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The Art of Shock
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Bunbun 20 ABR 2015 a las 19:10 
TheGreyLight you are good mod creator keep it up man
Daglez 26 SEP 2014 a las 1:18 
@TheGreyLight ok, but as you remember, let me know ;D
ArcadeParty  [autor] 25 SEP 2014 a las 16:39 
I forget the name, but its way up in the north west near the coast
Daglez 25 SEP 2014 a las 7:15 
what is this place on screens?
ArcadeParty  [autor] 27 AGO 2013 a las 1:07 


This mod, as well as its counterparts is being officiallyannounced as redundant. I have released a new mod A Hypothetical Treachery which includes all of the features of the 'Art of' series as well as new features. You will be given the opportunity to chose one of the three elements to master, and be given much power. Check it out!:

A Hypothetical Treachery

Parrius 23 AGO 2013 a las 19:03 
Alright, but it doesn't seem to show up in the load list....
ArcadeParty  [autor] 23 AGO 2013 a las 18:34 
Try putting this at the bottom of the load list and see what happens.
Parrius 23 AGO 2013 a las 12:28 
Well, all this time later, I fixed it by downloading a mod that alters Disintegrate. However, it also seems to have reset the improved Shock Damage Perks to their Vanilla power. The main draw of this mod for me (shorter cast times) still works, but is there a way I could get the shock damage perks to reappear correctly?
Parrius 23 AGO 2013 a las 8:27 
Thank you for the advice, GreyLight. I may have identified the problem, here's hoping.
ArcadeParty  [autor] 22 AGO 2013 a las 23:06 
@Mulqueeny @warrensam20 That sound like a really amazing idea! Much much much above my level of skill however! :( I really would like to see a mod like that but there is no way I could attempt it!
ArcadeParty  [autor] 22 AGO 2013 a las 23:04 
@Parrius Hmm very strange! I dont think this mod would be the cause as it doesn't alter the scripts that handle that, or evern the perk which activates it. This mod is safe to uninstall and reinstall at will you wont have any problems with it. Any spells from this mod would obviously have to be regained though if you uninstall, save then reinstall. :)
Parrius 22 AGO 2013 a las 19:23 
Hi, I just had a quick question: Recently, the Disintegrate perk seems to have changed effects: it now causes the enemy to disappear entirely, create an ice pile, and then slowly form an ash pile over or next to it. It seems to have happened after powering my computer off when the download of Lost Wonders of Mzark had frozen. Would uninstalling this mod help anything or mess up any saves? And if it wouldn't help, then do you have any ideas?
warrensam20 22 AGO 2013 a las 10:24 
I Agree With Mulqueeny Frost & Shock,
Freezing and running electrical currents through water is a good Idea. props on your work man.
Also perhaps on future mod you might want to make plants burnable and water freezable and zappable,
as I Said props man unless your a female I really dont know you.
Mulqueeny 13 AGO 2013 a las 10:55 
You should somehow try to make it so that using shock in water damages all npc's stood in it.
Jonathan 13 AGO 2013 a las 3:14 
Cool beans...
ArcadeParty  [autor] 13 AGO 2013 a las 3:14 
Yep, both. :)
Jonathan 13 AGO 2013 a las 3:02 
Is it compatible with your magic mod (that gives you the perk that makes some schools cost no magic?)
ArcadeParty  [autor] 11 AGO 2013 a las 3:54 
Haha! Thanks man, I appreciate it! :)
A Freshly Loaded Shotgun 11 AGO 2013 a las 3:21 
much mods*
A Freshly Loaded Shotgun 11 AGO 2013 a las 3:20 
you are awesome man, i never used to get in to bieng a mage because of the tons of limitations but now its so mucjh better thx to your maods :D
ArcadeParty  [autor] 4 AGO 2013 a las 19:39 
Awesome! Thankyou :)
Bacon Tentacles 4 AGO 2013 a las 13:38 
"Balance is not a concern with this mod." HAHAHAHAHAHA. Excellent. Balance is not a concern with this Skyrim player, either. Match made in heaven, right there... Subbing all three.
FluffyPanda 31 JUL 2013 a las 20:50 
nice love it feel like zeus!
ArcadeParty  [autor] 20 ABR 2013 a las 19:38 
@Abraamo Yeah! Okay it worked. The update is up! And thanks, I appreciate the support! :)
Zalmosside 20 ABR 2013 a las 5:44 
thanks grey, your mods are awesome :D
ArcadeParty  [autor] 20 ABR 2013 a las 3:19 
@Abraamo Thankyou for bringing this to my attention! I can't belive I missed that!

I have made a fix, but it wont let me update the mod for some reason. I will try again tomorrow night, hopefully it will work then,
Zalmosside 20 ABR 2013 a las 1:46 
hi, thanks for your mods :) in the art of shock i have seen that in the description of 'Augmented Shock' it says 25% and 50% instead of 50% and 100 %.. please, could you fix it? really thanks
ArcadeParty  [autor] 14 ABR 2013 a las 19:17 
The Art of Frost: N

No custom spells have been added just yet but hey will be in the future.
ArcadeParty  [autor] 7 ABR 2013 a las 20:41 
You probbably have a mod that also adds new spells to these characters. Thats probbably the most likely reason for them not appearing. Try using the console to add them or lowering these mods in your load order.

To add them using the console press ~ and gthen type 'help "name of spell" and it will tell you the id of the spell.
Then just type player.addspell *spell ID*
armaros00 7 ABR 2013 a las 10:43 
So I've downloaded both the art of shock and the art of fire and for whatever reason, the art of shock spells are not availible for purchase from either Faralada or Enthir. Help/
AT BMT 6 ABR 2013 a las 16:42 
Now I just need to find a pikachu character race.
ArcadeParty  [autor] 4 ABR 2013 a las 19:12 
Eventually. I have made one for fire already if you were interested but frinst will be soon :)
CopyrightedContent 3 ABR 2013 a las 3:38 
Are you going to make one of these for frost aswell?
ArcadeParty  [autor] 28 MAR 2013 a las 15:15 
Yep. Buy them at the college. Probbably should have mentioned that in the description.
CloudGalley 28 MAR 2013 a las 11:26 
Cool mod. Is there a way to get the new spells without console commands?
ZZZZZZZ 27 MAR 2013 a las 15:17 
that way i can like...ya know... XD keep super paralyze power
ZZZZZZZ 27 MAR 2013 a las 15:17 
if you fix it i dont want it updated!
MetaFünk 27 MAR 2013 a las 10:30 
Putting on the destruction-robe and shooting thunders around and feel like Darth Sidious
ArcadeParty  [autor] 27 MAR 2013 a las 4:45 
Yeah i know about that issue, its mentioned it the description. :) Itis kinda funny but im eventually going to fix it. Would it be counted as a fix if i just change the description to say 'forever' instead of 10 seconds? Hmm...
jose.teixeira 26 MAR 2013 a las 13:47 
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ZZZZZZZ 26 MAR 2013 a las 12:55 
"There is a small issue with the thundershock spell. It paralyses undefinately instead of for 10 seconds." LOL thats kind of a big issue, but to me thats a plus. ill paralyze dragons then use throw voice to say how bad theys mell while they cant do anything about it!
ArcadeParty  [autor] 26 MAR 2013 a las 1:43 
Just the vanilla. :)
jose.teixeira 25 MAR 2013 a las 20:50 
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MnemonicMonkeys 25 MAR 2013 a las 19:27 
Does this mod have an effect on spells created by other mods, or just the vanilla spells?
NightShadeX62 25 MAR 2013 a las 5:02 
Yes thank you. :) I will look.
ArcadeParty  [autor] 25 MAR 2013 a las 3:14 
Do you mean the two new spells? Yes desruction.
NightShadeX62 25 MAR 2013 a las 0:04 
Where does it show up on your magic menu? Under Destruction?
Vinchenzo The Jackal & Shoon 24 MAR 2013 a las 0:15 
I prefer frost and shock spells just because they tend to effect both health and have an additional effect (frost can slow enemies, halt them, damage stamina is most common), but I always had more frost and fire spells for some odd reason... and noticed it was cause of lack of many shock spells and variety of additional effects as frost. This certainly a mod that I can approve of! I will start using it when you fix the thundershock bug though, that sounds like a major bug.
ArcadeParty  [autor] 23 MAR 2013 a las 21:32 
I have plans for making an Art of Fire and Art of Frost so stay tuned!
Douchebag Grub 23 MAR 2013 a las 19:13 
I like it. Mainly focused on Fire-Spells because of the cooldown-quality-factor.