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Petutski 2015. márc. 11., 3:18 
Interesting short chamber. Fun and logical!
Execuris 2013. ápr. 8., 20:43 
A little too easy, but still mostly enjoyable =)

For a hard test that will test your accuracy, speed, reflexes, and patience, give my map a try. Please rate and comment. If enough people complain about it being too hard I'll nerf it a bit. ;)
Easy and enjoyable :)
If you like challenging maps please try one I made. Here is my newest chamer:
wildgoosespeeder 2013. ápr. 6., 20:48 
The puzzle works and is OK.
GraveNoX 2013. ápr. 6., 9:01 
Nice one.
Knockout Mouse 2013. ápr. 4., 15:40 
An excellent little one-room chamber. I especially like the interaction with the tractor beam.

The very end seems easier than the rest of the chamber, so if I have any advice, it is to find a way to make that final bit more challenging. Great work though! :o)

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LittleFinchy 2013. ápr. 4., 7:42 
looks fun ill give it a try
please play my test at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=136517697
1980 2013. ápr. 4., 4:55 
Simple and easy, but quite enjoyable :D
xi  [készítő] 2013. ápr. 3., 15:08 
ah sorry ill fix that.
Bion 2013. ápr. 3., 11:38 
Nicely done, but I was able to make the final jump without the repulsion gel.
Aspire 2013. ápr. 3., 6:34 
A little tip, next time put the end platform a little further away so you can't just jump there without solving the rest of the puzzle...