoying
Demon Arisen 2013年4月8日 5時54分 
One of those maps that is relatively easy, but still fun. :)
ZAEROS 2013年4月8日 4時54分 
Tricky building a stairway, Enjoyed the puzzlw a lot, Thank you.
Laptop cooler 2013年4月8日 1時46分 
Leo-Retardo 2013年4月7日 20時59分 
this may take me more than 2 hours to compleat
!233MAX! RvAlice 2013年4月7日 19時40分 
i think it is a huge room, but lacking of some contradiction puzzle. It like a stright line from A to B.
Hyperspeed1313 2013年4月7日 16時21分 
How did you add extra doors!?
CanardMan 2013年4月7日 14時42分 
qwix 2013年4月7日 13時48分 
Looks good, I have p2 but I dont have the right comp. Anyway awesome map
CanardMan 2013年4月7日 13時39分 
to easy :/
SevenSilhouette 2013年4月7日 13時36分 
very easy...
GhostRyder4565 2013年4月7日 13時01分 
go to coop then community maps i think then select it from a list of your subscribed maps
Goooofy[CZ] 2013年4月7日 11時37分 
please how can i play this map? i click on the consumption and nothing happens...
boomagoo 2013年4月7日 10時52分 
Im gonna if the damn thing would just load
Psanule 2013年4月7日 9時22分 
If any of you would take the time to look at my portal maps, it would be very much appreciated!
You have never 2013年4月7日 8時28分 
solved this easily with the portals around glass technique, fix that if I were you by making the walls by the glass non-portalable.
xevious 2013年4月7日 7時13分 
Charliezard 2013年4月7日 7時00分 
This looks absolutely insane
ЛУЧШИЙ 2013年4月7日 6時41分 
Мне нравится !кул
Сарен Артериус 2013年4月7日 6時30分 
❤ ZoeBloe ❤ 2013年4月7日 3時35分 
fotunecaspian, you interest yourself? huh
Sunfy 2013年4月7日 1時57分 
OHHHHHH My Good ! Nice Map !!!!!