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Lanterns and Candles Dragonborn
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WickedSleepyDaiXi 2016年4月25日 9時11分 
thats awesome. thanks. i like these lanterns better and i wondered if i could get just this one once i am working on the dragonborn dlc quests.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2016年4月25日 5時55分 
@WickedSleepyDaiXi This does not require the vanilla version of the mod, It does require the Dragonborn DLC though. The vanilla mods lanterns and candles are not included in this version. To get those you would have to also download that mod, they will work together.
WickedSleepyDaiXi 2016年4月25日 1時07分 
And if no then does this mod include the vanilla Lanterns and Candles or just the dragonborn versions?
WickedSleepyDaiXi 2016年4月25日 1時05分 
do I need to have the vanilla Lanterns and Candles for this mod to work?
retnav_98 2014年10月8日 18時38分 
I have your mod and I will feature it in a mod I am working on ...though ...I would greatly appreciate a future collaboration.

What I have is a Complete rebuild of Goldenglow. It relies heavily on Tamira, Stroti, Mr Siika...but also Berticus and Elianora , get the point...I'm picking the best items from some of the best modders

The intention is to expand NPC mods, to include artisans...Barrel Makers, Vintners...Tinkers...and YES CANDLE MAKERS...though I hope it encourages expanding a whole new genre of Mod...
retnav_98 2014年10月8日 18時38分 
A Character modder,... who's relatively new, but really shows promise and isn't about making 'Barbie Dolls... Disciple16 working on creating NPC's...what I am in need of is Candles..scripts and clutter that would fill not just a Market booth, but a (carport) roofed crafting area.....I will be posting screenshots of my WIP....

If you've researched rudimen...the method involves a spatula and a Whick that hangs on either side...It is dipped into vats ...allowed to cool then dipped again and again I'm looking for the meshes that would best illustrate the process......
YoYoduh 2014年9月19日 11時29分 
ok thank you
mentilreq  [作成者] 2014年9月19日 11時27分 
@YoYoduh Yes, the scripts use SKSE functions.
YoYoduh 2014年9月19日 11時15分 
So do I have to have SKSE to make this Mod work ?
mentilreq  [作成者] 2014年9月18日 16時21分 
No trouble at all. I am glad you like the mod.
Fawne DaBear 2014年9月18日 7時09分 
Hello :D
Since my last post I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem no longer happens. I did not remap the keys though. I might have just installed it improperly the first time, and am sorry for troubling you.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2014年9月18日 5時35分 
@Another Neko I have been going through all of the scripts and can't find a reason for them to replicate. Have you remaped any of the keys, or are you using a controller? I am completely lost on this one.
Fawne DaBear 2014年9月14日 12時28分 
Yes indeed I am.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2014年9月14日 9時43分 
@Another Neko I was unable to replicate the issue. Just to be sure, are you using SKSE?
Fawne DaBear 2014年9月14日 8時43分 
Thank you very much! :D
mentilreq  [作成者] 2014年9月13日 15時03分 
@Another Neko That is a strange one. I will see what I can find and let you know.
Fawne DaBear 2014年9月13日 10時20分 
Hello! I love this mod, but every lamp from this collection I place I can not pick up! I attempt to, and I receive a copy of the lamp, but it remains in the room. "Lanterns and Candles 1.0" does not act this way, I can pick those up with no problem, it just exists with this pack.

It is great though, I still love and recommend it, just make sure you REALLY want that lamp RIGHT THERE.
󰀉cloudeh󰀉 2014年5月13日 12時36分 
The floating Apocrypha lamps get brighter every time I visit my home.
ebenbrooks 2014年1月2日 17時00分 
Yay! It works now! Thank you. :)
ebenbrooks 2014年1月2日 11時20分 
@mentilreq, thank YOU for being as responsive as you have been. I am pleased and grateful that you continue to respond to users even three-quarters of a year after publishing your mod. I will re-download and try it out as soon as I am able. I really like those paper lanterns. :)
mentilreq  [作成者] 2014年1月1日 22時02分 
@ebenbrooks The incorrect mesh was selected for the Paper Lanterns inventory item. This time I went through and tested all of the lights to make sure they are working correctly. Hopefully that does it. Thank you for letting me know there was a problem.
ebenbrooks 2014年1月1日 20時59分 
Thank you. However, now when I craft a paper lantern and "drop" it [in order to place it where it want it to be], it hovers in mid-air, can't be moved, and can't be lit. I can pick it back up, but then it disappears from my inventory.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2014年1月1日 11時31分 
- 1/1/2014
*Paper Lantern is craftable again, the created object was accidentally set to "none"
*Paper Lantern recipe no longer checks if the map marker for Solstheim has been discovered, it now checks the Dragonborn Quest to see if the island has been visited.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年12月31日 17時35分 
@ebenbrooks The Paper Lantern recipe checks to see if the Solstheim map marker has been discovered. I think it is possible another mod could be interfering with this one, so within the next few days I'll upload an update that should fix the problem.
ebenbrooks 2013年12月31日 17時06分 
I'm having the same problem as abel.m.vicente, and I HAVE visited Solstheim. I have the Flin Candle and the Sujamma Candle, but no Paper Lantern.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年12月12日 19時25分 
@ abel.m.vicente You have to visit Solsteim at least once after the mod is installed.
abel.m.vicente 2013年12月12日 15時34分 
The Paper Lantern don't show up in the crafting .
ElderGamer1 2013年4月24日 22時37分 
AH! Thank-you for not laughing. I have not gone there yet...I am some-one who is really-really taking my time. I got the Game the day it was released, still have not finished the main quest but I love adventuring and kind of loose myself in the process, Lol!
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年4月24日 16時36分 
@ElderGamer1 Heartstones are an ore found on Solsteim in the Dragonborn DLC.
ElderGamer1 2013年4月24日 7時41分 
Quick question...What is a Heartstone..I may not be up on my Skyrim History, Lol...
timquinn1234 2013年4月13日 11時34分 
These mods are the Greatest. I've been waiting for someone to do this. There was something like them in Oblivion, but they didn't work near as well as these do. These are Completely Must Have Mod's you have made. Good Job!
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年4月2日 11時08分 
@SorenBC It's possible, I can play with it a little bit and see what I can make happen.
SorenBC 2013年4月2日 9時26分 
This is a really great mod but are there any chance you could make them brighter?
Like the paper lantern, it seems alot brighter and warmer than the others
Maybe some kind of configuration tool? :)
The Nega Druid 2013年3月30日 21時55分 
Great mod! I love the paper lanterns!
DJ-denito 2013年3月29日 8時15分 
Robo Chicken 2013年3月29日 1時39分 
Thank you for making this awesome mod.
[CODE]BILLY® 2013年3月27日 9時44分 
Love the mod, Thanks
jose.teixeira 2013年3月26日 1時11分 
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samueljosephrushing 2013年3月24日 13時06分 
Added to favorites till finsh dawnguard then i do dragonborn thanks.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年3月24日 6時07分 
@ron42 Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the link.
ronr42 2013年3月24日 4時06分 
Just some FYI; Although players can get to your other candle mod via the shared files tab, the link you put in the description sends players to the Steam store page.
Quaggz 2013年3月23日 18時01分 
love ur 2 lantern mods!