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x fils paranormal 16 JUN a las 4:03 
bug help
x fils paranormal 16 JUN a las 4:01 
vasiavasiavasia95 15 JUN a las 2:20 
Why I can't change my weapons, after I used automap?
lol29 14 JUN a las 18:02 
what is IWAD
Zell 14 JUN a las 14:32 
Here's a screenshot I have.
It shows that it loaded the map, so gmDoomMaps knows the IWAD is there, and the icons for the weapons/NPCs load, but everything else is saying no IWAD detected.
Zell 14 JUN a las 13:39 
actually I tested it and it was nothing but purple and black missing textures, and yes, I had the wad installed in the correct location (GarrysMod/garrysmod).
ghor  [autor] 14 JUN a las 9:15 
@Zell yep! it should work just fine in multiplayer. just make sure that any players have an appropriate wad file installed
Zell 14 JUN a las 0:10 
Is it possible to create a multiplayer gmDoom server? Or is this a singleplayer-only addon? I've got the wad file, just asking if its possible to make a server for gmDoom.
2SAD2WEIRD 11 JUN a las 16:52 
Brutal gmDOOM?
Gordon Freeman The Annoyance 11 JUN a las 15:51 
Can you add the Zombieman Assault Rifle in this addon as a bonus? and have the Zombiemen drop it?, this is more or so less a nod to a mutator in Smooth Doom which allows Zombiemen to drop their weapons instead of dropping clips, and their Rifle is usable by the doom marine through the mutator, and of you do decide to have the ZAR usable, use the sprites from Smooth Doom,
Alex Crish's [BWA] 9 JUN a las 0:40 
Can you add monsters from Doom 64?
Not Corey Taylor 7 JUN a las 16:06 
Question. Is it possible for me to use ZDoom to get the DOOM2.WAD??
ghor  [autor] 6 JUN a las 12:24 
@Nimblemations please refer to this discussion thread for now:
Nimblemations 5 JUN a las 17:51 
I have accidentally binded the menu key to ENTER. It's making me frustrated! Is uninstalling and reinstalling not working?! I want you to make a unbinding command for the menu toggle, please.
MLGMAX420 4 JUN a las 4:07 
GOOD MOD 10/10 my fav gmod addon:steamhappy::steamhappy:
Doomguy Itslobstercrab 2 JUN a las 0:28 
@info_player Does the GZDoom iwad work that is my question and you did not answer it correctly just make it simple and give me a yes or no.
☢RODRIGONV44BR☢ 29 MAY a las 18:45 
BAD :steamfacepalm::steamfacepalm::steamfacepalm:
☢RODRIGONV44BR☢ 29 MAY a las 18:44 
▼GEWPInspectorBonk Garbage.TF 27 MAY a las 19:01 
Hunt Down the Doomguy
Gordon Freeman The Annoyance 27 MAY a las 10:18 
Oh hey look, hell's knockin' at ya door!
info_player_suit 24 MAY a las 10:07 
@The Rare Spycrab GZDoom is a sourceport of Doom, not the game itself.
Doomguy Itslobstercrab 21 MAY a las 22:22 
Does gzdoom count? Cause i only have gzdoom.
cortina ita 19 MAY a las 15:55 
guys i made a thing i dont know how hes called but freedoom works with gmdoom!
PatMartins #ThisSpaceForRent 18 MAY a las 15:31 
Think we can get gmHeretic/gmHexen/gmStrife/etc.?
Spwaf726 9 MAY a las 23:20 
You should do a One Unit: Whole Blood weapons mod, or perhaps a Shadow Warrior or Duke Nukem 3D one.
Heeeeey. question. Does this also support other IWADS or Roms example: Doom64, or freedoom
Pr.Jitterskull - best bug fixer 27 ABR a las 16:38 
support gzdoom plz
HellHoundMasta 25 ABR a las 19:43 
Firstly you must download one of the following Doom games stated in the description if you haven't already. Once you have bought and installed the game, you must go to Steam. Once you do, go to your library and right-click on the Doom game you bought. After right-clicking on the game, go to properties. Once you go to properties, click on Local Files. Click on Browse Local Files. Once the folder of the Doom game you bought comes up, click on base. Look for DOOM2.WAD or DOOM.WAD. If you have the DOOM2.WAD in the file then use it. If you find the WAD file then right-click the file and drag it out of the Folder window onto your desktop. Afterwards go back to Steam and into your library and right-click Garry's Mod. Go to properties, click on Local Files, and click on Browse Local Files. Once you are in the Garry's Mod file right-click the WAD file in your desktop and drag it onto the folder stated garrysmod. The process is complete.
ghor  [autor] 23 ABR a las 20:27 
iDouglas 23 ABR a las 17:30 
help, i binded the open menu to enter. i cant seem to unbind it
celiaavitia 21 ABR a las 11:40 
how do you get the doom2.wad?
NilaFoxy 20 ABR a las 21:52 
Well.......... I actually figured it out mostly on my own.
I took a step or 2 in a different way from yours & with some of my own, got the NPC's to work
SkukS 18 ABR a las 23:25 
Can I use Doom 64 IWAD files to make it look like doom 64?
Gordon Freeman The Annoyance 18 ABR a las 16:53 
BTW, can you make a Brutal GMDoom mod?, The gods shall be appeased if you do!
Fireender123 12 ABR a las 14:43 
Can it run on other doom mods like freedoom or doom 64 or are those incompatible
Warkiller.38 5 ABR a las 16:30 
npc_create doom_npc_keen
npc_create doom_npc_bossbrain
npc_create doom_npc_wolfss
npc_create doom_npc_bossspit
tacticalbanana803 25 MAR a las 12:41 
when i put the iwad files in g mod will doom not work
Ayden "The Zed Slayer" Burgers 24 MAR a las 7:23 
know* god damnit-
Ayden "The Zed Slayer" Burgers 24 MAR a las 7:23 
I no it says it can't run brutal doom, but is there any way to use normal PK3s with this mod? Like Death Foretold or ModOhfun
MEESTER SoupCan 17 MAR a las 14:20 
how about you do it YERSELF
Slaivor 17 MAR a las 2:37 
ghor Give me IWAD
2SAD2WEIRD 15 MAR a las 17:14 
gmNukem? :D
Cookie Boy 7 MAR a las 16:13 
the animations wont work for enemys help me
Jaxon12 27 FEB a las 6:57 
How can I find it?
Jaxon12 26 FEB a las 19:39 
I can't find the IWAD file.
pao 18 FEB a las 17:50 
too much shit to instaall :/
Doggo 17 FEB a las 6:09 
you can just get doom 2 its all of the demons in 1 I belive
Jaxon12 16 FEB a las 8:16 
Buying all games together cost $48.95 (now that's a lot of money).